Laki's Bedroom

May 19th, 2018
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  1. You are Keira. And watching Herb needfully touch and kiss Laki and Hana with such hunger is causing you a great rush of feelings.
  3. You always viewed Herb as relatively passive when it comes to that sort of thing. They told you boys would take any chance they could to engage sexually with a young woman, but you never really got that feeling from him. Not just because he’s trustworthy, but because he didn’t seem very sexually driven.
  5. But now you see it. You even felt it when you were sitting on him. That raw sexual energy. It seems infectious. Look at the way he deeply kisses Laki, running a hand through her hair. Then when he’s got her going hard enough he grabs Hana and does the same thing, except he touches her butt and breasts. Hana seems a lot more direct that way. It feels lewder, but not less romantic. They’re just engaging each other in the way they’ve learned the other likes best. It gives it a more intimate feeling.
  7. Which makes you feel strange. You’re used to people being more intimate in their words with you in a one-on-one situation. You’ve heard the most private deathbed confessions and wishes, and also heard plenty of reserved thoughts from perfectly healthy people who reluctantly and carefully brought them into the light, ready to stuff them away again at the first sounds of judgement. People like talking to Priestesses. It’s one of the big things you really enjoy about your role in the world.
  9. But that’s always in a sort of detached fashion. Because your role removes you from most of the concerns regular people have, you’re the outsider they talk to. Here, these are your close friends, and it’s not just a discussion or advice in a simple consultation with you. Herb’s upright on his knees, one hand on the back of Laki’s head, pulling her in for more kissing, and one on the back of Hana’s head, guiding her head downwards.
  11. Oh gosh! When did he lose the pants? He was partially obstructed by the two girls and blanket but now his pride is standing out like a tree growing at a skewed angle
  13. “Are we going to do this in front of everybody?” Laki asks. Her voice carries a soft neediness you never would have imagined it was capable of. The juxtaposition of her hard attitude and tone being punctuated by her soft, feminine gasps and moans and cracks in her voice every time Herb does something to her, does something to you.
  15. “We better be after getting me all worked up.” Hana says, trying to sound demanding but still making it sound like she’s asking for permission. Her face is inches away from his barbarian pride. It twitches from the heat of her breath.
  17. “Not like this.” Herb says, break a kiss from Laki and crushing Hana’s hopes. At least, for a second. “Hana, I can’t wait. Turn around.”
  19. Hana flips around so quickly that the mess of blanket that was bunched up beside her flies to the side and his Abigail in the face.
  21. “Watch it!” The inebriated Abigail complains. You almost forgot she was there for a second. She rolls herself up into a tiny cocoon with only her eyes peeking out.
  23. You turn back to Hana, Herb, and Laki. In the few seconds you took your eyes off of them, Laki’s lost everything she was wearing below the waist and laying down in front of Hana. Herb lines himself up, and slowly, agonized enters Hana.
  25. Her mouth opens in a wide and undignified, but very happy smile. “Oh ho ho yeah.” You winced, but she’s loving it. You’re not a child, you understand how it all works. But seeing someone so happy to have something like that shoved inside of them just seems so weird.
  27. “I’m getting a little self-conscious here.” Laki says from on her back. “This is really embarass-HEEEE.” Laki’s complaints are brought to a quick end when Hana starts going down on her.
  29. Now you’ve walked in on this a few times back at the temple when you’d hang out with some of the older girls. Well, you’re part of the older girls now, but back then they seemed so wise, so cool. There were two general camps. Those that embraced that sort of thing among the priestesses and pretended not to notice the incidents they’d stumble into, and those that did not. The ones that didn’t had some good people in their groups, but it was always the loudest complainers that pushed things. That stepped into other people’s private relationships just to make a mess out of jealousy or control or other bad intentions. But they also had some good points about the bonds of the sisterhood.
  31. Seeing this display in front of you is different from the girls you walked in on, though. They’d just cover up and make an excuse or pretend it didn’t happen. This is so out there, so bold.
  33. Laki gasps and holds Hana’s head, while Herb begins to pick up the pace on taking Hana from behind. He’s the one you expect to get weirded out first. He’s a good boy, but he’s still got a great meekness to him that tends to hold him back where someone more loyal to their convictions would act without worrying about offending or looking foolish. That’s always the biggest obstacle for thoughtful people.
  35. But Herb doesn’t get meek. He tells Hana how good she feels. How cute Laki’s face is right now. He even turns to you and speaks. “Keira, can you open it up a little?”
  37. “What?” Is that lingo? Is he inviting you in? Your heart races. It’s not the fact that they’re naked; that’s just simple human flesh. It’s the way the muscles move, the smell of it all, the moans and lust. How alive everyone is right now. Of course your body would respond. And now Herb’s shiny blue eyes, sweaty but defined face, and confident voice as he addresses you while doing something to Hana that makes her whimper in delight. That floods you harder than springtime at the base of Eelilee.
