MagiReco Main Story 6.2

Feb 5th, 2018
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  1. The Meeting Place is the Memory Museum
  3. 6.2.1
  4. [messaging]
  5. Madoka: "Huh? Then in the end you didn't give her the coasters?"
  6. Iroha: "Yeah, for now we're going to wait for Yachiyo-san to feel better..."
  7. Madoka: "I see..."
  8. "But I'm sure that if you gave them to her, she'd be happy. You should believe that the fun comes after."
  9. "...But then it'll end up more like consoling her..."
  10. Iroha: "Thanks, Madoka-chan."
  11. "It's true, I should believe that the fun is yet to come."
  12. "I have other things to think about right now, after all."
  13. Madoka: "What happened?"
  14. Iroha: "Remember the Wings of Magius people that we fought in Ai-san's world?"
  15. "Tomorrow, I'm going to learn about this release of magical girls from them."
  16. [scene change to Yachiyo's living room]
  17. Yachiyo: "I see..."
  18. "And then Mifuyu asked you to come to the *Memory Museum*?"
  19. Iroha: "Yes..."
  20. "I spent the night thinking about it..."
  21. "And I think I'm going to go to the *Memory Museum.*"
  22. Tsuruno: "That's right, we aren't looking to fight either."
  23. "There's no real reason not to go!"
  24. Sana: "B-but... it might be a trap..."
  25. "She said she wouldn't bring any Black Wings, but..."
  26. "If they show up all of a sudden..."
  27. Felicia: "Then let them come!"
  28. "I'll just smash us a way out of there."
  29. Tsuruno: "And you'll also have the Strongest Magical Girl, Yui Tsuruno there!"
  30. "With everyone there, it'll all work out!"
  31. "Ahaha!"
  32. Felicia: "Nyahaha!"
  33. Yachiyo: "But you still don't know the location yet..."
  34. Iroha: "I was planning on asking you, Yachiyo-san."
  35. "Do you know of it? The *Memory Museum*?"
  36. Yachiyo: "I haven't heard of it."
  37. "I don't remember writing anything about it in the Kamihama Rumor Files, either..."
  38. Iroha: "I see..."
  39. Yachiyo: "Then, I'll be going to school now."
  40. Iroha: "E-ehh!? Isn't it a bit early?"
  41. Yachiyo: "I'm going to be leaving earlier now, so I won't be able to walk with you."
  42. "Also, tonight my photoshoot will be going late, so please eat without me."
  43. "See you."
  44. Tsuruno: "Hmm..."
  45. "Yachiyo's been off since last night..."
  46. Iroha: "That's right..."
  47. "Usually, if I mention a *rumor*, she'll put more thought into it..."
  48. Felicia: "Maybe she has a stomachache?"
  49. "She didn't eat much, after all."
  50. Iroha: "You ate most of it anyway, Felicia-chan."
  51. Sana: "Maybe it's not her stomach..."
  52. "Something could just be bugging her..."
  53. Felicia: "A bug? Like a rhinoceros beetle?"
  54. Sana: "No, uhh... I mean she's in a bad mood..."
  55. Felicia: "Bugs? Mood? I don't get it."
  56. Tsuruno: "Moving along from that..."
  57. "Maybe Mifuyu said something to her."
  58. Iroha: "I wonder if there's anything I can do for her..."
  59. Tsuruno: "If they went out to discuss alone, then it's probably something difficult to talk about."
  60. "Surely you have some topics like that, right, Iroha-chan?"
  61. Iroha: "Yeah... probably..."
  62. "What about you?"
  63. Tsuruno: "..."
  64. "Ahah, probably not."
  65. Sana: "Um, Iroha-san... Are you really going to go?"
  66. "Isn't Alina with the Wings of Magius...?"
  67. "They protect witches... and fought against us so much..."
  68. Iroha: "Even so, I want to at least hear what they have to say."
  69. Sana: "I see..."
  70. "...Alright."
  71. "Since that's the case, no matter what happens, I will only protect you, Iroha-san."
  72. Felicia: "Then, let's go investigate up until the time limit, Iroha!"
  73. Tsuruno: "Ah, Felicia!"
  74. "Don't skip school just because Yachiyo left already!"
