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  1. First of all, let me clarify: this game is NOT for everyone! There are some types of people that will never like or want to play this game, as this one is rather special and pretty niche. You actually need to have a thing for hunting, trophies, have patience, a sense of precision and other characteristics, that this game requires.
  3. [h1]Short summary of the game's content[/h1]
  4. You are a hunter in one of the reserves, all alone. No other humans around. There is a voice for each region, respectively, that guides you along your path and issues you quests that you may or may not accomplish. As with the quests, the environment itself is pretty much open world and you barely ever feel like you are restrained to a specific spot or region, by anything, except if you want to achieve something specific or decide to finish a quest.
  5. The main gameplay consists of
  6. [olist]
  7. [*] (only sometimes necessary) going to the right area for the animal to hunt; for example, going to an outpost near a lake to hunt ducks
  8. [*] choosing the right weaponry for your task; currently there are 5 levels of "toughness" for each weapon/ammo type, corresponding to the animal's level you are seeking to hunt; for example level 0 for ducks and level 3 for big deer, like the Red Deer
  9. [*] choosing the right non-lethal equipment, like callers, smelly sprays, decoys or other types of lure specific to the animal you want to receive
  10. [*] finding tracks of this animal and/or spotting it on sight from afar, then approach it carefully, silently, until you are close enough
  11. [*] making a good shot, preferably hitting the animal in the lungs, the heart or similarly vital organs, so it dies efficiently
  12. [*] either receiving the downed animal from the shooting spot or if you did not hit it well enough, going to the spot, finding the animal's tracks and blood spots, following these up to the animal corpse, assuming you hit at least good enough for this animal to die at some point
  13. [*] harvesting the animal, saving (optionally) its trophies, learning from your mistakes and shooting the next animal more efficiently
  14. [*] starting the cycle from the beginning.
  15. [/olist]
  16. Quests will create certain conditions for your hunt. For example, you would need to hunt a Red Deer, that at least weighs 200KG, and down it by a shot in the heart. Completing such a quest advances you in the respective story arc, so you can accomplish the next quest from this specific quest giver. It also lets you receive a monetary reward.
  17. The gameplay is much more expansive than desribed above, especially in a lot of details, but the above represents roughly the biggest part of the game.
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