  39. “The window.” He nods his head towards it. “It’s getting really warm in here.”
  41. “You’d be a comfy *hic* temperature if you were doing something wholesome.” Abigail in her little blanket cocoon disagrees.
  43. You pick yourself up and crack the window open a little. The cool storm air hits you immediately, breathing new life into the room. Although when you turn to see Herb looks like he might try to shoot some new life into Hana. He’s not quite there yet. Hana is busy burying her face between Laki’s legs.
  45. “Shameless.” Abigail mutters. She’s not exactly looking away, though.
  47. You crawl closer. Laki, Hana, and Herb don’t seem to care. You’re not really concerned either. You just thought they’d want privacy. They’re so open! Seeing Herb like this is like seeing a new side to him. He’s keeping a firm and steady pace and each thrust makes Hana fall deeper and deeper into her ecstatic spell.
  49. You lean in close to Laki. She’s concentrating pretty hard with her eyes closed, but one opens a little to look at you.
  51. “I didn’t know you were so into girls.” You say, curious.
  53. “I wasn’t.” Laki pants. “But Hana’s really, really good at this. And Soft Hands gets a little more excited, I can tell.” She bites her lip. “It’s a face worth sitting on.”
  55. You look to Herb. He’s concentrating pretty hard on what he’s doing to Hana. You can’t see her face but she responds by grabbing Laki’s thighs for leverage and making Laki gasp.
  57. “So close.” Laki says. You back off, feeling like you’re crowding her and making this harder. That’s what that sharp look in her eyes seemed to say.
  59. Look at her face. The way it flushes. The lust in her gasps. The way she squirms. She accidentally smacks Hana in the face with the back of her hand! That sounded painful!
  61. “Sorry!” She tries to move Hana’s hair aside and look at the damage.
  63. Hana’s head turns from behind cocked to the side. There’s a little red mark on her face, but that’s not what draws your eyes. It’s the expression. “You can do it again if you want.” Her voice shakes.
  65. Laki looks a little uncomfortable, but not enough to stop anything. She just lets herself settle back in and get ready for more.
  67. But Hana’s head suddenly shoots up. Hana grits her teeth and arches her back as Herb pumps into her hard. She tries to say something but her eyes roll in the back of her head and she can’t seem to get a thought together. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” She gasps. One of Herb’s hands steady’s her back while the other keeps a firm hold of her hips. There’s so much love and care to the way he holds her. He’s dominating and controlling her with every action; making her his, making her lose her mind and become a slave to her body and what he can do to it, but it’s all from a place of love.
  69. You’ve never envied someone as much as you do Hana in this moment. To have that sort of connection expressed in a sensation strong enough to make her shiver and quake.
  71. “Pillow!” Laki forces herself up from her back.
  73. “Pillow?” You ask, wondering if that’s some sort of sex slang.
  75. One hits you in the back of the head. You turn and see Abigail re-applying her cocoon. “Sorry. I was aiming for Hana’s face.”
  77. “Gooood ideaaa.” Hana smiles, eyes still rolled back and voice getting louder. “On my face.” The way she said it makes you conscious of your own body. It’s not the cold that’s hardening your nipples. Hana’s voice gets louder and her body shakes more under Herb’s barbarian sexual ways.
  79. Hana gets something in her face, but it’s the pillow. Laki stuffs it against Hana hard just in time to muffle a loud scream.
  81. “Soft Hand’s not finishing here.” Laki dictates. “Not if I’m going to have to keep doing this. That stain wouldn’t ever come out.”
  83. “Goldenrod’s fault.” Abigail mumbles. “He found her spot or something and now he just keeps turning her into that.”
  85. “Goldentop.” Laki corrects Abigail on her own nickname for Herb.
  87. “What’d *hic* what’d I say?”
  89. Hana’s muffled scream breaks through the pillow but is contained a bit thanks to the thunderstorm outside and boxes and things taking up most of the room. The big sleeping space made out of blankets and comforters feels a lot more intimate as everyone watches Hana flail like she’s doing a magikarp impression.
  91. “Is she alright?” You ask. Herb’s still concentrating and you don’t want to disrupt whatever he’s doing.
  93. “Don’t you dare finish.” Laki tells Herb, ignoring your question.
  95. “I haven’t forgotten about you.” Herb says as he puts a few more pumps into Hana. She squeals and twitches each time. She’s beyond finished and he’s just sort of playing a little game with her. She doesn’t seem to mind, even if it overwhelms her. After a couple more for good measure, he pulls out.
  97. It’s so big and shiny right now. Veiny and strange looking. It’s odd. Nothing about it seems particularly appealing, but seeing Herb, naked and unashamed, full of lust and acting on it with confidence, with his small but strained muscles covered in a thin layer of sweat; wow.
