Anonymous: The New Kid

Jun 5th, 2017
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  1. >"...And that's why I lost the race, I mean, I totally would have won it otherwise"
  2. "Sure Rainbow" you said, rolling your eyes
  3. >The lunch period was a pretty normal one, though thanks to the cold and snow you tended to spend more time in the cafeteria than outside
  4. >The girls were chatting it up as always, but you found yourself focusing on something else
  5. >Until you felt a nudge on your arm and turned to face Rainbow Dash
  6. >"Yo Sunset, what you staring at?"
  7. "Him" you say, pointing towards the corner of the cafeteria
  8. >Sitting there almost completely alone was the new student, Anonymous, at least you thought that was his name
  9. >You couldn't help but notice him, he was a bit odd
  10. >Just showed up one day, taking the only empty table in the place
  11. >If you saw him in the hallways he had his head down and walked just a little too fast
  12. >If you ever saw him on the way out of school he nearly ran away, almost slipping on the ice a few times
  13. >And always wearing that same, or at least a very similar, black suit with red tie and a large black coat over it, even indoors
  14. >"What, you got a crush on him or something?" Rainbow teased
  15. "No, it's just... I've never seen him talk to anyone"
  16. >"Well he is new"
  17. "He's been here for three weeks at least, you'd normally be hanging out with someone by then."
  18. >"Maybe he's just shy" chimed in Applejack
  19. "Maybe..."
  20. >But still, you couldn't help but stare at him
  21. >He never spoke unless a teacher called on him, you never saw him hang around anyone after school
  22. >It's probably not your place, but you were worried about him, there just seemed to be something wrong
  24. "I'm gonna go ask him if he wants to hang out"
  25. >"Wait, what?" Rainbow began to protest, "why?"
  26. "Why not?"
  27. >"Well, I mean, he's weird"
  28. >The other girls glared down Rainbow for saying it, but ultimately couldn't really bring themselves to say anything either
  29. >Well, except other concerns
  30. >"Fella is a might odd, I mean, who wears a suit to school?"
  31. >"There is nothing wrong with wearing a suit anywhere, though I will say that coat is just gaudy."
  32. >"Who cares what he's wearing? I don't think I've ever seen him smile once, and in math classes whenever I make a joke he's the only one not laughing."
  33. "Girls, please. I know he might seem a bit strange, but you have to give him a chance. I mean, you all remember what I was like when I first came here, right?"
  34. >To that the girls had nothing else to say, a few looking ashamed of judging him so quickly
  35. >All except Rainbow Dash, you could tell there was something irking her about him
  36. >She was Rainbow Dash though, so there's that
  37. >Regardless, you would go talk to this strange loner
  39. >You got up from your seat and made your way toward the corner of the cafeteria
  40. >As you did, something began to bug you about anon
  41. >He sat there, headmuffs on and ignoring the world around him as he ate his sandwich
  42. >By all accounts nothing seemed out of place for just some lonely guy
  43. >But as you got closer you began to realize that he seemed... Angry
  44. >His face fixed into a scowl as he doodled in his binder, taking another bite out of his sandwich
  45. >What did he have to be angry about? As far as you knew no one talked to him all day, he shouldn't look happy granted but he had no real reason to be angry
  46. >Maybe something before school happened that bugged him
  47. >Whatever it was, you ignored it and walked up to his table
  48. >He didn't notice you for a few moments, but eventually you managed to catch his attention
  49. >He looked up at you surprised; and quickly, a little too quickly, closed his binder and threw off his headphones
  51. "Hi, your names Anon, right?"
  52. >"Uh, yeah... Do you need something?" He asked, looking completely confused by the situation
  53. "Not really, I was just wondering if you wanted to join me and my friends for lunch?"
  54. >He didn't say a word
  55. >Instead, his eyes began to dart around, confused
  56. >Yet there was something else about the way he scanned the cafereria
  57. >It's like he was looking for something specific
  58. >When he failed to find it, his attention returned to you
  59. >"Why?"
  60. "No reason really, we just saw you looked a little bored and figured you might want to hang out"
  61. >It was the honest truth, but Anon's brows furrowed as he stared at you, running your words through his head like you just told him the sky was green
  62. "I mean, just if you wanted to" you quickly added, trying to put whatever doubts he may have at rest
  63. >After a few more seconds of staring his mouth opened again
  64. >"Sure, why not."
  65. >It didn't sound very convincing, there was scepticism and caution in his voice, and his eyes kept darting about looking for that something
  66. >What was he worried about ?...
  67. >Wait, could it be that he thought you were trying to prank him?
  68. >At that thought you felt a bit of pity for this guy
  69. >He couldn't accept an offer of friendship as legitimate
  70. >Maybe he had some bad times at his old school or something
  71. >All the same he quickly gathered some of his things and began to follow you back to the table
  73. >"So where about ya from?" Applejack asked Anon
  74. >"Most recently we came from Oregon, but my dad has to move around a lot so I'm not really from anywhere"
  75. >It started off a bit bumpy of course, Anon was initially wary when you'd gotten to the table
  76. >The girls tried asking him a few things at first but the answers they'd received were usually just half hearted yes or no's
  77. >Eventually everyone shifted their focus from Anon and just talked about everyday stuff, but still tried to involve him
  78. >And after a few minutes Anon had relaxed and became more open to talking, the idea that you and your friends were setting him up for some kind of prank now seemingly absent
  79. >"What's your pa do?"
  80. >"He's a construction contractor"
  81. >"Hey, my brother did some carpentry over the summer, made a whole heap of cash"
  82. >"Yeah, it's good work but pretty exhausting, not uncommon for him to come home in a bad mood."
  83. >The air around the table got just a little thicker when he mentioned that, none of the girls could really find a decent response
  84. >He tried to change to topic once he realized everyone was just staring at him
  85. >"S-so, you guys got any plans after school?"
  86. >The other girls quickly latched onto the question, happy to avoid the topic of Anon's home life
  87. >"Yeah, all of us were gonna head on down to Sugarcube Corner" Pinkie quickly answered.
  88. >"The cakes make the best strawberry tarts, coffee's pretty good too. You should come!"
  89. >Anon nearly jolted at the suggestion of going to Sugarcube Corner
  90. >Or maybe just the suggestion of going anywhere after school
  91. >"Oh, n-no, I have things I gotta do tonight, maybe some other time"
  92. "Sure dude, but if you ever wanna tag along feel free."
  93. >"Okay, thanks."
  94. >For the first time since you'd met you saw a smile cross Anon's face
  96. _______________
  98. >It's been about a week since you met Anon, and things with him have been going pretty well
  99. >He's opened up a lot, and now he even hangs out with you and the girls after school every once in a while
  100. >Well, mostly just you, he seems to be a little more comfortable around you than the others
  101. >All things considered though he seemed like a pretty nice guy, a bit on the quiet side
  102. >But hey, so was Fluttershy
  103. >Though the topic of family and home life was still a strict "no-no" around him, you even took care not to talk too much about your own home life around him
  104. >And he seemed to keep even more quiet than usual when talk of the winter formal began to raise up
  105. >After all, it was only a few weeks away now
  106. >You were at your locker, last period was about to start and you were itching to get going
  107. >It'd been a bit of a busy day, and you and the girls were planning to head on over to Sugarcube Corner later on
  108. >Celestia knows you could go for a nice cup of Joe in this weather
  109. >"Yo Sunset!"
