One Big Family by Pan (Anon/Surprise)

Jun 19th, 2016
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  1. One Big Family by Pan
  3. ---
  5. >You are the Wonderbolts' discipliner.
  6. >In training, on tours, and during shows, they are like one big family.
  7. >So it's natural that they have family-style discipline as well.
  8. >Over the years there have even been some reforms.
  9. >It used to be that the captain of the Wonderbolts decided which punishments an errant pony would receive.
  10. >But the high-stress Wonderbolts work environment can cloud judgment.
  11. >Better to delegate that to a neutral third party.
  12. >You can only be fired through a unanimous vote from the rest of the team.
  13. >If just one pony thinks the punishment you dole out is justified, you stay.
  14. >Spitfire is usually on your side.
  15. >Unless she's the pony being spanked.
  16. >But in that case the cadets and full members are quick to back you up.
  17. >This has given you great autonomy in deciding the proper correction for a naughty mare or stallion.
  18. >It's not just spankings either.
  19. >You can wash ponies' mouths out with soap for swearing or disrespect.
  20. >Send them to the naughty corner if they just need to calm down.
  21. >Early bedtime for a week if they can't make it on time to the team breakfast at oh seven hundred hours, sharp.
  22. >and they'd better be in full uniform.
  23. >In one strange case you elected to wash a pony yourself after her poor hygiene was harming unit cohesion.
  24. >She wasn't too thrilled by you scrubbing down her rump
  25. >You threw in a whap with the bath brush when she got feisty.
  26. >She was an angel after that.
  27. >Following her bath in the little washtub she got better on her own.
  29. >On to the current issue.
  30. >Surprise has been acting up all day
  31. >She's the white pegasus with the yellow mane
  32. >Now it's bedtime and you think it'd be good to nip this in the butt right now
  34. >Surprise is in for more than a gentle reminder to behave.
  35. >You're going to give her something to think about.
  36. >She will doze off on her stomach with her tush still smarting.
  37. >A hush travels through the Wonderbolts barracks as they notice you.
  39. >Who will be the unlucky pony?
  40. >They have their guesses.
  41. >Which they whisper to each other as you walk through the rows of bunks.
  42. >You stop at the last row
  43. >Surprise and Soarin'
  44. >Soarin's not immune to a good paddling now and then
  45. >Whines like a colt when he does
  46. >but as a senior officer he usually knows the rules
  47. >Surprise is pretty sure she's doomed
  48. >You confirm her fears
  49. >"Surprise. You and I have some business to take care of."
  50. >She eeps as you sit at the foot of her bed and beckon her with your right hand
  51. >She's too busy looking at your left, which is holding the paddle
  52. >It's military-grade
  53. >Wonderbolts are a semi-military unit
  54. >Corporal punishment is still practiced in the Royal Guard
  55. >By the encouragement of Princess Celestia
  56. >So it's some defense contractor's job to churn out a few paddles every year to keep up with demand
  57. >They don't need that many
  58. >Royal Guard isn't growing that fast
  59. >But paddles that are used frequently get worn down
  60. >And eventually they break across the backside of a miscreant stallion
  61. >Because it "creates jobs" they even manufacture more than they need
  62. >The extras get sold as military surplus
  63. >Parents buy them and use them on naughty foals
  64. >You've seen it done at a few Wonderbolts friends-and-family events
  65. >You are thrilled you weren't raised on military surplus spankings
  66. >And you wonder whether or not the Wonderbolts' foals realize their parents are still spanked
  68. >Surprise must figure she's already done for
  69. >"Please Mr. Anon, not that! Just use your hand. It will hurt enough!"
  70. >She buries herself under her blanket, sinking down from her former upright position
  71. >Bedspread over her eyes, begging for mercy
  72. >Ponies really do regress to foals when they're about to be spanked
  73. >Enough games
  74. >You scoot towards her without getting up
  75. >Reach out to her head
  76. >Pat pat
  77. >"C'mon kiddo."
  78. >"Nuh-uh!"
  79. >She just pulled the covers further over her head
  80. >We'll see how you like this then.
  82. >You navigate your hand around her mane and fuzzy head until you find her ear
  83. >She shakes her head to try to loosen your grasp
  84. >But you're too experienced to waver in your corporal duty
  85. >With your thumb and index finger on opposite sides of her ear, you give the universal parental compliance device a good tug towards you
  86. >"Ow! He-ey..."