  75. Felicia: "Why not!?"
  77. 6.2.2
  78. [at school]
  79. Momoko: "So Mifuyu-san also thought about starting with a meeting, huh."
  80. "Or rather, is that just standard?"
  81. "After all, hurting each other isn't good for either side."
  82. Iroha: "Mifuyu-san said the same thing."
  83. Kaede: "But is it really okay?"
  84. "For your opponent to come to you with an invitation..."
  85. "Before they were really serious, weren't they?"
  86. Tsuruno: "There's no need to worry about that."
  87. "As long as Yui Tsuruno is there, any trap will be blown to smithereens!"
  88. Momoko: "To smithereens? What if they drop a boulder on you?"
  89. "Well, that aside..."
  90. "I know how strong you are, Tsuruno, so I wouldn't be worried with you there."
  91. Tsuruno: "Right? Right?"
  92. Momoko: "Anyway, have you figured out where it is? This *Memory Museum*?"
  93. Iroha: "Ah, not yet... Do you three know anything about it?"
  94. Momoko: "No, in fact this is the first time I've ever heard of it..."
  95. Iroha: "I see..."
  96. Tsuruno: "How about Kaede and Rena? Do you know anything?"
  97. Kaede: "No, I don't think so..."
  98. Rena: "Same here."
  99. "...And anyway, isn't it you guys who have the *rumor* maniac?"
  100. Tsuruno: "Master?"
  101. Rena: "Yeah."
  102. Tsuruno: "Well, Yachiyo said she doesn't know about it either."
  103. Iroha: "Is that so... sigh..."
  104. Rena: "Hey, don't look so depressed."
  105. Momoko: "Well, if they have a lead but still don't know where it is..."
  106. "It's natural you'd be dejected."
  107. Iroha: "Ah, it's not that."
  108. "I was just thinking about Yachiyo-san..."
  109. Momoko: "What about her?"
  110. Iroha: "Yesterday, Mifuyu-san came to our house..."
  111. "After that, Yachiyo-san started acting strangely..."
  112. Momoko: "Mifuyu-san came to Yachiyo-san's house!?"
  113. Iroha: "Yes..."
  114. "Since then she's been kinda depressed... or maybe in a bad mood..."
  115. Momoko: "Well sure..."
  116. "Mifuyu-san is somewhat of a weak point for her..."
  117. Iroha: "But..."
  118. "If she just told us what she's hiding, maybe we would be able to help her..."
  119. Momoko: "What she's hiding, huh..."
  120. Rena: "Hiding!"
  121. Kaede: "Momoko-chan!"
  122. Momoko: "Ah!"
  123. "Oh yeah, Iroha-chan!!
  124. Iroha: "Uh, um, yes?"
  125. Momoko: "I thought of something good!"
  126. "After school, let's go to the Adjuster!"
  127. Iroha: "To Mitama-san's place?"
  128. "Ah, I see."
  129. "Perhaps Mitama-san knows something."
  130. Momoko: "Yeah, that's what I was thinking."
  131. "Today she told me to hunt familiars..."
  132. "While I'm at it..."
  133. Iroha: "Yes! Gladly!"
  134. Rena: "Grr..."
  135. Kaede: "Hmmmf..."
  136. Momoko: "W-well then, see you after school..."
  137. [battle]
  138. Momoko: "Then, let's get back to class!"
  139. "Man, afternoon classes sure are tough, huh?"
  140. Rena: "You're terrible at trying to dodge the topic."
  141. Kaede: "That's right, Momoko-chan!"
  142. Momoko: "..."
  143. [flashback, but still at school]
  144. Momoko: "Also, she's hiding something important..."
  145. "Well, that's true of me too, so I can't criticize her for that..."
  146. [back to present]
  147. Momoko: (I really should be more careful with what I say...)
  148. "Come on, you'll be late to class! We'll talk about this later!"
  149. Kaede: "You're avoiding the topic again!"
  150. Rena: "You can't mislead us anymore!"
  151. Momoko: "Oh, fine! I get it, I'll tell you sometime later!"
  152. "..."
  153. [fade to gray]
  154. Momoko: *Mifuyu-san came and Yachiyo-san...?*
  155. *Knowing that her best friend was her opponent, she steeled herself, and still got affected mentally by it?*
  156. *...*
  157. *Maybe she's... still worrying about the same thing I am...*
  159. 6.2.3
  160. [at the Adjuster's place]
  161. Mitama: "Ah, Iroha-chan. It's been a while, huh?"
  162. "You haven't come lately, so I was lonely..."
