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  1. Feature: Add brand admin
  2.   As a  super user
  3.   In order to delegate a power of brand management
  4.   I want to create brand admins
  6.   Background:
  7.     Given I am logged in as a super admin
  8.     And I am on admin panel page
  10.   Scenario: Super admin adds a new brand admin and associates him with a brand
  11.     Given I follow "Neuen Nutzer anlegen"
  12.     When I fill in the following:
  13.      | First name | Otto                 |
  14.      | Last name  | von Bismarck         |
  15.      | Email      | |
  16.     And I choose " Biotherm Homme"
  17.     And I press "Create user"
  18.     Then I should be on admin panel page
  19.     And I should see "Otto von Bismarck"
  20.     And email containing password reset link should be sent to ""
  22.   Scenario: Newly added brand admin logs in after password reset
  23.     Given a brand admin "" is added to brand "Biotherm"
  24.     And a user "" resets his password to "123456"
  25.     And I am not logged in
  26.     When I sign in as ""
  27.     Then login should be successful
  28.     And I should be on "Chanel" brand products list
  30.   Scenario: Super admin tries to add a new brand admin without providing mandatory data
  31.     Given I follow "Neuen Nutzer anlegen"
  32.     And I press "Create user"
  33.     Then I should see "Fehler"
  34.     And I should not be on admin panel page
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