  87. >That coaxes her out
  88. >Pouting like a foal, nonetheless
  89. >Her little scowl is so cute
  90. >She knows her seat is gonna get painted red
  91. >With your hand still pulling her ear gently towards you, you shift your weight and get back to the foot of her bunk
  92. >She makes her way closer to you, scooting just like you've been
  93. >Finally, you're in position
  94. >She doesn't want to make the last part of the trip, to end up over your knee
  95. >You set down the wooden paddle, holes and all
  96. >You pat your lap
  97. >"Can't this wait til morning, Anon?"
  98. >You're sick of her stalling
  99. >You go back to pulling hard on her pointy ear
  100. SMACK! SMACK!
  101. >And you throw in a handspank on each rump cheek for good measure
  102. >"Surprise. You know I'm in charge here. You know what the rules are. It's high time you had a little reminder of that."
  103. >She pouts some more, but goes over your lap.
  104. >You start lecturing her, well aware that she's hanging on every word that you speak
  105. >"A Wonderbolt is respectful."
  106. >You pat her backside
  107. >Her wings stretch out in terror
  108. >But you're not spanking her yet
  109. >"A Wonderbolt is kind."
  110. (pat)
  111. >"A Wonderbolt is a team player."
  112. (pat)
  113. >"Rolling your eyes at being put on the "Newbie" team is NOT how you show leadership."
  114. >"Why would anypony want to be a Wonderbolt if they saw the way you've been misbehaving all day?"
  115. (pat pat)
  116. SMACK!
  117. >You're still using your hand.
  118. >The real spanking hasn't started yet.
  119. >"Answer me, young mare."
  120. >"I- I- I don't know."
  122. >"That's right. If this is how Wonderbolts act, I should write a letter to Princess Celestia right now and suggest that Her Majesty disband the whole force. Trash talking your own teammates? Is that the kind of camaraderie you had when you were a newbie?"
  123. >"N, no sir."
  124. (pat)
  125. >"Is that why ponies come from all over Equestria to watch the Wonderbolts perform?"
  126. >"No sir."
  127. Pat
  128. >She kicked out her legs for that one
  129. >You're a little frustrated, so that pat was a bit harder.
  130. >"I'm glad to see that we're on the same page. It seems we're in agreement that you need a spanking."
  131. >"N-no!"
  132. >She kicks even harder
  133. (giggle) (pat pat)
  134. >You pat both of her cheeks and continue explaining where Surprise went wrong.
  135. >"As a Wonderbolt, you are held in the highest esteem. That esteem is earned with the understanding that horseplay is NOT-"
  136. (pat)
  137. >" be tolerated. A joke here and there is fine, but all day you've been gliding far over the line between fun airspace and cruel airspace, without clearance from Mare Traffic Control."
  138. >You pick up the brown wooden paddle
  139. >"Keep all this in mind during your spanking, Miss Naughtyflanks."
  140. whizzSPANK
  141. >"..."
  142. >The way the paddle cuts through the air is something to behold.
  143. whizzTHUD
  144. >Probably instills some good fear in the whole lot of them
  145. >The sound alone has a conditioned fear response in almost every pony here
  146. whizzWHAP
  147. >"Ah!"
  148. >Surprise bites her lip.
  149. >She can't last forever.
  150. whizzWHAP
  151. >Sensitive, shy ponies like Surprise get super embarrassed whenever they are paddled
  152. whizzTHUD
  153. >So they try to keep quiet and not cry like a foal
  154. >That brave notion goes out the window within a few smacks
  155. >For the most part,
  156. whizzSPANK
  157. >You're covering both fatty curves of Surprise's wriggling tush at once
  158. >But you also direct the full force of the paddle on one glute as needed
  159. whizzCRACK
  160. >"Anon! I'm sor-yyy!"
  161. >The sizzling pink paddle outline left on her white (and reddening) behind speaks for itself
  163. >Yet the chastized butt's owner has something to add.
  164. >You see her tears
  165. >Some snot dribbling down her muzzle
  166. >"I didn't realize how mean I wa-a-aa-as..!"
  167. >Plausible
  168. >"But that does not excuse your deplorable behavior."
  169. >You wanted this spanking to count, but you don't think she can take much more.