  163. Iroha: "Ah, is that so?"
  164. Momoko: "You don't have to take her seriously."
  165. "She said the same sort of thing to me this morning."
  166. Mitama: "How cruel, Momoko... Ah, poor Adjuster-san..."
  167. Momoko: "Poor me, you told me to hunt only familiars..."
  168. Mitama: "Well, are you here for adjustment? Or do are you here to shop?"
  169. Iroha: "Ah, actually, I'm here to ask you something."
  170. Mitama: "You want to know something?"
  171. [screen wipe]
  172. Mitama: "The *Memory Museum*, huh..."
  173. Iroha: "Do you know about it?"
  174. Mitama: "I'm sorry... I don't think I do..."
  175. Iroha: "Hmm... It might be a recently formed *rumor*..."
  176. Mitama: "Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you so easily, you know?"
  177. Momoko: "What the hell, is that how you rip people off?"
  178. Mitama: "I accept more than money or grief seeds, you see."
  179. "It just depends on how-I'm-feel-ing."
  180. Iroha: "Ehh..."
  181. Momoko: "That's crazy..."
  182. Mitama: "For what it's worth, I always try to be trustworthy and neutral in business."
  183. "I won't tell you anyone else's private secrets, for example."
  184. Momoko: "I didn't expect that... I was sure you'd sell our information."
  185. Mitama: "Oh, so you're alright with it, Momoko?"
  186. "Even if I say how many animal-patterned panties Momoko has?"
  187. Iroha: "Animal-patterned..."
  188. Mitama: "Bear-san♪ Kitty-san♪"
  189. Momoko: "Stop it! I don't have any! Don't believe her, Iroha-chan!"
  190. Iroha: "I-I'm sorry."
  191. Mitama: "Hehe..."
  192. Momoko: "Well, I understand what you're saying."
  193. Mitama: "Also, it's not like I can remember everything I've seen."
  194. "If I put all of everyone's life experiences into my head, it'd surely explode."
  195. Iroha: "That's true..."
  196. [Iroha's phone rings]
  197. Iroha: "Huh? Kaede-chan?"
  198. [on the phone]
  199. Kaede: "Ah, I'm glad you picked up!"
  200. Iroha: "What's up?"
  201. Kaede: "So, I heard about it! The *Memory Museum*!"
  202. "There was this thing that's kind of like a familiar!"
  203. Iroha: "Something like a familiar..."
  204. [flashback to that rumor-spreading dude]
  205. Iroha: "R-Really!?"
  206. Kaede: "Yeah, it's by Rena-chan in an arcade in Sakae Ward..."
  207. "That's where we spotted it!"
  208. Iroha: "And, what's the rumor? What did it say?"
  209. Kaede: "Um, well, it disappeared really quickly..."
  210. "But it still might be around!"
  211. [back to the Adjuster's place]
  212. Iroha: "Sakae Ward..."
  213. "Momoko-san, Mitama-san, I'm going!"
  214. Momoko: "Huh? W-Where!?"
  215. Iroha: "To Sakae Ward!"
  216. "Kaede-chan said she heard it there!"
  217. "The *rumor* of the *Memory Museum*!"
  218. [battle]
  219. Mitama: "So what will you do, Momoko?"
  220. Momoko: "What will I do?"
  221. Mitama: "Playing dumb, are you?"
  222. "Bear-san♪ Kitty-san♪"
  223. Momoko: "I said that that's wrong..."
  224. Mitama: "Witch-san♪"
  225. Momoko: "!?"
  226. "You..."
  227. Mitama: "I saw your worries perfectly clearly, Momoko."
  228. Momoko: "You're scary enough without being able to see that..."
  229. Mitama: "Hehe"
  230. Momoko: "sigh..."
  231. "Honestly, I'm still troubled by that... Should I tell them or not..."
  232. Mitama: "I think you should tell them..."
  233. "To Rena-chan and Kaede-chan."
  234. Momoko: "You say that so easily."
  235. "You know what I'm worried about, so you should understand why I'm afraid, right?"
