The Pilum on Caligos Isle in GemStoneIV

Oct 8th, 2017
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  1. As your song touches upon the pilum, your vision clouds and the bright blue of the sky at sea spreads before you. Dozens of families stand clustered in small groups upon the deck of a ship, and beyond them in the open sea are two similar vessels. Their voices are muted as they speak in quiet tones of mingled excitement and trepidation.
  3. "Jorgethin is right," you hear a man say, echoes of agreement rising around him. "The politics are too much. It is time we make our own way."
  4. Slowly, the vision fades.
  6. Tenebrous and ethereal, the lore of the pilum unfolds before you. Night has fallen upon the ship, and slumber touches upon the elven souls that ride at sea. Lanterns illuminate the faces of those that stand at watch, concern etched in their countenances.
  8. "We need to find land soon," a whispered voice says.
  10. "We are trying," counters another with resignation.
  12. "If only this blasted mist would let us see land," says the first.
  14. If only this blasted mist would let us see land," says the first.
  16. Slowly, an indigo light obscures your vision.
  17. Skeins of indigo and silver mist trickle across your vision as your voice reaches out towards the pilum in song. Wane and sickly, the families lie in weary clusters of exhaustion and concern. Small ones rest in the laps of their elders, their faces sallow and their stomachs distended. Whispers rise amid them, curses to Charl and Niima for abandoning those that have been faithful. As the curses and denouncements take root, the mist eases and a cry from above heralds, "Land ho!" Slowly, the vision fades.
  19. As your querying song touches upon the pilum, your vision is filled with the sight of dozens of elven families carrying all that they possess upon a black sand beach and away from three vessels. Indigo and silver mist follows them, the ethereal element touching each and every person in turn. As the last crate is pulled from the vessel, and the last elven foot touches the island's sandy shore, a wave swathed in shadows crashes into the ships and scatters their timbers upon the shores. The vision slips away...
  20. >gaze pilum
  21. You gaze at the blade of your vaalorn pilum, your mind wandering as you contemplate the battles that lie ahead of you. Slowly, the image of a small island enshrouded in mist appears within the vaalorn, and you hear a faint calling.
  23. "Lay aside your weapons, and know peace on Caligos Isle."
  25. Blinking, you pull your gaze away.
  26. Your eyes slip closed as you rub your thumb across the haft of your pilum. Faintly, as if coming to you on a distant wind, you hear a cajoling voice promise peace and salvation. "On Caligos Isle," it says to you, and you briefly feel weary of battle.
  27. This feels like a trap.
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