  110. >You look to your right to see Anon walking towards you and waving
  111. "Hey Anon, what's up"
  112. >"Not much, gym was a pain in the ass today, dodge ball."
  113. "You're complaining that you got to play dodge ball?"
  114. >"I tend to get targeted the most, anyway we still up for Sugercube after school?"
  115. "Yeah, I got some stuff to do after class but we'll meet up at fou-"
  116. >"Hey Sunset!"
  118. >You turned around to see Flash Sentry also heading towards you, he looked to be in a good mood at first
  119. >But you noticed something
  120. >His walk seemed to slow and his smile drop just a bit when he saw Anon standing next to you
  121. >And when he finally reached you it was obvious that he was not happy to see Anon
  122. >And Anon? Now Anon certainly didn't look happy
  123. >His brow furrowed, his fist balled up as he stuffed them into his coat pockets, even his jaw tensed up
  124. >The atmosphere was pretty heavy
  125. >"Hey Anon"
  126. >"'Sup Flash?"
  127. >"Not much"
  128. >The two just stood there, glaring at each other
  129. >For a moment you honestly felt like someone might start throwing around insults
  130. >Or worse, start a fight
  131. >Your eyes just darted back and forth between the two boys
  132. >You needed to defuse this situation
  133. "Hey Flash, what's up?"
  134. >Flash didn't take his eyes off Anon for a second
  135. >And Anon, despite being taller yet considerably thinner than Flash, kept his head low and eyes up
  136. >You could see his hands constantly fidgeting inside his coat pockets
  137. >"I wanted to talk to you about the winter formal" he said without even giving you a sideway glance
  138. >"What's wrong Brad? One of the other hundred girls not up to your standards?"
  139. >You were surprised, Anon never said anything when the winter formal came up
  140. >Then again, that really wasn't saying something about the winter formal so much as just throwing around insults
  141. >Also, "Brad?"
  142. >"Maybe we should talk some other time" he said to you again, though it was hard to tell with him staring Anon down the whole time
  143. >"Oh don't mind me, I was just leaving, wouldn't want to keep you from anything 'important'" Anon spitted out with more than just a hint of venom
  144. >"I'll see you later Sunset" he said back to you, pulling his coat collar up and walking away before you could even say a goodbye
  145. >Well, that was weird
  147. >"...So finally I hear "Anon!" being yelled out by the teacher and wake up, yelling 'here! Here!'"
  148. >"The teacher is glaring at me, like, she's really mad; but she says 'oh, really? Well I'm so glad you're here', all sarcastic of course. Class is having a good chuckle too."
  149. >"So I think fast, and it hits me right away; I look up at her and say 'well, at least one of us is'."
  150. >The girls all laughed, ranging from a little giggle to a full hearty laugh
  151. >"Oh Anon, you scoundrel!" Rarity said, hiding her giggling behind her mouth
  152. >The rest of the day went pretty smoothly after that... Incident
  153. >Granted you liked Social Studies
  154. >Before long the whole group was hanging out at Sugarcube, even Anon was having himself a good time
  155. >In fact, he didn't even seem to mind making himself the center of attention a few times
  156. >And when the winter formal came up, he mentioned he's been thinking about going
  157. >You liked seeing how social he's been getting recently
  158. >Towards your group at least, you still never really saw him with anyone else, but you never really saw him outside of lunch or after school
  159. >"Yo Sunset, you alright? You've been kinda quiet today" Anon asked you when the other girls went back to talking among themselves
  160. "Yeah, just waiting for something."
  161. >You were waiting for a certain video call
  162. >Twilight was spending a few weeks with her family in Utah, and you arranged to have her come and chat tonight
  163. >Though it slipped your mind to tell Anon, he didn't really know Twilight after all, maybe you shou-
  164. >Too late, your phone began to hum a familiar tune and the caller ID confirmed that this wasn't a telemarketer
  165. >...Unless Twilight converted while in Utah
  166. >You picked up the call, and were greeted by a familiar purple but laggy face
  167. "Hey Twilight!"
  168. >"Hey Sunset!"
  170. >Immediately all the other girls rushed behind you, yelling greetings into the phone
  171. >Twilight was overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught, but was still happy to see all her friends
  172. >"Yo Twilight, how's Mormon town?" Rainbow quickly added before any of the other girls could say anything
  173. >Twilight rolled her eyes, at least you thought she did, hard to tell with the lag
  174. >But as all the other girls were chatting it up with Twilight you couldn't help but notice Anon
  175. >He looked a little upset, not sad though
  176. >You could have sworn he was a little annoyed by something, staring into his coffee as his finger slowly tapped the table
  177. "Hey Anon, come say hi" you said, waving your hand a bit
  178. >Anon went from annoyed to uncomfortable, but without saying a word he scooched on over
  179. >You turned the phone a bit in his direction
  180. "Anon, this is Twilight, one of our other friends"
  181. >"H-hey Twilight" Anon said, trying to avoid looking directly at the phone
  182. >"Hello Anon! Good to see you again!" Came out of the phone
  183. >"WHAT!" All the girls screamed out
  184. >Hell, even you did
  185. >You quickly turned the phone a bit more in your direction
  186. "Wait, you and Anon know each other?"
  187. >"Well, not really. We went to the same middle school back when I lived in Utah but we didn't really speak much"
  188. >"Geeze Anon, you sure get around, dontcha?" Pinkie asked
  189. >"Y-yeah, small world, huh?" Anon said under his breath, scratching the back of his neck a little
  190. >Anon slowly, but noticeably, slid back to his coffee, no longer seeming annoyed so much as nervous
  191. >The girls didn't seem to notice though
  192. >And honestly, even you were a bit too busy catching up with Twilight to dwell on it too long
  194. >It was starting to get late and it was still a school day tomorrow
  195. >You and the girls all said your goodbyes to Twilight and paid for your coffee and treats
  196. >And as you walked out you all said you goodbyes and began heading your separate paths
  197. >A few of the girls sticking together since they lived in the same direction, or had to take the same bus
  198. >But for the most part, everyone broke off
  199. >That is, all except Anon
  200. >"Yo Sunset, hold up"
  201. >You were already down the block when Anon, who until this point just stood outside of the cafe, started running towards you
  202. >"Hey Sunset, mind if I walk you home?"
  203. >It wasn't really that odd that he wanted to hang out
  204. >He would usually stick pretty close to you after school
  205. >And he would always try to keep you around Sugarcube longer than you had any business being there, despite not really talking much
  206. >But you always saw him go the other way after you guys left
  207. "But don't you live on the other side of town?"
  208. >"Yeah, but I figured we could hang out a bit more"
  209. "Alright, sure"
  210. >You didn't see any reason not to, it was starting to get a little dark after all and you weren't a big fan of walking alone
  211. >It was a pretty safe neighbourhood, but still
  212. >Besides, you liked Anon's company well enough, quiet as he was
  213. >"So, your friend seems nice."
  214. "Twilight? Yeah, it's actually kind of a funny story, when we met we were competing against each other"
  215. >"You don't say?"
  216. >Anon didn't really seem all that enthusiastic about Twilight, it was obvious he wanted to ask something else and was just working himself up
  217. >Finally, after a little bit of talking usually broken up by long, awkward silences, Anon seemed to gain that courage
  218. >"Sooo... The winter dance is coming up soon, got anyone you're going with?"
