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  1. Hello,
  3. I don't write, so maybe that was a terrible read. But I had to write it down, and hope it was right for the sub.
  5. This all happened in a dream. The difference is the car was me flying, and I also used some psychic powers to create a bubble around the other girl's head which I thought would have helped with being out of the village, but it didn't and still killed her. I also dug the hole to bury her with these said unexplained powers. These felt too out of place for a story that I wanted to make feel real, so I didn't include either. I thought about labeling it as asthma or substituting it with some sort of breathing device, but it felt too difficult to explain for something that didn't felt like it mattered in the long run.
  7. I also never cared about my actions directly causing someone's death in the dream, except for how it would affect my future. That was the part that disturbed me the most, I think. How could I not care? Why didn't I care? Would I care if this was real? What kind of person does this make me? And this was the true horror, to me. I think I actually just am that type of human.
  9. And that's it. I had to get these thoughts out, but I'm done now.
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