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Feb 15th, 2017
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  1. Allan & Kris,
  3. Long time listener, first time caller.
  5. I’m a developer and after much consternation I’ve been migrating my server infrastructure on Digital Ocean from Ubuntu 14.04 to FreeBSD 11. (A test run of my existing configs on Ubuntu 16.04 went horribly wrong)
  7. It was a smooth transition from 3 Ubuntu rigs over to 1 FreeBSD rig with separate jails. I love how logically everything is laid out on FreeBSD. I never could have imagined tools as nice as pf, pkg, and ezjail.
  9. I am very greatful to have your show as education and entertainment throughout the process of migrating.
  11. - - - - -
  13. Now on to my question,
  15. The one pain point I had was moving a RubyOnRails application that communicated with a Postgres Database. Moving the Rails app was fine but some mailing lists and forums described horror stories when running Postgres in a jail.
  17. I'd like to have the Rails app and Postgres running in separate jails, but I didn’t want to risk the hassle of data corruption.
  19. I ended up migrating to MySQL running in a Jail, and so far that's been fine.
  21. The most recent tutorials I could find suggested enabling SysV IPC for jails on the host machine for Postgres, but after watching Bryan Cantrill’s talk on Jails and Solaris Zones at PapersWeLove I was scared away from enabling raw sockets or SysV IPC for jails.
  23. For future reference, Can you safely run the most recent version of Postgres in a FreeBSD 11 jail without SysV IPC or raw sockets enabled?
  25. Thank you for everything!
  27. - Zane
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