  219. >You were surprised, Anon never brought up the formal himself
  220. >Maybe he just wasn't as nervous anymore
  221. "Not yet, I was thinking of maybe going with Flash, but I'm sti-"
  222. >"You want to go with him!"
  224. >Something... Changed
  225. >Anon was usually timid and quiet; shoulders slumped, head down, and hands in his coat pockets
  226. >But the moment you mentioned Flash he lost it
  227. >His brow furrowed, his teeth barred, his eyes wild and crazy, his whole body tensing and taking on a very powerful posture
  228. >But most of all, he grabbed you by the shoulders to face him
  229. >Anon was a skinny guy, but when those fingers dug into your skin you felt an unnatural strength in him
  230. >He almost seemed to double in size right then and there
  231. >But he calmed down very quickly, letting go of you less than a second after he grabbed you
  232. >His face turning back to his usual expression, only with a hint of guilt
  233. >"It's just..."
  234. >He took a breath and tensed up a little
  235. >"He's an asshole Sunset!" he yelped out, throwing his hands out
  236. "Anon!"
  237. >"It's true, he's nothing but a bully, the same asshole from every school."
  238. "What are you talking about Anon? Flash is a nice guy."
  239. >"Yeah, when he's around you or any of his jock friends, you wouldn't know what he's really like."
  240. "Oh really, and what is he really like?"
  241. >"An asshole jock and a bully, picking on the little guys; the geeks, the nerds, the loners"
  242. >He calmed down even further, hanging his head as all the tension in him was replaced with a depressed slump
  243. >"Look, I'm just looking out for you... I should head back, you know if any buses around here head towards 32 Column Pine Street?"
  244. "Yeah, the number 23, there's a bus stop just a few blocks down"
  245. >"Thanks Sunset"
  247. ________
  249. >Brad was walking by with his friend
  250. >Fucking Brad
  251. >You knew his kind, every school you've ever gone to it was the same thing
  252. >Assholes like this were always making life harder for you
  253. >And in every school these guys were always the most loved for some reason
  254. >You didn't get it, the other assholes and the vapid sluts sure
  255. >But even the nerds and losers wanted to be these guys, when they really should have wanted them gone, why?
  256. >You pulled a pencil end and a strong rubber band out of your coat pocket and waited a few seconds, after he walked past you shot it at him
  257. >And what a perfect shot it was, straight to the back of the head
  258. >Before he could turn you stuffed your hands back into your pockets
  259. >Of course he knew you were the one who did it, after all, the only other guy in the hallway was a small geeky guy reading a book
  260. >"Anon, what the fuck?!"
  261. "Hmmm? What? Oh are you talking to me?"
  262. >"I know it was you, what's your problem man!"
  263. >You push yourself off the locker and quickly close the distance between you and Brad, hands still in your pockets and curled up into fist, ready to go
  264. "My problem is you"
  265. >Brad glared at you as his friend quickly showed up by his side
  266. "Listen here Brad, I don't like this thing you're doing, and I'm gonna tell you this once to stop"
  267. >"What thing am I doing? I haven't done anything to you man!"
  268. >You take a step forward, slouching to getting right up into his face
  269. "I mean talking to Sunset"
  270. >"What? Why would I stop talking to her?"
  271. "She's too good for you is why, stick to one of your sluts... Or your little fag friend here"
  272. >Flash was getting angry, but his friend grabbed his shoulder
  273. >"Come on man, forget this guy"
  274. >Brad just turned away, much to your displeasure
  275. "I'm telling you asshole! I see you near her again!..."
  276. >You turned to leave, only to notice the geek staring at you wide eyed
  277. "The fuck you staring at?"
  278. >The kid quickly stood to leave, but the moment he was on his feet you gave him a swift punch to the gut before storming off
  280. >The next day was a bit unusual
  281. >Anon was always a quiet guy, but today he was... Gone
  282. >He was in the school of course, but he was just distant
  283. >In the halls he at most gave you a nod when passing by but didn't say a word
  284. >During lunch he was pretty much the same as when you first met him, any question answered with a yes or a no
  285. >During the one class you had with him he was just staring out the window
  286. >Usually he at least pretended to be paying attention
  287. >And finally, slightly before the end of the day you got a text from Anon
  288. >"Can you meet me after school?"
  289. "What time?"
  290. >"5"
  291. >That was certainly odd for Anon
  292. >If he had any plans after school they were immediate
  293. >He was always the first one in Sugercube Corner, and the mall, and the movie theatre
  294. >Or anywhere really; you told him to meet you somewhere, he would go there and wait hours if he had to
  295. >This was unlike him, and you kept thinking about what he was doing
  296. >Other thoughts raced through your mind too, mainly Flash
  297. >You figured Anon didn't know Flash and was just making assumptions based on his old schools
  298. >Some bad experience with bullies turned his perceptions towards guys like Flash sour
  299. >But there was a problem with that
  300. >Flash didn't like Anon either
  301. >He never said anything about Anon the few times you talked, but from the few short interactions you could easily tell
  302. >Flash didn't just dislike Anon, he hated him
  303. >You thought about confronting him about it, but remembered that Flash was helping set up the gymnasium for the winter formal after school today
  305. >You went home for a bit after school, you didn't live far and wanted to freshen up a bit
  306. >And you felt nervous
  307. >Standing in your bathroom after the shower, staring into the fogged mirror
  308. >There was a knot in your stomach
  309. >And you were starting to have some serious doubts about Anon
  310. >Still, you got dressed and headed back towards the school, eventually spotting Anon around the corner
  311. >He was standing well out of sight, the only reason you managed to see him is because he began to beckon you when in view
  312. >You walked up, taking note that his long coat looked a bit off, usually he only wore it open even in heavy snowfall
  313. >But now he had it closed up and there seemed to be something bulging under it
  314. "Alright Anon, I'm here, now what in Eque-I mean Earth is going on?" You ask with a hint of frustration
  315. >"Nothing, I just wanted to show you something" he said, looking as excited as a child with a new toy
  316. >Before you could ask any questions he undid the first two buttons of his coat
  317. >He held it closed for a bit, looked around, and flashed it open
  318. >You nearly fell back when you saw what he had
  319. >Under his coat was a small rifle tied tightly just under his armpit
  320. >"Cool, huh?"
  321. "Anon what they hell! You brought a gun to school!"
  322. >"Shhh, there might be someone around!"
  323. >Your breath was heavy and heart was racing as you quickly pushed him back to make sure the two of you were out of sight
  324. >You didn't even know how to react
  325. "Why do you have a gun?" you asked in an angry but hushed voice
  326. >"Because I'm an American, Sunset."
  327. >You let out the fakest laugh you could muster, yet a bit of naughty curiosity began to overtake you
  328. "Is it real?"
  329. >"Yeah, my Grandpa's M1 Carbine from WW2. Got the ammo for it and everything."
  330. >You were still steaming
  331. >But there was just something so fascinating about it, you'd never seen a real gun in your life
  332. >"You wanna go shoot it? I set up a little target range by the river"
  333. >You knew that this was a really bad idea, but still...
  334. "Yes!"
  336. >"Alright, just pull on the charging handle, look down the sights, and slowl-"
  337. >BANG
  338. >The first shot nearly made you drop the gun, the recoil was actually fairly manageable even for you, but you weren't ready for how loud that would be
  339. >"You alright?"
  340. "WHAT?!"
