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  2. (5:30:08 PM) Ai_Nitami: "... he is gone, Kitsune-chan. Let's date!"
  3. (5:30:42 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "ok'
  4. (5:38:51 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Alright! Let's go down and see if there's anything's left!"
  5. (5:39:02 PM) DarkenedHG: Kitsune finds herself grabbed by the ear!
  6. (5:39:06 PM) DarkenedHG: This is easy because they're big.
  7. (5:39:10 PM) DarkenedHG: "Grounded, no dating."
  8. (5:39:13 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "OW"
  9. (5:39:20 PM) DarkenedHG: "We're going home young lady!"
  10. (5:39:27 PM) DarkenedHG: "As your completely real mother, that's what I'm doing!"
  11. (5:39:32 PM) ***Ai_Nitami looks at the teacher.
  12. (5:39:50 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Kitsune-chan deserves some rest, ma'am!"
  13. (5:42:04 PM) DarkenedHG: "That's why she's going home!"
  14. (5:42:29 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "this really hurts"
  15. (5:43:03 PM) DarkenedHG: "It's character building! That's what a real mother like me woudl probably say!"
  16. (5:43:06 PM) DarkenedHG: She eases up anyway.
  17. (5:43:33 PM) DarkenedHG: She looks at Ai...
  18. (5:43:43 PM) DarkenedHG: "Fine, just this once. A real mother would be lenient...."
  19. (5:44:04 PM) DarkenedHG: "Be back before 9!"
  20. (5:44:08 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Thank you ma'am. I'll be sure to return her at appropriate time."
  21. (5:44:19 PM) ***Ai_Nitami carry Kitsune-chan to the ground.
  22. (5:44:48 PM) Kitsune-Chan: (?)
  23. (5:45:27 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Hmm. Let's see if we can find interesting place, kitsune-chan!"
  24. (5:46:49 PM) DarkenedHG: Mother walks away, marveling at her own realness!
  25. (5:47:09 PM) ***Kitsune-Chan will figure out where mother goes later.
  26. (5:47:13 PM) Ai_Nitami: "... your mother is... interesting, kitsune-chan."
  27. (5:47:24 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "yeah..."
  28. (5:47:55 PM) Ai_Nitami: "So! Date! Let's look for a place!"
  29. (5:50:49 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "maybe some place.. naturalish?"
  30. (5:50:58 PM) Ai_Nitami: " That's a good idea!"
  31. (5:51:13 PM) ***Ai_Nitami goes at the edge of the town with Kitsune-chan.
  32. (5:52:17 PM) Kitsune-Chan: Its alot closer thanks to Casshan!
  33. (5:52:26 PM) DarkenedHG: There's not much nature, but some parks.
  34. (5:52:35 PM) DarkenedHG: They're only a little ruined.
  35. (5:53:03 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well, let's walk around the park!"
  36. (5:54:51 PM) Ai_Nitami: "You know, I feel bad Kitsune-chan."
  37. (5:55:03 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "why?"
  38. (5:56:23 PM) Ai_Nitami: "I don't feel I contribute much," Ai stops. "... and I get wounded on duty, on something that's not necessary. Admittedly, it is because our boss is," she halts, the re-think her words. "... likes to play. But stil."
  39. (5:59:29 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "yu actaully contributed.. Mrs. casshan destroyed everything for no reason"
  40. (6:02:51 PM) Ai_Nitami: "... your mother is truly something, huh."
  41. (6:03:54 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "That was something... so more flowers?"
  42. (6:07:09 PM) ***Ai_Nitami blinks, and nods. "Yes. Well, umm. I do want to ask your help, but that's for later." looks the side, seems quite abashed. "I'm... not sure it is appropriate now."
  43. (6:10:27 PM) Ai_Nitami: "So, uh," Ai coughs. "... you are fine? How's your old wounds?"
  44. (6:11:04 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "I'm fine now"
  45. (6:11:35 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Now that the city is mostly demolished, what do you want to build?"
  46. (6:12:09 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "I don't know. I have to figure out what to do with Ryuuko... and Mom and fix Johnny"
  47. (6:13:19 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Ryuuko is the dragongirl, right?"
  48. (6:13:37 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "Yeah"
  49. (6:15:12 PM) Ai_Nitami: "What is she to you?" Ai curiously ask.
  50. (6:17:06 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "responsibility?"
  51. (6:17:31 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well, why not make her your actual sister?"
  52. (6:18:25 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "Well presumably that might not go over well when she remembers her life before?"
  53. (6:19:26 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Make her wants to be your sister?"
  54. (6:24:28 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Anyway. ... well, maybe give her castle? She is princess, after all."
  55. (6:26:21 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "That could work"
  56. (6:33:24 PM) Ai_Nitami: "What'd you think I should do with Hanako, Kitsune-chan?"
  57. (6:33:43 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "Do you have um.. parents?"
  58. (6:34:46 PM) Ai_Nitami: "... technically. We are a not as tight since I become Power."
  59. (6:35:18 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "oh"
  60. (6:35:19 PM) Ai_Nitami: "I mean, I still visit them from time to time, to.. well, being a daughter, you know? But I have responsibility now..."
  61. (6:37:28 PM) Ai_Nitami: "So, who are you before you become power, kitsune-chan?"
  62. (6:39:37 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "An animal"
  63. (6:40:56 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "of course that's not.. true anymore"
  64. (6:42:48 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well... how does it feels being a human?"
  65. (6:44:10 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "its a thing.. but I can be anything. Have you ever tried not being human?"
  66. (6:47:39 PM) Ai_Nitami: "No," Ai ponders. "I think I tried being lily when I first got my power? It is interesting experience."
  67. (6:51:38 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "Do you ever do that to anyone?"
  68. (6:52:23 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Turning someone to lily? No. So far, anyway."
  69. (6:53:20 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "Do you like being human?"
  70. (6:53:23 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Metaphorical lily, though... well, I turn you, right? Not intentionally, but... umm. I'm... sorry if it troubles you."
  71. (6:53:33 PM) Ai_Nitami: "I quite like it, yes."
  72. (6:55:16 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "So you wouldn't want a tail, or ears"
  73. (6:55:51 PM) Ai_Nitami: "... I like to think I can deal with tails or ears,"
  74. (6:56:20 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Oh, do you need to buy special shampoo for those?"
  75. (6:59:28 PM) Kitsune-Chan:   "Nope"
  76. (6:59:38 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "Well what would you want to have?"
  77. (7:02:18 PM) Ai_Nitami: "More lilies on the town, I think," Ai smiles. "Well, I don't mind your help, Kitsune-chan, but I'd prefer if I do most of the work. I need to understand them. I mean, if that's an Actual invasion, can you believe if there are more? We need to be ready, I think."
  78. (7:04:15 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "I mean changes"
  79. (7:06:45 PM) Ai_Nitami: "You know that if you ask, I won't say no, right? So long I'm reasonably-human, at least."
  80. (7:09:17 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "I mean what would you want?"
  81. (7:11:25 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Regarding changes, I don't want anything." Ai shrugs.
  82. (7:11:45 PM) Ai_Nitami: "What about you, Kitsune-chan?"
  83. (7:12:08 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "hmmm"
  84. (7:14:33 PM) Ai_Nitami: "You don't want any changes?"
  85. (7:15:02 PM) Kitsune-Chan: "I am thinking"
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