Jun 17th, 2017
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  2. #Before I can do anything I need to take care of the big bad, one punch man is off wrecking the drills and the retainers are doing damage control worldwide, my first idea is to have Dante use the Hind-blood dagger and sting to cut him open Roll(1d100)+0:75,+0 Total:75 that's no good, Dante is too cocky and definitely out of his league, rolling for his escape. Roll(1d100)+0:86,+0 Total:86 okay omega beams are on his way rolling to take the bullet for him. Roll(1d100)+0:17,+0 Total:17 I know I can't tank something like that but I have a knockoff of God hand from fate so I'll get to roll to tank the next one, and I'm down a life. Let's see how Painwheel fares, this is the only kind of thing I can do that might hurt him so this needs to work.Roll(1d100)+0:88,+0 Total:88 rolling for her runaway before he can react Roll(1d100)+0:1,+0 Total:1 looks like he literally doesn't know what hit him good thing he has no speed feats. But she's not going to try anything like that again. Weapon channeling +Hind-blood dagger +( savage salvage+Artificial Causality Weapon:Mucro Regis: Takezo)= poor man's sting. Rolling to attack him personally. Roll(1d100)+0:42,+0 Total:42, getting closer I definitely did some damage that time TJ's got a railgun loaded with himself of all things and is ready to launch into the fray Roll(1d100)+0:
  3. 76,+0 Total:76 and misses completely and flings himself into the ocean. Attracting a squad of para-demons. Nothing he can't handle. Using my final's smash on Darkseid to distract himRoll(1d100)+0:74,+0 Total:74. Doesn't work he is firmly focused on me and here come the omega beams. Roll(1d100)+0:60,+0 Total:60 second life down I'm in the fetal position ,He's standing over me, rolling to recover -30 because of all my regeneration perks. Roll(1d100)-30:15,-30
  4. Total:1 so I'm good now is my chance while he thinks I'm down. -10 for the deception Roll(1d100)-10:72,-10 Total:62 he's angry, but I'm using my Mosaic organ to enhance my speed and durability to "almost B:TBATB Superman levels" and he is a little confused as to why am not dead already anyway after all that,Roll(1d100)-10:32,-10 Total:22 finally slice something vita,l One Life left but I am victorious.
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