  99. Hana lays with her face squished against the pillow and her butt still in the air. She looks like that one priestess who accidentally had a whole cup of the wrong tea that one time.
  101. “Are you alright?” You crawl over to her as Herb is yanked and thrown to the ground by Laki.
  103. “I can’t remember my name but I don’t care.” She says, not moving her body.
  105. “Hana.” You remind her. “What’s it like?
  107. She’s so wistful and happy looking. Her eyes are staring off at nothing. “Dick, or Herb?”
  109. “Who is Dick?” You’ve heard of that name before.
  111. “Penis. Schlong. Dong.” Hana pauses before delivering the next one extra loud. “Goldenrod.”
  113. Abigail tries to make a gesture but her tightly wrapped blanket keeps her arms in place. The force from the effort tips her over.
  115. “Oh. Yes. What’s penis like?”
  117. “Coming from that man it’s magic.” Hana sighs. “Most of the time. He’s only human. But wow. Keira. Imagine the best physical sensation you can imagine times a thousand.”
  119. You’ve heard that expression before and although it’s a mainlander one, it’s become more popular lately. You want to say she’s exaggerating, but you can’t see a trace of it in her face.
  121. “Doesn’t it hurt?”
  123. “It can a little. At first. But it’s worth it. You should try it sometime.”
  125. She must really be out of it to suggest something like that. You turn around to see Laki lowering herself onto Herb, his arms pinned and a determined look on her face. You peel your eyes away and turn back to Hana. “What’s it like...outside of sex?”
  127. “He’s like a best friend, but closer. Like someone I can trust at my most vulnerable, but still someone I want to impress. But in an honest way.” She sighs. “I guess he just makes me feel like being a better person, but not out of any shame. It’s because I know he cares about me so much, and I care about him, so I want his girlfriend to be great. I mean, me. Laki’s already pretty great, and not just because she said she likes sitting on my face.” She very slowly pushes herself upright. “I guess that’s love, isn’t it?”
  129. “I suppose it is.” You say.
  131. “That’s...actually pretty *hic* sweet.” Abigail says. “I thought you jusht liked him because *hic* you’re a pervert.”
  133. You wonder if Abigail knows how cute she is when she hiccups. Even her attempted scowls look adorable.
  135. “Well, that doesn’t hurt.” Hana look shrugs in that self conscious way of hers before staring off at a memory. “Not in a bad way, anyway.”
  137. “Cum in me! Cum in me! Cum in me!” Laki commands quietly but firmly as she rides him. Her rhythm keeps her chest from going up and down to hard, but there’s still a hypnotic bounce to it. Her legs look like they’re doing a lot of work pulling her down onto him instead of letting gravity take care of it alone. She really wants his seed!
  139. He grabs her and flips her onto her back, pushing her legs up into the air. “What’s the rush?” He whispers before kissing her. It’s a deep, sensual kiss. She becomes flustered in the cutest way possible. He completely turned the chairs on her. No wait, tables. That’s the expression. You’ll have to ask about that one later because that doesn’t make any sense to you.
  141. Laki’s reaction as Herb slowly makes sweet, passionate love to her though, that’s making sense to you now. You can’t even laugh at the sight of his tiny pale butt. It’s too touching of a moment. He kisses her neck, whispers something about how cute she is, and her legs slowly wrap around him. Her hands reach up and hold his face, as if she’s worried he’s a spirit visiting her in the night.
  143. “You are cute.” He says, answering a weak protest of hers. “And I’m not going anywhere.”
  145. She reacts the way any woman would.
  147. She bites her lip again, but this time it’s soft and vulnerable. Her face flushes and her legs move to encourage him to go even deeper.
  149. Herb obliges, going just a little deeper and faster, then stopping as he goes all the way in. He grunts, but not in an undignified way, which surprises you. This whole time, he’s been in complete control of himself, even if he’s been lusty and driven to take them both.
  151. Laki holds right and squishes her face up while also trying to grit her teeth and smile widely. It looks very conflicting but also incredibly cute seeing her make that expression while in a mating press. She’s climaxing just from feeling him do the same. It goes from straining to a sort of shared, little soft laugh. Like old friends remembering some nostalgic moment. She’s giddy but drained, only whispering one quick thing into his ear before finally disconnecting their bodies. You didn’t hear it, but you saw how her lips moved. “I love you.”
  153. Laki and Hana quickly force themselves to get dressed enough to go to the bathroom, and Herb announces he needs to go to so he follows. That leaves you, Abigail, and the very distinct smell of lovemaking and rain.
  155. “Cold?” Abigail asks, opening her blanket up.
  157. Is she inviting you in? Those three got pretty hot but you weren’t exercising at all. Your face and other parts of you are warm anyway, though.
  159. “Hurry up, we’re letting the stink in.”