  341. >You rubbed the inside of your ear a little before handing the gun back to Anon
  342. "I think that might be a little too loud for me"
  343. >"You get used to it after a while... Though maybe I should get some ear muffs or something."
  344. "Might help"
  345. >The two of you shared a laugh before Anon fired a few more shots and you watched with your fingers stuffed in your ears
  346. >He was a really good shot honestly, every time he pulled the trigger one of the cans went flying or a bottle broke
  347. >And he was clearly enjoying himself
  348. >But still, you couldn't help but wonder, or more accurately worry, about him
  349. >And the fact that he had a gun certainly didn't ease any of your concerns
  350. "Now really Anon, why do you have a gun anyway?"
  351. >Anon took out the magazine and charged the gun to make sure it was empty before slinging it across his back
  352. >"I told you, it's my grandpa's"
  353. "Shouldn't it be your dad's then?"
  354. >Anon let out a quick chuckle
  355. >A very sad chuckle
  356. >"You think I would trust my dad with a gun?"
  357. >You knew family was a touchy subject with Anon
  358. >But this? You needed to know
  359. "Anon, what's going on in your house?"
  361. >Anon turned away, but eventually sat down on a nearby tree trunk
  362. >He held the magazine in his hands, turning it around a bit before stuffing it back into his coat
  363. >"Me and my dad, we don't have the... Best relationship."
  364. >You sit down beside him, hands on your lap as you give him your undivided attention
  365. >You notice he scoots over to you a bit more, nearly pressing himself into you
  366. >And his eyes?
  367. >By Celestia those eyes, all that pain, all those barely restrained tears
  368. >"He... Well he isn't winning any father of the year awards, that's for sure. Comes home everyday drunk and stressed."
  369. >"And everyone could use a punching bag when they're stressed, right?"
  370. >He let out another sad chuckle, hands tightening in his lap
  371. "What about your mother? Does she also..."
  372. >"Nah, back when mom was alive we were a pretty normal family"
  373. >You wrapped your arm around Anon's shoulder, pulling him close to you
  374. >An odd smile passed Anon's face, but you couldn't even imagine what he was feeling right now
  375. >And as much as you didn't want to pry further, you couldn't help it
  376. "When did she?..."
  377. >"When I was about nine"
  378. >Again, you felt terrible for even thinking about asking him
  379. >But you had to know the whole situation
  380. >You needed to help Anon
  381. "What exactly does your dad do to you?"
  382. >A single tear ran down Anon's eye
  383. >"Depends on how bad of a mood he's in, sometimes I get lucky and he passes out right away, sometimes he just yells."
  384. >He pulled up his sleeve a bit
  385. >"But sometimes, things can get... Ugly."
  386. >You gasped the moment you saw Anon's wrists
  387. >They were covered in small, half inch burn marks
  388. "Oh Anon"
  389. >You pulled him even closer into a hug, letting him just rest his head against you for a few minutes
  390. >And he did so gladly, tightly wrapping his arms around you and letting himself finally cry into your jacket
  391. >But in that moment, one last thought crossed your mind
  392. "Anon... Why do you have a gun?"
  393. >"J-just in case things got too ugly"
  395. _____________
  397. >You didn't want to leave Anon that night, you wanted to invite him to stay at your place to get away from that house
  398. >But he insisted, and ultimately there was nothing you could do to make him stay
  399. >Yet all night you thought about him, you couldn't think about anything else
  400. >You didn't know what to do? Tell a teacher? Call the police?
  401. >Both seemed like reasonable answers but you weren't sure, if you acted too quickly you don't know what would happen to Anon
  402. >If his father found out he told anyone he might kill him before anything could be done for all you knew
  403. >But if you waited too long it may be too late, Anon's dad could have a particularly bad night
  404. >Or Anon's strength could run out
  405. >As much as you'd like to believe everything you and your friends have done for him has been enough of a push to keep going just long enough to fix things you knew problems like this couldn't be fixed with friendship and rainbow lasers
  406. >Things were always easier in Equestria, and even in Canterlot High, the idea of a pony beating his own colt was nearly unheard of
  407. >But in this world...
  408. >"How's Anon doing?"
  409. >You sluggishly brought your phone up into sight
  410. >You'd been half heartedly texting with Twilight
  411. >She was supposed to be back soon, just slightly after the formal
  412. >But right now, you really didn't want to talk with anyone
  413. "He's doing alright"
  414. >It was a lie, but you weren't going to tell her that Anon might kill himself with a text
  415. >"Cool, it's weird seeing him again, I'm sure he's gotten a bit better since he's with you girls now."
  416. >Suddenly your attention was on the phone
  417. "What do you mean?"
  418. >You waited with sweaty palms, there was something going on here and you needed to know everything
  419. >"Just that he never really had any friends despite being around for so long, and had a bit of a reputation."
  420. "What do you mean 'so long?' Didn't Anon move after a few months?"
  421. >"No, he was in my school for the whole three years."
  424. >You didn't get much sleep that night, what Twilight had said just added to the tornado in your head
  425. >Anon, who supposedly moved every few months, stayed in the same middle school for three years?
  426. >Anon, the guy who apparently had a "reputation"
  427. >When you spotted him in the halls that morning you avoided him
  428. >As awful as it was to admit it, you didn't want to talk to Anon right now, there were other things you needed to find out
  429. >So you rushed off to the band room, just catching Flash as he was leaving
  430. "Hey Flash, got a minute?"
  431. >"Hey Sunset, what do you need?"
  432. "What happened between you and Anon"? You nearly yelled it out for everyone to hear
  433. >Flash stared at you, a bit startled
  434. >But his face turned into a scowl fast
  435. >"Why don't you ask Anon? Seriously, I don't get why you hang around that prick"
  436. "Hey, don't talk about him that way!"
  437. >"But it's true, he's an asshole"
  438. "You don't know anyth-"
  439. >You stopped yourself, taking a deep breath and swallowing back your anger
  440. >You certainly weren't happy about the way Flash was talking about Anon, especially considering what Anon told you yesterday
  441. >But you wanted to at least give Flash a chance to explain himself
  442. "What did he do?"
  443. >Flashes own anger quickly disappeared, giving way to concern
  444. >"You mean, you don't know?"
  445. "No, I mean, I know Anon thinks you're a bully"
  446. >"He thinks I'm a bully?" Flash yelled out
  447. >"That guy picks on everyone, he talks shit to everyone bigger than him, he hits anyone smaller than him."
  448. >"Everyone knows that trench coat wearing creep is nothing but an asshole!"
  449. >You couldn't believe what you were hearing
  450. >Timid and shy Anon beating up kids?
  451. "No way, Anon couldn't..."
  452. >"Just ask around Sunset, that guy is nothing but trouble"
  453. >Flash walked off, and suddenly the tornado in your head turned into a hurricane
  455. >"I just said he looked funny with the trench coat and when I went to the parking lot my headlights were smashed"
  456. >"It was an accident, I didn't mean to knock his books out of his hands, but he kicked me in the knee when I was saying 'sorry'"
  457. >"I just bump into him and he turns around and says 'watch where you're going slut'"
  458. >"I just bump into him and he turns around and says 'watch where you're going fag'"
  459. >"I just bump into him and he turns around and says 'you're gonna die at three pm,' and then after school he pulled me behind the dumpster and just started hitting me'"
  460. >"Me and my boyfriend were just holding hands, then he walks by and says 'you enjoying the ride, slut?'"
