Pokemon Sapphire FAQ (January 2019)

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  1. Pokemon Sapphire FAQ
  3. Q: What are you playing on?
  4. A: A GameCube using a GameBoy Player.
  6. Q: What are you trying to do?
  7. A: Beat the game as fast as possible without using glitches.
  9. Q: What is the world record?
  10. A: 1:58:51 by pokeguy.
  12. Q: What is your goal?
  13. A: WR. But for my first runs, just beating my PB from two years ago (2:00:53) would be nice.
  15. Q: What's different about the route since two years ago?
  16. A: There's only one major difference: We RNG manipulate a flier, Wingull, and use it to speed up the first optional battle in Roxanne's gym.
  18. Q: Why are you resetting?
  19. A: This is RNG manipulation. When you soft reset the game with A+B+Start+Select, the RNG counter is set to 0. It then advances once per frame (1 second = 60 frames), with a few predictable exceptions. Manipulation requires you to hit one or more timed inputs that line up with your desired RNG frames. There are three manips in this run: Mudkip (1-frame stat window, plus a 13-frame extended manip to get no encounters to Rival 1), Wingull (5-frame encounter window, 10-frame catch window), and Kyogre (4-frame stat window, 3-frame catch window).
  21. A: What stats does the manipped Mudkip have?
  22. Q: It has a Naughty nature with IVs of 24/27/10/31/31/30.
  24. Q: Why pick the girl?
  25. A: Your rival is the opposite sex, and the boy talks less and is slightly easier to beat when you face him.
  27. Q: What are the biggest run killers?
  28. A: The Kyogre YOLO ball manip. Hitting it first try saves 35 seconds over getting the Master Ball, but it's extremely difficult to execute. Unless you have amazing natural talent (I don't), you won't reach a consistency above 50%, and each failure loses 40 seconds. For RNG-based run killers, see this paste (can also type !sapphireodds in chat):
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