  161. You rush into her cozy blanket with her. Nobody talks to you the way she does. She’s so direct! Sure, she can sound a little mean or sarcastic, but it’s so refreshing. And you can tell she’s not really a mean person.
  163. “Cripes! Your feet are freezing!” She kicks at you, but only for a second. “Come on, rub them together. It’ll help.”
  165. “Thanks.” You follow her instructions. You knew that of course, but since you weren’t doing it, the reminder is helpful. “I had no idea sex was like that.”
  167. “It’s not.” Abigail wriggles herself around to get better blanket coverage. “Not always.”
  169. “How do you know?” You’re curious. “I didn’t think you’ve lain with man.”
  171. “Huh? Me? No no no no.” She kicks away. “I’d never... I mean, not unless I was married. Or *hic* really strongly engaged.” She loosens her standards a little. “I’ve just...seen it done.”
  173. “Oh.” You think. “That was really something to watch, wasn’t it?”
  175. “Yeah.” She pulls her blanket in tighter, hogging enough that you feel a tiny cold draft hit you.
  177. “They all look cute naked.” You say, stating a simple fact.
  179. “I *hic* can’t say they don’t.” She pulls it tighter still.
  181. “Herb’s honest and brave nature make him seem like quite a skilled mate.” You simply observe.
  183. “It could be said.” Abigail tries her hardest not to agree too hard.
  185. “It feels like there’s a lot of love and emotional support in their group. I can see the appeal of that life.”
  187. “A girl could *hic* be forgiven for feeling tempted.” Her statement surprises you. She suddenly stopped trying not to agree and instead choose to say something like that.
  189. “Do you think I’m tempted?” You have to ask. Are you putting out that impression?
  191. ...
  193. Is that impression accurate? It was that one night, yes, but that was different. You’ve grown.
  195. “I thought we were talking about you.” She gets defensive. “You think I want my purity violated like that?” She pulls more blanket, leaving you with nothing.
  197. “You think I do?” You’re shocked. You don’t like to hide much or deny any feelings you have, but sometimes it does make it easier to deal with temptations. Still, one shouldn’t lie, should they? If you feel something, even if it’s a temptation you have no intention of giving into, you should be honest open about it. That’s the level of humility required to be a priestess, from Ghostly duties to fertility. “There’s...nothing wrong with being tempted. It’s how we act that matters.”
  199. Abigail peaks her eyes out of the blanket shell, then her whole face. “Yeah. That’s a fair statement.” She says, again being vague. “It didn’t seem too bad, did it?”
  201. “Not it did not.” You crawl into the blanket far away from her so she can’t hog all of that too.
  203. “He’s got a hot little ass on him *hic* doesn’t he?”
  205. “He really-” You stop and giggle. Did she just say that?
  207. “Shut up! Say a word and there’s gonna be need for a second Ghost Priestess!” She giggles back and kicks at you ineffectively. You and her playfully fight like that for a bit. “Like you don’t want to take a bit ol’ bite out of-”
  209. The door opens. Abigail stiffens and falls back to her spot. “Some cake.”
  211. “Hungry?” Herb asks as he crawls into his bed.
  213. “I could eat some cake.” Hana flops in, giving Abigail a funny look. It feels like you’re missing a reference. Must be a mainlander thing.
  215. “No.” Laki says, holding onto Herb and positioning herself between him and Abigail. “Sleep.”
  217. Hana removes her limbs, setting them at the foot of the bed. “It’s okay, you can come in closer.” Hana says. “I’m all banged out.” She confides. “I won’t molest you in your sleep or anything. Umm, not that I would even if I wasn’t. I’m not that big of a perv.” She adds on.
  219. You try not to let that comment bother you.
  221. “Hana...” Herb’s eyes were closed before he said that.
  223. “Sorry. It’s not because you’re not cute or anything. Not the problem at all. No way.”
  225. “Hana.” Laki warns her this time.
  227. “What?” She sounds a little worried. “I’m doing that thing where I talk too much, aren’t I? You know what I meant, right? You know what I meant.” She waited a half second before she confirmed it without needing an answer from you.
  229. “I know what you meant.”
  231. “Phew, okay.” She lays down again. Being a little restless, she gives Herb a quick kiss. “Goodnight.”
  233. He kisses back. “Goodnight.”
  235. Hana leans up and stares at Laki with a big, expectent close-mouth smile. Laki can somehow sense it through her closed eyes, because she seems to get more and more bothered before finally opening them and giving Hana a quick kiss goodnight too.
  237. Hana settles in, satisfied. She faces you and whispers. “Thanks for making that happen.”
  239. “I just brought some of his feelings to the surface.” You do feel happy that she’s so happy though.
  241. “Well, you did a good job of it.” Hana says, closing her eyes and getting comfortable.
  243. Did you?
  245. Huh.
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