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  1. -How did I start collecting?
  2. My passion for collecting sort of started before I was born.
  3. My grandmother collected birds.
  4. Glass, wood, ceramic...if a bird existed, she probably had it.
  5. Then, my Mom collected dragons...same story.
  6. Growing up and watching them collect these things inspired me to do the same.
  7. I started, as many kids do...with comics, posters and action figures.
  8. Being a late-70s kid, I had a lot of awesome stuff to choose from in the 80s...and I had a ton of it.
  9. Sadly, that collection was sold off, as I tried to pretend I was "all grown up", at 16, and didn't need those silly toys and stuff, anymore.
  10. Fast forward to my early 20s, and I realized how clueless I was at 16, and began collecting, again.
  11. Mostly action figures and statues, but also vinyl albums and posters.
  12. It was not meant to be, though, because just before I turned 30, an electrical fire happened that wiped that collection out.
  13. However, not to be driven down by fate, I continued to rebuild the collection, when I moved across country, at 35.
  14. So, everything I currently have is less than a decade old, as far as my ownership, but I love it all!
  16. -What do I look for in a collectible item?
  17. Honestly, I just have to like it.
  18. I am not a strictly high-end collector, and I don't discriminate, based on scale, brand, or any of the other standard criteria.
  19. I love Deadpool and Batman, so I collect pretty much anything I see relating to those 2 characters, that moves me at the time.
  20. I love monsters, so I will collect any size or shape of monsters that I find interesting.
  21. I love owls, so I tend to pick those up, whenever I see one that I love.
  23. -What makes my collection unique?
  24. Well, honestly...nothing, really.
  25. Many people have most of the same things I have.
  26. I do have a few custom pieces that are one-of-a-kind, but then so do many other collectors.
  27. I think collecting should begin as a very personal thing.
  28. I never thought about collecting for resale value, or status...I simply do it because I love the things I love, and those physical representations make me happy.
  29. If anything makes my collection unique, it's just the fact that it's MINE. :D
  31. -If I didn't have to sleep, what would I do with the extra time?
  32. Heh, I am not much of a sleeper, as it is.
  33. I have some insomnia issues, and my brain is always on.
  34. I generally draw a lot, in my free time, as well as various internetting tasks...so probably just more of that.
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