  461. >"I told him to just calm down and he gets up in my face, telling me that "my time would come'"
  462. >"You ever see that dudes deviantart page? It's... Something."
  463. >"I was trying to get him off this one guy and he dives for the trash and pulls out a bottle! Even smashes it against the ground"
  464. >"I didn't do anything, I just saw him talking to Flash and he hit me"
  465. >"Why does he hate me?"
  466. >"Why did he kick me?"
  467. >"What did I ever do to him?"
  468. >"He's an asshole"
  469. >"He's violent"
  470. >"He's dangerous"
  471. >"He's crazy"
  472. >"He could snap!"
  473. >"He could kill someone!"
  474. >"He could kill people!"
  475. >"Yo Sunset!"
  477. >Finally Anon managed to find you during the second period break
  478. >And you couldn't say a single word to him
  479. >Everything you'd heard in the last half hour
  480. >The name calling and insults, the threats, the fights
  481. >Anon himself told you that he couldn't stand bullies, that "it was the same in every school," why would he bully people himself then?
  482. >Was it the abuse, was he angry and felt like lashing out? Him becoming his father?
  483. >Did it matter?
  484. >What he was doing was wrong, whatever motives he had they weren't enough to hurt or even insult other people
  485. >And as he walked towards you, you had no power or desire to fake a smile
  486. >Anon had done wrong, and you weren't going to just let him get away with it
  487. >"So Sunset, you ready for the winter formal tonight? Got a date yet?"
  488. "No" you said sternly, yet he didn't seem to notice your anger
  489. >"Cool, cause I was thinking, maybe... You and me..."
  490. "Anon, stop"
  491. >Anon's face dropped immediately as he looked at you confused
  492. >"W-what? You don't want to go with me to-"
  493. "Forget the formal!" You yelled, for the first time truly raising your voice at Anon
  494. "What is wrong with you? I know you're going through tough times but that's no excuse!"
  495. >Anon seemed genuinely confused, and began to take a few steps back as you stomped towards him
  496. "You think I wouldn't find out about everything you've been doing?"
  497. >"Sunset, what are you talking about?" He asked desperately, hands in front of him and still backing away
  498. "I'm talking about you attacking the other students! If you hate bullies so much why don't you go beat up a mirror?"
  500. >"What? What have they been saying about me?" Anon asked, his fear quickly being replaced with malice
  501. "That you throw around insults towards people you don't even know, that you hit guys you've never met in your life!"
  502. >Things were getting heated, you were angry
  503. >And Anon was starting to get angry
  504. >"And you believed them? They're lying to make me look bad! Like every other school!"
  505. >Anon wasn't backing away anymore
  506. >The opposite in fact, now he was also getting closer to you, and you refused to back away
  507. >And in his face you could see that same crazed anger that overtook him all those nights ago, more subdued, but certainly the same
  508. >"They think I'm a weird friendless loser and want to ruin me for that, they can't stand that I'm different than them!"
  509. >"Who's been talking about me? Brad I bet!"
  510. >You point behind you, bring your face right into his
  511. "No Anon, everyone! Everyone has been saying things about you, from the jocks to the 'nerds, geeks, and loners' that you said are so picked on."
  512. "Yeah, they sure are, by you!"
  513. >Anon's anger was quickly subsiding, now he just seemed desperate
  514. >And yet, he looked crazier than ever
  515. >"W-well..."
  516. >He could barely speak, just stammering out words, eyes darting about as the wheels in his brain turned
  517. >"Okay, maybe I haven't been the best person, but after everything I've been through? I just thought, maybe if put the pain into someone else..."
  518. "What happens to you is no excuse to be an asshole yourself!"
  519. >It was obvious that Anon hoped your anger would turn to something else when he mentioned his past, but it didn't
  520. >And when it didn't he pulled up his sleeves frantically to show off the cigarette burns
  521. >"You don't know what it's like Sunset!"
  522. >"Please, I want to be better, but I need your help! You need to fix me!"
  523. >He threw himself forward and wrapped his arms around you, but you pushed him off the moment he did
  524. >He backed away from you, and with an expression of pure disbelief ran off
  527. ________________
  529. >You wanted to just let him run off
  530. >And it seemed like that was what you were going to do for a moment
  531. >But something compelled you, even long after he was gone
  532. >You knew you had to look for him
  533. >There was something very wrong about him
  534. >As much as you wanted to ignore it, at this point too much had happened
  535. >You should have talked to your friends about him, or a teacher, or Principal Celestia
  536. >But the need to take charge of the situation yourself overwhelmed you
  537. >The second period bell rung as you stood there, and at the bell you decided to follow him
  538. >You ran all around the school, searching for Anon, all the while sending him text asking where he was
  539. >And sending texts to you friends to see if they saw him
  540. >You checked his second period class, glancing through the blinds but saw no sign of him
  541. >You couldn't find him inside the school at all, and were certain he'd left
  542. >Without even caring about your coat you burst out the back door of the school and began frantically searching for his black coat among the snow
  543. >You couldn't find him no matter where you ran
  544. >The search seemed pointless to you now, Anon had surely left the school a long time ago
  545. >But, just as you began to head back inside, you noticed something in the cold air
  546. >The smell of someone smoking just behind the dumpster
  547. >You approached slowly, listening for the slightest sound
  548. >The smell of the cigarettes getting stronger and stronger as you moved forward
  549. >Slowly, you peaked around the corner
  550. >And sure enough, a familiar black coat greeted you
  552. > Anon's back was turned to you, and the smell of the cigarettes was unquestionable now
  553. >Not only that, but several butts were in the snow
  554. >None were trampled, or particularly wet, a few even seemed to have a few wisps of smoking still coming off them
  555. >You stayed quiet and just watched
  556. >Anon didn't notice you, and you couldn't see much of what he was doing, but you never saw him smoke
  557. >You don't mean before this either, even now not a single puff seemed to escape his mouth
  558. >Rather, you heard the snap of a lighter
  559. >A very frequent lighting, one every twenty or so seconds
  560. >And Anon's hand never seemed to travel to his face
  561. >But as you watched, you did notice one thing
  562. >Anon's sleeves were rolled up
  563. >You would get nowhere watching, and finally you stepped out and made your presence known
  564. "Anon!"
  565. >He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard you
  566. >Immediately he turned around, quickly stuffing his balled up fists into his pockets as he did so
  567. >"S-Sunset! What are you doing here?"
  568. "I was looking for you Anon, what is all this?" you said, waving your hand at his feet and the numerous butts
  569. >"I guess a lot to people come here to smoke, I-I just needed to be alone though!"
  570. "Anon, those are fresh, and I saw yo-"
  571. >Immediately your thoughts stopped when you saw Anon's arms, covered in burns as alway, but...
  572. >Some of them were fresh
  573. "Anon, are you burning yourself?"
  574. >"I..."
  575. >Things became more confusing, yet at the same time things began to fall into place
  576. "Your dad doesn't burn you... He never has, has he?"
  577. >Anon quickly pulled his hands out of his coat pockets, the burning cigarette and lighter falling to the ground as he stretched a terribly burned hand towards you
  578. >"S-Sunset, I can explain this, I can explain everything!"
  579. "You were lying! You were lying about everything! I know you lived in Utah for three years, and the bullying and the burning..."