  236. Mitama: "You don't know how the people you tell will react?"
  237. Momoko: "Exactly..."
  238. Mitama: "I don't think that fear will ever go away."
  239. Momoko: "Then please stop saying that I should tell them..."
  240. Mitama: "However..."
  241. "Compared to hearing it randomly, having someone they trust tell them..."
  242. "I think that would make it much easier for them to accept it."
  243. Momoko: "Hmm..."
  244. Mitama: "They should hear it directly from you, Momoko."
  245. "Or more importantly, you have to be with them and tell them properly..."
  246. Momoko: "But..."
  247. Mitama: "It's not like you to have so little confidence."
  248. Momoko: "Well, sure..."
  249. "It's not like me, huh..."
  250. "..."
  251. "Ah, I got it!"
  252. "I'll make sure to tell them myself."
  253. "Rather than have them unexpectedly witness it themselves..."
  254. "I'll tell them first."
  256. 6.2.4
  257. [in Sakae Ward, a fashionable looking city street]
  258. Iroha: "It's in an arcade somewhere around here..."
  259. "Let's look at the map on my phone..."
  260. mini-Kyubey: "To the north!" or "To the south!" I'll pick the first.
  261. Iroha: "Yeah, this way."
  262. (I've gotten better at using my smartphone!)
  263. [in an arcade]
  264. Iroha: "Kaede-chan, Rena-chan!"
  265. Kaede: "Over here, Iroha-chan!"
  266. Iroha: "Was here where you saw that familiar?"
  267. Rena: "Was that even actually a familiar?"
  268. "It didn't have a single trace of magic..."
  269. "And there was no barrier either."
  270. Iroha: "I don't know either; I don't think it does anything other than spread *rumors*..."
  271. Rena: "Hmmm..."
  272. "What if it's a rumor that spreads *rumors*?"
  273. Kaede: "That's kind of like those nesting dolls..."
  274. Rena: "It really is..."
  275. "Well, whatever."
  276. Iroha: "Yeah, first we need to find out what the *rumor* is..."
  277. Kaede: "There are lots of young people around, so it's probably a good place to spread *rumors*..."
  278. Iroha: "Yeah, I think so too..."
  279. "Yachiyo-san said that she saw it by school gates once..."
  280. Rena: "!?"
  281. "Isn't that it over there!?"
  282. [screen wipe]
  283. [we see this rumor dude]
  284. [screen wipe]
  285. Iroha: "Let's sneak closer so it doesn't notice us..."
  286. [gray screen, with rumor dude]
  287. rumor dude: *Oh, you've already heard? Who did you hear it from? The rumor of the Memory Museum?*
  288. *Want to change a memory? Forget a memory? Or perhaps a memory you'd like to re-mem-ber?*
  289. *If you're concerned about memories, then come on in to the Memory Museum!*
  290. *At the museum, If you ring the bell, all sorts of memories will be displayed, and you can perform research!*
  291. *If you look through the memories, all kinds of truths will become clear!*
  292. *The rumor among Sakae Ward people goes that if you look at a memory kept there, you will be influenced by that person's memory.*
  293. *Oh my, what's this?*
  294. [back to the arcade]
  295. Kaede: "Ah, it disappeared..."
  296. Iroha: "It might be looking for the next people to tell the *rumor* to."
  297. "But I'm glad..."
  298. "I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find it before tomorrow..."
  299. Rena: "Are you seriously going to go? To this... lecture thing?"
  300. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  301. "I want to know more about our opponents first."
  302. Rena: "I think you should be a little more careful."
  303. Iroha: "Maybe you're right..."
  304. "But, I was thinking that it seems similar to interpersonal relationships at school."
  305. Rena: "Relationships at school?"
  306. Iroha: "Yes."
  307. "Looking only at the surface before deciding what a person is like..."
  308. "And then spreading that bad impression to other people..."
  309. "That just makes the person whose impression was mistaken..."
  310. "Sad and frustrated..."
  311. Rena: "I understand what you mean, but they're kinda dangerous magical girls, you know?"
  312. Kaede: "..."
  313. "Hey, Rena-chan, why don't we go with her?"
  314. Rena: "Huh!? Were you even listening!?"
  315. "Are you deaf or something?"
  316. Kaede: "No, I'm not! I heard what you said!"
  317. "After all, we don't know what Iroha-chan's going to find there..."
  318. Rena: "...Well sure, if you're really going, it's better to have more people."
  319. "...but actually, tomorrow's no good."
