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  1. <19:10:42> "13thShade": Z, would you mind sending applications of over 18 hours to LH directly or to their CoC? I'm getting alot of complaints about you "abusing the report system" which isn't really a thing, but the officer-wide notification is getting on people's nerves.
  2. <19:10:55> "13thShade": If not that's your choice, just passing on a message
  3. <19:37:57> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette" rejoined chat.
  4. <19:51:25> Your chat partner has disconnected.
  5. <19:52:01> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette" rejoined chat.
  6. *** Today
  7. <08:07:11> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette" rejoined chat.
  8. <12:14:49> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette" rejoined chat.
  9. *** End of chat history
  10. <18:57:18> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": Hi shade
  11. <18:57:29> "13thShade": Sup Z
  12. <18:57:31> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": I won't because last time i spoke to lightninghawk, she didn't act
  13. <18:57:39> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": and xtream always shuns me
  14. <18:57:57> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": So I feel if anything is going to happen, reporting it is the only way
  15. <18:58:15> "13thShade": Ok
  16. <18:58:35> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": It doesn't really matter what the others think of me
  17. <18:58:59> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": If people don't like it, then they should stop being lazy
  18. <18:59:11> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": and stop doing stuff that is reportable
  19. <18:59:27> "13thShade": Ye
  20. <18:59:28> "13thShade": Fair
  21. <18:59:49> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": And you can pass that message to the haters
  22. <18:59:56> "13thShade": Kk
  23. <19:00:01> "13thShade": But frankly
  24. <19:00:04> "13thShade": reporting doesnt do much
  25. <19:00:08> "13thShade": because i just tag LH
  26. <19:00:10> "13thShade": and close it
  27. <19:00:14> "13thShade": and if she's not doing anything
  28. <19:00:15> "13thShade": nothing changes
  29. <19:00:21> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": Well then
  30. <19:00:22> "13thShade": just pings all officers and triggers people
  31. <19:00:25> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": Show some integrity
  32. <19:00:28> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": and follow up
  33. <19:00:34> "13thShade": I have no authority over LH and it isn't my problem
  34. <19:00:36> "13thShade": I pass it to her
  35. <19:00:37> "13thShade": andl eave it
  36. <19:00:41> "13thShade": it isnt my job to step on toes
  37. <19:00:48> "13thShade": If she doesnt do her job, you go to X
  38. <19:00:53> "13thShade": if he doesnt follow up
  39. <19:00:57> "13thShade": you go to AFD
  40. <19:01:02> "13thShade": if AFD disagrees
  41. <19:01:03> "13thShade": you stop
  42. <19:01:09> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": I was told you're not allowed to go above the next CoC
  43. <19:01:23> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": So if its a captain, it stops at the vice
  44. <19:01:32> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": If its the vice it doesnt escalate past the commander
  45. <19:01:33> "13thShade": You are if you think the CoC below is acting without integrity
  46. <19:02:25> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": I can ask OT to look into it
  47. <19:02:37> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": If you're too pussy
  48. <19:02:42> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": P
  49. <19:05:22> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": Not stepping on toes is great for your rep, but to truly protect this community, you gotta expose people who are weighing down the community
  50. <19:05:38> "[Lil Z] Fluffy Zezette": That's what I always believe
  51. <19:05:46> Chat partner has closed the conversation
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