  581. >His eyes started to go crazy again
  582. >And again, as he did all those nights ago he grabbed your shoulders, slightly softer this time
  583. >But this time, he wasn't letting go
  584. >His face was beyond even the most severe desperation, his entire world was falling to pieces right before him
  585. >It was as if his mind had broken completely
  586. >...
  587. >No, you knew now that it must have broken a long time ago
  588. >"Sunset please, I can explain everything"
  589. >You struggled a little in his grip, causing it to tighten as he shook you a little
  590. >"O-okay, yeah, I burn myself, but it's just to forget the other pain, up here"
  591. >He quickly lets go of your shoulders to tap his head, before quickly grabbing you again
  592. >The moment he does, you push him away
  593. >And a second later, you're face to face with that same creature you met back then, angry and twice the size of "Anon," grabbing you by your wrist
  594. >Hard
  595. >"YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE! You have a nice loving family and tons of friends! I have a dead mom and piece of shit dad!"
  596. "Do you? Or is that a lie too?"
  597. >His gripped tightened as his entire face went red
  600. >You had to get out of this now, Anon was beyond reason now and you could feel your wrists straining under his grip
  601. >Summoning what little Equestrian magic you had inside you, you unleashed a small blast towards him, just enough to knock him back a little as you made a run for the school
  602. >As you did though, a firm hand gripped your ankle and pulled you to the ground
  603. >You looked back to see Anon on the ground, clawing at your leg and a look of murder on his face
  604. >Quickly you pulled back your other leg and send it forward, delivering a powerful kick to his face that made him let go
  605. >The second he did you ran back into the school, followed by the most hateful scream you'd heard in your life
  607. "...I didn't even look back, I was terrified."
  608. >"I knew it! I knew there was something wrong with him! He's not just a bully, he's nuts!"
  609. >Rainbow Dash certainly felt proud of herself at lunch, quick to forget she was friends with Anon shortly after meeting him
  610. >"Well there is obviously something very wrong with him, I don't want to jump to any conclusions but he could be dangerous" Rarity said
  611. >"What should we do though?" Fluttershy asked, looking even more uncertain than you felt
  612. >You told them almost everything
  613. >The bullying, the hate he felt towards Flash, the stories about his abusive father, even the cigarette burns
  614. >But for reasons even you yourself weren't sure of you left out the part where he attacked you
  615. >And his gun
  616. >The girls would undoubtedly react to that immediately, some of the more reckless would want to go confront Anon, others would tell Celestia
  617. >But whatever they did, you felt like there would be bad consequences if they did
  618. "I don't know, I'm thinking about it"
  619. >"Maybe one of us should head on over to his place after school and have a little chat with him" Applejack suggest
  620. >Immediately the thoughts of one of the girls getting attacked went through your mind
  621. >Anon was closest to you, until the very end you knew he was restraining himself
  622. >If one of the girls confronted him...
  623. "NO!"
  624. >All the girls turned to your loud and panicked outburst with concern
  625. "I mean, I'll talk to him over the phone, try to get him to cool off a bit before talking face to face with him."
  626. >"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Rarity asked
  627. "Good idea or not, I don't think any of us should be seeing him in person"
  628. >Or, maybe it was
  629. >One last thought about Anon crossed your mind
  630. >You had to find out something, just one last thing
  631. "Listen, don't worry about Anon right now, leave that to me for now. Let's just forget it and enjoy the formal tonight."
  632. >Though the dance was far from your mind right now, there was something else you had to do
  634. ____________
  636. >32 Column Pine Street, that was the address Anon had mentioned, and that was the house you were standing outside of now
  637. >You knew for sure it was a fake address, because this house couldn't possibly belong to the abusive, alcoholic father Anon had described
  638. >It was just such a neat and tidy house in the middle of a pleasant neighbourhood
  639. >The driveway and roofs meticulously shovelled, a flowery shoe mat with "Welcome" written on it
  640. >This did not look like the kind of house that would create someone like Anon
  641. >Still, you at least should try
  642. >You rang the bell and waited
  643. >It didn't take long for the door to open, as if they were waiting for someone
  644. >But the man who greeted the door completely erased any thoughts that this was Anon's house
  645. >He was a small, neatly dressed, slightly dorky man; a big genuine smile painting his face
  646. >"Why hello there young lady, may I help you?"
  647. >You suspected anon might have been lying about his father, but even then his father would have to be quite flawed
  648. >Perhaps not a violent alcoholic, but at least a less than ideal father
  649. >Some kind of broken man that would cause Anon to be so angry, so violent
  650. >But this man looked like he wouldn't even swear without feeling guilty
  651. >You figured it was useless, but even still you needed to ask
  652. "Yes, does someone named Anonymous live here?"
  653. >The man blinked a few times before answering
  654. >"Why, yes, he's our son."
  655. >You couldn't believe it
  656. >This was the man behind everything?
  657. >Or was he behind anything at all? Was it Anon? Was it always just Anon that was the problem?
  658. >But something else caught your attention before you could dwell on it too long
  659. "Wait, our son?"
  660. >Another person appeared at the door, an equally small and kind looking woman
  661. >"Dear, who's this?"
  663. >"There you are dear"
  664. >The woman put down a small plate and tea cup on the table in front of you, nearly dancing around the table to get to her own seat
  665. >"I still cannot believe Anon never told us that he made some friends! We were getting so worried about him"
  666. >The living room was just lovely, so clean you'd swear the couple knew you were coming and prepare everything just for you
  667. >And of course the shelves and tables were covered in photographs of Anon, both as a young child to the man he is now
  668. >And in all of them the woman looked the same, just slightly younger
  669. >Anon had said his mother died when he was nine, but this woman was obviously around much longer than that
  670. "Why were you getting worried? Does he usually have trouble making friends."
  671. >"Well..." Mrs. Mous began to hesitate, "Anon didn't really like socializing very much"
  672. >Her husband took a sip of his tea before elaborating
  673. >"Anon either came home immediately and locked himself in his room, or stayed out well past midnight without saying a word, but never once did he seem to be with anyone" Mr. Mous explained
  674. "Well he was a bit shy when I first met him, took a little bit of effort to get him to open up"
  675. >You take a sip of the tea while reflecting
  676. "And since you're always moving around I guess he just hasn't been around anyone long enough to get comfortable around them"
  677. >The couple stared at you confused
  678. >"We don't move around a lot, moving here was the first time we've moved since Anon was born in fact" Mrs. Mous explained
  679. >"But maybe all he needed was a change of scene to finally come out of his shell"
  680. >What Twilight had told you was now beyond confirmed, almost everything seemed to be lie
  681. >Well, maybe not everything
  682. "Mr. Mous, if you don't mind me asking what do you do for a living"
  683. >"Me? Oh, I work for an accounting firm, the head office was in Utah but the company was looking to branch out, so they offered me a position here."
  685. >It was all a lie, every single word he'd ever said
  686. >His father was a small well kept accountant, not some alcoholic construction worker, and seeing Anon when he's mad made it impossible to believe this tiny man could lay a finger on him
  687. >His mother wasn't dead, she was sitting right in front of you serving tea
  688. >He doesn't move around
  689. >Seeing how surprisingly strong he is made it hard to believe anyone could bully him without getting hurt
  690. >It was all just Anon building a character
  691. >The sympathetic, abused, misunderstood loner
  692. >Nothing but a character he invented
  693. >And for what?