  320. Kaede: "Huh? Why?"
  321. Rena: "Just before, Momoko called, right?"
  322. Kaede: "Ah, right, tomorrow she has something to say to us..."
  323. Rena: "Yeah, that..."
  324. Iroha: "It's the feelings that count."
  325. "Thank you for worrying about me."
  326. "Tsuruno-chan and the others are going to be there, so I'll be fine."
  327. Kaede: "Yeah... Be careful, Iroha-chan."
  329. 6.2.5
  330. [in Tsuruno's restaurant]
  331. Sana: "So it's a very recently made *rumor*?"
  332. Iroha: "Yeah."
  333. "The last time Yachiyo-san was researching a *rumor* she didn't know about..."
  334. "The same familiar-like thing was spreading the *rumor*..."
  335. "So if it's still spreading it, it's probably a new *rumor*."
  336. Sana: "I see..."
  337. Iroha: "Now, we just need to figure out the location..."
  338. Sana: "I hope we find it by tomorrow..."
  339. Iroha: "I'm worried, but we just have to do what we can."
  340. Tsuruno's father; "Tsuruno, this is for table 3!"
  341. Tsuruno: "Aye, sir!"
  342. Iroha: "..."
  343. "Somehow, seeing Tsuruno-chan at work is kind of fresh..."
  344. Sana: "Yeah..."
  345. customer: "Felicia-chan, I'll have another beer."
  346. Felicia: "Okay."
  347. "One beer and... two orange juices."
  348. customer: "Hey, I didn't say that!"
  349. Felicia: "If you get to drink beer, then your kids get juice, right?"
  350. boy: "Yay!"
  351. girl: "Thanks, daddy!"
  352. customer: "Oh jeez, can't I place my order in peace?"
  353. Felicia: "Hehe"
  354. Tsuruno: "Here, another hot towel, and a plastic fork, right?"
  355. customer 2: "Tsuruno-chan, thanks as always."
  356. Tsuruno: "It got dirty, and it was a hazard for us too."
  357. Tsuruno's father: "Alright, you two can take a break now."
  358. "Iroha-chan's started talking to herself already."
  359. Iroha: "!?"
  360. "Oh, everyone else can't see you..."
  361. Sana: "I-I'm sorry..."
  362. "Now everyone's going to think you're crazy..."
  363. Iroha: "Don't worry about that..."
  364. [battle]
  365. Tsuruno: "Hmm, the location of the *Memory Museum*..."
  366. Felicia: "Why don't we just stay up all night and check out all the museums?"
  367. Iroha: "That's too aimless..."
  368. Tsuruno: "...Oh."
  369. "That might work, Felicia."
  370. Felicia: "Seriously!?"
  371. Tsuruno: "Seriously!"
  372. Sana: "For now... do we have any hints?"
  373. Tsuruno: "The Kuchiyose Shrine was at an actual shrine in Mizuna Ward..."
  374. "So I was thinking maybe the *Memory Museum* is at an actual museum."
  375. Iroha: "I get that, but..."
  376. Tsuruno: "We just have to think about what's in them, and the answer will come out naturally!"
  377. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan's on fire now!"
  378. Tsuruno: "You just wait!"
  379. Tsuruno's father: "What you're talking about really takes me back."
  380. Tsuruno: "Oh? Do you know something about it, dad?"
  381. Tsuruno's father: "Of course I know it, the Recording Museum, right?"
  382. "Before I inherited this shop, I'd wander around..."
  383. "I'd often go to that museum to go listen to old music..."
  384. "And watch old movies."
  385. "Well, it's a place where I spent my youth."
  386. "Ahaha!"
  387. Tsuruno: "I didn't know you liked that kind of stuff, dad..."
  388. "Wait, hold up! Where is it!?"
  389. Tsuruno's father: "Where? It was shut down years ago."
  390. "Only the building is left."
  391. Tsuruno: "Oh, so it's closed now."
  392. Iroha: "But recordings and memories are kind of the same, right?"
  393. Sana: "There's also..."
  394. "That an abandoned building is the perfect place for a *rumor* to form..."
  395. Felicia: "You're awesome, old man! You figured it all out for us!"
  396. Tsuruno's father: "I don't get it exactly, but was I helpful at least?"
  397. customer: "Excuse me!"