  170. >Still wanting to make an impression on her and the other featherbrains in the room, you fall back to your standby
  171. (tap)
  172. >The taps hurt more now, even though they're soft, because her rear has taken some punishment
  173. >And because you are tapping with the paddle
  174. >Her fidgeting backside is right on the border of the perfect color for a properly-disciplined filly
  175. (pat pat)
  176. >Surprise winces
  177. >Catching her breath
  178. >Hurts more than sitting down after a spanking, but not much
  179. >Her legs go forward and back like she's treading water
  180. >"I want you to realize how hurtful your actions have been today."
  181. (pat)
  182. >"I wouldn't be here whupping your rump if I didn't think it was the best way to get that message across to you."
  183. (pat)
  184. >(Whine) "Th-thanks, Mr. Anon, sir."
  185. >"You're welcome, sweetie. A little more and we can move on from this."
  186. >Her ears flop down
  187. >Her eyes go wide in fear before she can hide that expression
  188. >(gulp) "Yes, of course."
  189. >She knew in the back of her mind that her punishment probably wasn't over.
  190. >Those little butt pats sure were a nice change of pace for her, however.
  191. wshhhSMACK! wshhWHAP! wshhhTHUD!
  192. >"Waaah!"
  193. wsshhhSPANK!
  194. >There goes her dignity, just in time.
  195. >"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaah! Oooow!"
  196. >Her tears are really coming down now.
  197. >"That was the last one, Surprise."
  198. >"Wu-really?"
  199. >"Em-hm."
  200. >You nodded
  201. >Surprise awkwardly scrambles off your lap
  202. >Stays on her stomach, facing down, and reaches her hooves back to subdue some of the stinging in her hindquarters
  203. >"I'll leave further instructions for you on the bulletin board, Surprise. Wake up at the bugle call like normal and then follow my directions.
  205. >You get off the bed and head even farther into the room to gather up the lightningbug bulbs
  206. >As you walk back towards the entrance to the crew quarters, you pass Surprise's bed
  207. >She's still massaging her reddened rump
  208. >Ponies take in her rosy red behind, illuminated by the glow of the insects
  209. >You set the bulbs just outside the room and go back in for the last two at the room entrance
  210. >"Lights out, everypony."
  211. >That means shut up, especially when you're around
  212. >You close the door and grab a piece of paper from under the bulletin board, which is right outside the Wonderbolts' sleeping quarters
  213. >You grab the pencil hanging by a string
  214. >Press the paper up to the wall
  215. >and write by fireflylight
  216. Surprise: Find a spare trainee uniform and wear it today as you would wear your normal uniform.
  217. >You hear giggling and whispers in the other room.
  218. >Not enough to bust down the door and whap some foals, but it's technically not allowed.
  219. After today your punishment is over. I expect you on time for crew breakfast.
  220. - Anon
  221. >That'll show the ponies you mean business.
  222. >And the newbies will realize you have their back, too.
  223. >Just sometimes you also have their backside.
  224. >You head off to your more human-tuned sleeping quarters
  226. >That morning, you check that the note you left is still on the bulletin board
  227. >Yep
  228. >The whole crew must have seen it, Surprise included
  229. >You can picture Surprise's blushing cheeks matching her pink tush
  230. >Her muzzle, deep in a trunkful of trainee uniforms in the Academy
  231. >Her front legs bent over
  232. >Her rear sticking out as the star-stricken cadets gawk at their idol's paddle-pinkened backside
  233. >At least, that was your intention
  234. >She thought she was better than everypony else, so give her a reminder of where she came from
  235. >And a warning to the Wonderbolts and cadets that rulebreaking entails a color palette change on one's tush
  237. >At breakfast, you sit with the elite Wonderbolts
  238. >Spitfire, Soarin', and so on
  239. >Surprise isn't at your table, but she's been in the squad long enough to be just one table away
  240. >You notice that she is wearing a trainee uniform like you asked, complete with the exposed rump
  241. >She's wincing and shifting in her seat a bit
  242. >You can even see the start of the pink splotches from the side
  243. >The night before comes to mind, and all the whispering that followed
  244. >"Hey colts, what was everypony chattering about after lights out last night?"
  245. >Soarin' and Spitfire look at each other
  246. >"Nothin'..."
  247. >It didn't sound like nothing
  248. >And that didn't LOOK like nothing.