  694. >Anons mother had told you that anon came into the house halfway into the school day, went into his room for a few minutes, and then ran out of the house without saying a word
  695. >And just then you remembered one thing that wasn't a lie
  696. >Maybe some of it was, like how he'd gotten it and why he had it
  697. >But you held it in your own hands, you shot it
  698. >It was without any doubt real
  699. "Mrs. Mous, did Anon say where he was going after he left the house"
  700. >"He didn't say a word... Though a few nights ago he did say there was going to be a dance tonight"
  701. >The winter formal!
  702. >By Celestia, what was he planning to do?
  703. >You didn't know, but you had to act quick
  704. "Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Mous, but I just remembered I left the stove on!"
  705. >They said something behind you, but you had no time to listen, you had to move, now!
  706. >You ran out of the house, and began sprinting towards the school
  707. >That is, until your phone rang
  708. >You pick it up, expecting Rarity or someone asking why you were so late
  709. >But the voice that greeted you certainly wasn't hers
  710. >"Hey Sunset, I wanted to say goodbye, I'm sorry for everything."
  711. "What, what do you mean? Anon, what are you doing?"
  712. >"I'm going to kill myself Sunset, I... I'm a terrible person, I can't believe what I tried to do to you, I-"
  713. >It certainly sounded like he was crying, but he cried about his "abusive" father too
  714. >Still, you had to know where he was
  715. "Anon wait! Where are you?"
  717. ______________
  719. >You finally reached Sugarcube corner, and just as you suspected Anon was nowhere in sight
  720. >Certainly not on the roof like he said he was
  721. >You take a quick peek down one of the allies but see nothing
  722. >You look around a bit, but the snowfall is a bit too heavy to see all that much tonight
  723. >Perhaps he is on the roof, just out of sight
  724. >You consider making your way around the back of the building, to climb up and see
  725. >But you knew it'd be pointless, he wasn't up there...
  726. >But he was here
  727. >Finally you see it, a faint silhouette of a man in a long coat standing in one of the streetlights, obscured by the snow
  728. >"You knew I wasn't up there, huh?"
  729. >You say nothing as he starts to walk towards you
  730. >"Of course you didn't, you're smart."
  731. >As he gets closer you notice his coat is just being worn around his shoulders, his arms completely hidden
  732. >"So smart, and pretty, and funny and nice and all that good shit!" he spat
  733. >Your silence, no, your presence alone seemed to make in gradually angrier every second
  734. >Maybe the cries you heard over the phone weren't as fake as you thought
  735. >His eyes were horribly bloodshot, the skin around them red and swollen
  736. >The expression on his face was a dead one, a bit of anger, a hint of sadness
  737. >But ultimately he just looked like he no longer cared about anything
  738. >You couldn't feel a thing for him though
  739. >For the first time you saw him, the real him
  740. >"But don't they all seem nice at the start?"
  741. "What are you planning to do?"
  742. >It's almost as if he couldn't even hear you
  743. >"You were supposed to be different, different from everyone else."
  744. "How so?" you ask without a hint of genuine curiosity
  745. >"You and me, we were made for each other! I loved you, I genuinely thought you were one of the only good people in this world!..."
  747. >He sounded genuinely sad
  748. >More than just sad, devastated
  749. >As if he had lost everything
  750. >But you knew that he was great at lying and manipulating, he could have been putting on a show right now just to gain your sympathy
  751. >"Sunset! My Sunset!"
  752. >He started taking frantic steps towards you, his left arm coming out of his coat to reach out to you
  753. >You saw that there were no new cigarette burns
  754. >But more so you could see the broken, crazy smile on his face
  755. >He seemed utterly detached from reality
  756. >"I-it's not too late! We can fix everything!"
  757. >You take a few steps back
  758. "After everything you've done you want to fix things now?"
  759. >"Everything I've done?!" he yelled in outrage
  760. >"Nonono, I haven't done a thing wrong, it's YOU who needs to fix things?"
  761. "Me?!"
  762. >"Yes, you can still prove that you are good! I can see it, I can see it just fine, you're fine..."
  763. >"Y-y-you just lost your way, the other students, it's them Sunset, they... They've been fucking with your head! They've messed you up."
  764. >"But your still good, and together we can fix it."
  765. >Anon was gone
  766. >There was no question, he'd completely lost it
  767. "What are you talking about?"
  768. >"You and me, lets go to the dance Sunset! I already have a suit, and you'd look beautiful no matter what you wear"
  769. >"We'll go in, we'll say a polite hello, and then we'll kill them all!"
  770. >Anon let out an insane laugh
  771. >"Those assholes all deserve it, everyone of them is the same, but we'll put an end to it"
  772. >"And then, we'll wait for the police, hold them off as long as we can and die together in the moonlight, holding each other as we ascend to heaven!"
  773. >"You know the problem with school shooters? They never train, they can't even aim, but us, we know how to shoot, we'll become history!"
  774. "NO! What is wrong with you?!"
  776. >"S-Sunset?..."
  777. "I knew you had problems Anon, but I never realized you were this messed up."
  778. >Anon stared heart broken, fresh tears welling up in his eyes
  779. "You're a monster Anon, you need help."
  780. >Anon's despair quickly turned into a scowl, his outstretched hand clench into a fist as he pulled it back
  781. >"And you're going to help me?"
  782. "Oh I desperately want to... Want to call the police and get you committed!"
  783. >Anon's looked to the ground, baring his teeth as fresh tears began to run down his face
  784. >A slow growl built in the back of his throat until he finally let out a scream and tossed his coat off, revealing the M1 Carbine he'd been holding the whole time
  785. >"YOU BITCH!"
  786. >It was the same monster you saw that now distant night, only now it didn't disappear after a mere second.
  787. >Quickly he raised his rifle with one hand and held it on you
  789. >Logically you should have been terrified right now, the gun pointed right at you by this delusional animal
  790. >But you just felt angry
  791. >Angry at Anon for everything he'd done, everything he was
  792. >Angry at yourself for not seeing what he was
  793. "You did Anon! You're a monster!"
  795. >You calm your voice a bit
  796. "Anon, no one hates you because you're different"
  797. >And raise it again
  798. "We hate you because you're a violent freak! Some delusional freak who wants to kill people because the first girl who ever talked to him wasn't his perfect dream girl!"
  799. "You're a loser Anon! Just a crazy, violent, lose-"
  800. >BANG
  802. ________________
  804. >You immediately fall back
  805. >The pain is unbearable, the feeling of the impact, the ripping inside your body
  806. >In a second you're on the ground, and you aren't moving
  807. >Anon began to weep
  808. >A slowly growing sound that eventually erupted into a scream; a genuine, painful scream
  809. >He may be an excellent actor and liar
  810. >But there was so much regret in that roar that even he couldn't fake it
  811. >"Why? It... It wasn't supposed to."
  812. >His words could barely be heard under his sobs, but could his words even be heard at all?
  813. >"I-I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, it... I didn't..."
  814. >He tried to walk forward, to embrace the body
  815. >But he only took two steps before he fell to his knees
  816. >"P-please... Don't leave me alone, you mean everything, everything."
  817. >"I... I'm not, I'm not strong enough to do this alone..."
  818. >Slowly his weeping began to subside as his voice grew stronger
  819. >"But... I have to."
  820. >"I have to do it!"
  821. >"I HAVE TO DO IT!"