  398. Tsuruno's father: "I'm on my way, please wait a moment!"
  399. Tsuruno: "Ah, it really existed."
  400. "When I searched for the Recording Museum, there it is."
  401. Iroha: "Kamihama Recording Museum..."
  402. "...Somewhere away from prying eyes would be awfully convenient for the Wings of Magius."
  403. Felicia: "It's gotta be there! Now all we have to do is go!"
  404. Tsuruno: "It's not certain, but it certainly meets all the requirements."
  405. "This is..."
  406. "Just what you'd expect from the Strongest Magical Girl, Yui Tsuruno."
  407. "I've finally acquired the Strongest Luck!"
  408. Felicia: "That was just luck. It's all thanks to your dad."
  409. Tsuruno: "That's just my luck at work!"
  410. Sana: "So... tomorrow, we'll head there?"
  411. Iroha: "Yeah, but for now let's check with Yachiyo-san."
  413. 6.2.6
  414. [at Yachiyo's house]
  415. Yachiyo: "I see, so you have it mostly narrowed down."
  416. Iroha: "Yes, we do!"
  417. "So Mifuyu told us to come at noon tomorrow..."
  418. "And I thought we could all go together."
  419. Yachiyo: "You should not go."
  420. Iroha: "Huh? Why?"
  421. Yachiyo: "I don't know how much is true, but the risk of danger is great."
  422. Iroha: "But this is a good chance to actually learn about the Wings of Magius..."
  423. Yachiyo: "They might be only saying that, dressing it up like a conversation..."
  424. "At the very least, we have caused them a lot of hardship."
  425. "We don't know how they might choose to retaliate."
  426. "And anyway, having you research a *rumor* for just one day..."
  427. "It's incredibly suspicious."
  428. Iroha: "..."
  429. "But if we don't know anything, then we'd have to go on like this..."
  430. Sana: "Also... the *rumor* might be a trap... but it also might be nice like AI-chan..."
  431. Yachiyo: "sigh..."
  432. "If you say so, then alright."
  433. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san!"
  434. Yachiyo: "But go without me."
  435. Iroha: "Huh!?"
  436. Felicia: "Aw, come on, what's with that? Since yesterday you've been all gloomy!"
  437. "If Iroha's search for her sister is going fine, then it's okay, right?"
  438. "Or do you not want it to go well?"
  439. Yachiyo: "That's not true."
  440. Felicia: "Then just help us, okay!?"
  441. Yachiyo: "No."
  442. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san..."
  443. Yachiyo: "Well then, I'll be going to my room, so be sure to lock up."
  444. Felicia: "Hey, get back here!"
  445. Yachiyo: "What?"
  446. Felicia: "You haven't dried my hair today."
  447. Yachiyo: "Do it yourself."
  448. Felicia: "Nwha!?"
  449. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, really, what's wrong?"
  450. "If something happened, you can tell me if you'd like..."
  451. "After all, we're, umm, friends..."
  452. Yachiyo: "!?"
  453. "Don't make me say it again. We're merely cooperating."
  454. "Also, I don't have any need to answer you."
  455. "Goodnight..."
  456. Iroha: "...Somehow, she seems like she did when we first met..."
  457. Felicia: "uuaaaaAAARGH! This pisses me off!"
  458. Iroha: "Hey, Felicia-chan! Don't throw the hair dryer!"
  459. Felicia: "huff... huff... huff..."
  460. Sana: "This feels so... oppressive..."
  461. Iroha: "Yeah, it's a problem..."
  463. 6.2.7
  464. [at Yachiyo's house]
  465. Tsuruno: "I'm here!"
  466. Iroha: "Then, let's go, Tsuruno-chan."
  467. Felicia: "Well then, I'm off..."
  468. Sana: "See you later..."
  469. Tsuruno: "Huh? What about Yachiyo?"
  470. Yachiyo: "I'm not going."
  471. "I'm not going to walk straight into the enemy's trap."
  472. "I want nothing to do with something this suicidal."
  473. Tsuruno: "...What happened?"
  474. "I don't know what Mifuyu told you... but this isn't like you."
  475. Yachiyo: "What does it mean to be like me?"
  476. Tsuruno: "Master, you told me this a long time ago..."
  477. "Back when I was all making a fuss about accomplishments..."
