Harmony Hill Academy House Placement

Jun 19th, 2016
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  1. Welcome students, these are your Houses. If you do not have living arrangements, you may stay within the following dorms at the school. If you do have your own homes, note that you may visit the dorms you are assigned to after curfew. Generally, these placements indicate which dorm you stay in and also determine your teammates for future competitions and games, but there are sometimes exceptions.
  3. |Winter Wisps|
  4. Illsiyava Roslonov, Llewelyn, Rumyr & Rhya, Nidhogg, Riev, Malcom Donovan, Shavyla, Joyce, Aysu, Frederica, Vanessa Blackburn, Adeline Kirkwood, Lore Isolde Constantin, Toby "Finch" Malkin, Horatio Acario, Seona Bradford, Dahlia Garcia, Chiyo, Geniene Boss, Alexia #2, Aurora (Non-Angel)
  6. |Spring Flings|
  7. Alexa Aldrich, Dolly, Gunnr Colpi, Rally, Alexander Aurianna Antoinette, Xochi, Nico Stoner, Iris, Karpinksy, Seo-Hyun, Morgana & Aurora, Hazel, Amber, Rosemary Antenora DeLaHue, Violet Wildroot, Cheshire, Julia
  9. |Summer Shots|
  10. Yun, Molniya, Ameilia, Nesha Arrim, Lynnia Linehart, J. Cenario, Sidney Sunderland, Agnes, Elena Fletcher, Magpie Malkin, Yang Xiaoding, Redd, Kari, Alexia #1, Lilith, Atsuki, Victoria, Harry, Carter, Trish
  12. |Fall Friends|
  13. Lurra, Edwin, Claudia, Maeve, Lachesis, Brush, Zhell, therecorder, Fera, Tsuchizawa Reiko, Lyse
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