  822. >With that last scream he ran off towards the school, leaving you in the pile of rapidly reddening snow
  823. >You waited a few more minutes before forcing yourself back up, holding the wound on your side
  824. >It hurt, more than any other pain you've ever felt
  825. >You knew you could bleed out very fast now, there was far more blood soaking into the snow than you'd like
  826. >But you were alive
  827. >And you had to stop him
  828. >You began to run towards the school as well, you weren't moving too fast but you were moving
  829. >Getting out your phone you dialled Rarity and waited
  830. >"Hello?"
  831. "Rarity! I need your help!"
  832. >"Darling! You sound horrible, are you okay."
  833. "Rarity, Anon is coming, I need you to get everyone out of the school!"
  834. >"What? Whatever is happening?"
  835. "No time for details, Anon is going to the school right now!"
  837. > Unfortunately for Sunset Anon had gotten all the head start he needed; by the time she had managed to contact Rarity, he was already standing outside the school
  838. >He stared at the windows; the lights, the music
  839. >The people
  840. >They were the problem, they were always the problem
  841. >They corrupted everyone
  842. >How could someone good survive in a world filled with them?
  843. >Even Sunset, your dear, sweet Sunset had fallen pray to them
  844. >She was perfect in every way, she was different from all of them when you first met her, you knew she was
  845. >So sweet, so pure
  846. >But they turned her against you
  847. >And they would suffer for it, every last one of them
  848. >His suit jacket weighted on his shoulders, pockets stuffed with as many magazines as he could fit in them
  849. >The M1, light as it was, felt like a block of lead in his hand right now
  850. >The thought of Sunset was the only one in his mind
  851. >He loved her...
  852. >He hated her
  853. >He wanted to shoot her again
  854. >He wanted to shoot himself to be with her again
  855. >How could she have betrayed him? She was everything, the only thing in this broken world that truly mattered...
  856. >It made no difference, they would pay for it
  857. >There was no more time to think, it was time to end this all
  858. >He walked towards the door and with one firm kick threw it open
  859. >The music stopped immediately, the students all turned, and Rarity dropped her phone as Sunset still attempted to warn them of the danger that was already there
  860. >No one moved as Anon's crazed eyes slowly scanned the room
  861. >"You... You people took everything from me, take take take, that's all you can do isn't it?... What, you're scared now? After everything you've done to me I'm the scary one?"
  862. >No one said a word, a few student began to shake though, some even crying
  863. >"Well, don't worry, maybe in heaven you 'people' will finally become somewhat decent human beings"
  864. >Anon began to raise the gun, much to the cries and whimpers of the students
  866. "ANON!"
  867. >Anon quickly spun the rifle around, intending to fire the moment the muzzle was on you
  868. >But the instant he saw you his gun lowered and his whole face filled with confusion
  869. >The reality of Equestrian magic was always a well guarded secret
  870. >So for him coming face to face with the girl he though he killed, still bleeding but flying in the air with glowing wings
  871. >It didn't last long, he began to tremble as his eyes reddened even further, his whole face turning red
  872. >He screamed and raised the rifle again
  873. >But before it was on you, you let out a golden beam towards him
  874. >It was only supposed to knock him down, but he had no magical barrier to weaken it
  875. >Instead he let out a painful scream as his suit instantly caught on fire
  876. >But even that wasn't enough to stop him, it was as if the fire was a manifestation of his rage
  877. >He fired a few rapid shots in your general direction, missed, and as you began to fly up he jumped forward with a scream and grabbed your throat with his left hand
  878. >You flew fast and frantically around the gym, students trying to clear out through any exit
  879. >But Anon's grip was unyielding
  880. >Even crashing through a window into the icy air outside did nothing to loosen his hand
  881. >He just kept screaming as the fire consumed him, feet frantically kicking your stomach to find purchase as his elbow and the butt of his rifle was swung towards your face
  882. >Finally with another beam directly against his chest you sent him crashing into the snow below
  883. >With one last scream he began to raise the rifle as you dived into him
  884. >Just as Anon managed to get the muzzle up you reached him, grabbing and pushing against it
  885. >But anon still had one last bit of strength, even in your current from managing to pull you down and roll on top of you, both of you gripping the rifle like a vice
  886. >BANG
  887. >The magic disappeared from you entirely, turning you back into a normal girl trapped under Anon
  889. >Every student outside erupted into screams the moment the shot was fired, but loud as it was it quickly silenced itself
  890. >Nothing could be heard except the crackling coming from Anon
  891. >His skin just reddened, but his suit was charred and nearly ash in places
  892. >But as your magic disappeared so too did the flame
  893. >And Anon was just a smoking mess, grip still firm on the rifle and eyes still filled with an insane rage
  894. >And you began to feel a very warm fluid cover your chest
  895. >It was... So eerily quiet
  896. >Now the only sound that could be heard was a very loud, very rapid heart beat
  897. >Only one heartbeat...
  898. >No words were uttered, no steps were taken, not even a breath was heard
  899. >The students standing in the cold stared in horror, but the shock was so great among them that staring was the only thing they could do
  900. >The only thing that seemed to move in the world anymore was the snowfall
  901. >And finally, Anon's eyes began to change
  902. >All the anger and hatred in them disappeared, all the misery, all the insanity
  903. >Everything in them disappeared, they just went dull
  904. >And at last, he fell over, and lay there perfectly still
  905. >The bullet hole was right in the center of his chest, and blood now only dripping out of him
  906. >He'd been shot directly through the heart
  907. >His life ended in seconds
  908. >Anon, that strange boy alone in the corner
  909. >Anon, that shy friend who loved your company
  910. >Anon, that lying, manipulating monster
  911. >Anon, that sick boy beyond help
  912. >He was dead
  913. >And you killed him
  914. >Your mind cleared as your vision went dark, the sound of police and ambulance sirens in the distance lulling you to sleep
  916. >It took a while for the school to truly recover from the event
  917. >And honestly, it'd be a lie to say it ever did
  918. >News reporters showed up daily, crowds of people to take photographs of the infamous Canterlot High shooting site
  919. >The teachers tried to keep things in check, but between fighting off constant onslaughts of reporters and providing counselling to dozens of traumatized students that proved a difficult task
  920. >And of course you, the girl who had killed Anon, were at the center of it all
  921. >Therapy session after therapy session
  922. >Night after sleepless night of horrible dreams
  923. >And a constantly resurfacing pain that took months to truly heal
  924. >Everyone you knew was supportive, no one told you that what you did was wrong
  925. >Even when you went to Anon's funeral his parents never confronted you or spoke to you at all
  926. >But still, it took a while to finally start recovering
  927. >Twilight helped, coming back after the incident, having heard of it of course but never experiencing it herself
  928. >She wasn't personally hurt by it, and made a good emotional foundation to help you and your friends
  929. >And soon enough things began to go back to normal
  930. >At least, as normal as they could
  931. >Talk about Anon would never truly disappear, even decades from now students would probably whisper about it
  932. >He may have killed no one, but he certainly became part of the schools history just like he wanted
  933. >And today, people still wonder why Anon did it
  934. >Was his household abusive?
  935. >Was he bullied to the point he snapped?
  936. >Was it violent media? Maybe the economy? Over bearing pressure from the education system?
  937. >It's funny how the very lies he told were now being repeated by everyone else
  938. >You knew the real answer of course
  939. >As terrible as it was to say, Anon was just sick, nothing more
  940. >But even still, you can't help but ask yourself one question
  941. "Could I have helped him if I just found out everything earlier?"
  942. >...
  943. >You supposed in the end, it doesn't matter
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