  249. >Surprise still had a spanking fresh in her mind, so maybe she would tell the whole truth
  251. >You get up and ask her about what happened after you left.
  252. >"Uh..."
  253. >She knows better than to lie.
  254. >Her butt knows much better than to lie.
  255. >"Some'a the other ponies were making fun of me for getting paddled..."
  256. >For Celestia's sake
  257. >You look around Surprise's table
  258. >"Is that true?"
  259. >Silence
  260. >Misty Fly pipes up
  261. >"Yeah... more or less."
  262. >"Did any of YOU take part in this?"
  263. >If the table was silent before, now it was the Castle of the Two Sisters
  264. >Everypony buries their face in their eggs to avoid saying anything incriminating
  265. >"Thank you for telling me, Surprise. I was worried that you would be a grumpybutt,"
  266. >you nudge her shoulder
  267. >"But you are holding up well."
  268. >"You're welcome... sir."
  269. >Given the crack perception of all Wonderbolts, the ponies at your table are getting a little nervous from what you said at the other table.
  270. >Last chance for them to get out of some punishment
  271. >"Did any of you know that ponies were making fun of Suprise for getting her rump roasted?"
  272. >Spitfire nervously taps her hooves together
  273. >"Um... a little bit..."
  274. >Soarin' facehoofs
  276. >You whisper back and forth with Surprise on what she thinks an appropriate punishment should be
  277. >They wronged her, so she gets a say
  278. >And they wronged you
  280. >Your punishments are off-limits for any light-hearted jokes
  281. >In the rulebook and in your mind it's undermining the discipline you set, by adding additional torment that you did not prescribe
  282. >You let the ponies finish their meal as you do the same
  283. >Let them think about what they did and how they will have to pay for their crimes
  285. >Breakfast was over
  286. >But there was one matter to attend to
  287. >For more minor infractions you don't discipline ponies at bedtime
  288. >Typically you call up ponies to the front of the dining hall for a few quick smacks on the rear during breakfast.
  289. >The whole crew is required to be there, so even if the spanks are light it is very embarrassing.
  290. >Sets a good example for the other ponies.
  291. >You walk up on the raised platform meant for announcements and the songs of the day
  292. >You name the ponies due for discipline today
  293. >"Rainbow Dash,"
  294. >A few nods of approval
  295. >If there's more than one pony in need of an attitude adjustment, you call them up all at once
  296. >"Misty Fly,"
  297. >Some shrugs, ponies aren't sure what she did
  298. >"Soarin',"
  299. >naughty ponies have to form a line and everything
  300. >The Wonderbolts look around in confusion, senior members don't usually make mistakes
  301. >"Spitfire,"
  302. >Gasps
  303. >the ponies who have already been called up are on edge
  304. >their rumps quiver, tightening and loosening under their uniforms in anticipation
  305. >You say name after name until every Wonderbolt besides Surprise is up at the front
  306. >the Wonderbutts cover their backsides with their wings in nervousness
  307. >you line up all their naughty rumps as they face away from you
  308. >Not for long
  309. >"Ten-shun!"
  310. >Their wings spring to their sides
  311. >You stall a bit now that they feel vulnerable
  312. >"As per the official Wonderbolts charter, nopony is permitted to poke fun at any aspect of a Wonderbolts' corporal punishment. Are you aware of this regulation?!"
  313. >"Sir yes sir!"
  315. >You walk down the line and give them each one spank with your hand
  317. >They recoil briefly but snap to attention immediately after
  318. >"Are you going to do any more teasing about another pony's punishment?"
  319. >"No sir!"
  320. >They all exclaim the millisecond you're done talking
  321. >"Any more foalishness like you did last night, and I'll have all your butts in a row right here for a REAL spanking. Got it?"
  322. >"Sir yes sir!"
  323. >"Good. You're dismissed."
  324. >Surprise giggled with a hoof to her mouth, but didn't say anything.
  325. >She knew what would happen if she did.
  326. >The Wonderbutts walked out of the dining hall, all rubbing their rears in their own way
  327. >Some delicately and stealthily, clearly embarrassed
  328. >Others were like Soarin'
  329. >Rubbing their backsides with both front hooves for all of Equestria to see
  330. >Staying in motion thanks to their wings
  331. >You saw your handiwork on Surprise's pink tush as she left too
  332. >Sometimes all it takes is a red bottom to steer a pony onto the right path.
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