  478. "Don't aim to achieve something big without achieving something small."
  479. "Don't try to reach the result you want if you can't protect the friends you have before your eyes, you said..."
  480. Yachiyo: "So what?"
  481. Tsuruno: "Based on what I know about you, if you really thought it was dangerous..."
  482. "You wouldn't let us go like this."
  483. "But if we did go anyway, then you'd come along."
  484. "So it feels weird..."
  485. Yachiyo: "What do you think you know about me?"
  486. "Go on, leave already..."
  487. Tsuruno: "..."
  488. "Well, I'm sure you have things to worry about."
  489. Iroha: "We know where we're going, so I'm going to send it to you."
  490. "If you change your mind, please let me know."
  491. "We'll be there."
  492. Yachiyo: "Okay, I got it..."
  493. "..."
  494. "Take care."
  495. [on the street]
  496. Sana: "I wonder if we did anything wrong..."
  497. Felicia: "Maybe it's what you were talking about, something with a bug?"
  498. "Maybe we just have to wait for the bug to go away?"
  499. Sana: "That may be right..."
  500. Felicia: "She skipped breakfast today too... Maybe her mouth won't work until the bug goes away."
  501. Iroha: "She may be the oldest out of all of us, but she's only human..."
  502. "She worries just like us, but I think she's carrying more than anyone else."
  503. Tsuruno: "Yeah..."
  504. "Well, while Yachiyo is sinking..."
  505. "Everyone else can achieve what we set out to do and cheer up Yachiyo-san!"
  506. Iroha: "Yes!"
  507. Tsuruno: "So, the museum is..."
  508. Iroha: "Over here!"
  509. Tsuruno: "Iroha-chan, you've gotten much better at using your smartphone!"
  510. Iroha: "When I'm with everyone, I get a lot of chances to practice."
  511. [battle]
  512. [at the abandoned museum]
  513. Iroha: "So this is the Kamihama Recording Museum?"
  514. Felicia: "It's all falling apart."
  515. Sana: "Ah... yah... a spider web..."
  516. Iroha:"A-are you alright?"
  517. Sana: "I'm sorry..."
  518. Tsuruno: "They just left it without knocking it down, it seems."
  519. Felicia: "This is the right place, right?"
  520. [they detect some magic]
  521. Felicia: "Ah, it is!"
  522. Iroha: "Yeah, I sensed some magic..."
  523. "It doesn't feel like a magical girl... It reminds me of Ai-chan..."
  524. "I think we were right about the rumor!"
  525. Iroha: "But I don't sense Mifuyu's magic..."
  526. [they detect more magic]
  527. Iroha: "This magic.. is... whose!?"
  528. mini-Kyubey: "It's Mifuyu's magic!" or "It's Alina's magic!", I'll pick the latter.
  529. Sana: "No, it isn't... It's not Alina's magic..."
  530. Tsuruno: "It's not Mifuyu either..."
  531. Felicia: "It's not those flute sisters either!"
  532. Iroha: "Then the one who's holding the lecture is..."
  533. "No way..."
  534. mini-Kyubey: "Magius...?"
  535. Iroha: "Yeah, one more Magius..."
  536. ???: "Ding ding ding!"
  537. "Correct! Good job figuring it out!"
  538. [insert black and white image of a tiny girl on a throne]
  539. ???: "I was surprised that you managed to come here by noon."
  540. "Hehe, this makes it worth holding this lecture."
  541. [back to the museum]
  542. Iroha: "No way, it can't be..."
  543. [flashback to the hospital]
  544. Touka: "Like I said, us just being together in this conversation here..."
  545. "Is astronomically improbable, you know?"
  546. [back to the museum]
  547. Iroha: "Touka-chan..."
  548. [insert image of Touka in an enormous chair, facing Iroha]
  549. ???: "You really do know me, huh."
  550. "'Nice to meet you,' Tamaki Iroha."
  551. Touka: "My name is Satomi Touka, one of the Magius."
  552. [cut to Yachiyo's house]
  553. Yachiyo: "..."
  554. [the mugs are shown temporarily]
  555. Yachiyo: "Sigh..."
  556. "How cowardly, Mifuyu..."
  557. "If you tell me that, I can't do anything..."
  558. [fade to gray]
  559. Yachiyo: *I'm sorry... Tamaki-san...*
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