Build for madness combat version0.9.2

Jan 30th, 2017
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  1. Madness combat version 0.9.2
  2. endless +200 I love these! Time to grind exp
  3. Smoking Kills+400CP. The way this is written it seems to make you a Schlemiel in that accidents happen around you, rather than accidents happening to you, so not an actual bad luck drawback so I can take it
  4. the Savior -100 no I don't actually think I'm that Jesus more of hey Zeus, even if I am fused with him genetically from Street sharks.
  5. Weapon manifestation -100 now I don't have to worry about what I actually have in the
  6. warehouse as much
  7. amorphous body. -400 I've been stacking fire bodies and shadow bodies and this is both. Plus I'm now immune to most of the possible harm in the setting.
  8. expert aim free for Savior sniper, no sniping
  9. telekinesis -200 oh this is a handy trick
  10. holy man -300 handy trick might come in use later. I can see a lot of potential here
  11. weapon mastery -100 I don't need it, but it's handy
  12. device tracker -100 this is going to be awesome. The magpie in me demands. This
  13. Halo -300 discount for Savior. I've never actually had one of these before, it feels nice in the space above my head , does this basically make me end of series auditor?
  14. Hank Sanford and Deimos have got most of the violence covered , but I'm sending in two of my bodies to back them up , one for Hank one for Sanford and Deimos , the third will be tracking down the improbability drives . Let's see how I do.Roll(1d100)-60:82,-60 Total:22 . There is the portable
  15. Roll(1d100)-60:22,-60 Total:1 . There is the secondary.
  16. Okay. Now, during the time the Auditor is busy fighting Jesus, Monique, and my third body enter his control room, Monique uses Moogle Repair on it and I try and disconnect it Roll(1d100)-60:72,-60 Total:12
  17. Now for the Keystone fragment Roll(1d100)-60:48,-60 Total:1
  18. the set is now mine improbability is my command!
  19. Now, how does that final fight go?
  20. Roll(1d100)-0:39,-0Total:39 not looking so hot,the auditor is vulnerable to energy, though, discordia cannon!Roll(1d100)-0:27,-0 total:27 okay that got half of him. What about the gods, Bane lances? Roll(1d100)-0:59,-0 total:59 Lances won't reach, since it's the wrong sky in Nevada and there's too much interference from reality normalization. I can't call in star support, whatsoever. but what if I deploy my inner world?
  21. Roll(1d100)-0:72,-0 Total:72, remember all those funny, cute Clampettesk demons I got from becoming a dimension Lord? Yeah he is killing and resurrecting them to fight against me, fall back, henshin! starlight sentinels! I summon thee! Roll(1d100)-0:2,-0 Total:2 four "set up" charms that make other attacks Perfect and four infinite damage attacks are more than he can handle. He is gone.
  22. now to mop up the zombie demons with the Trident of Lucifer, and resurrect them.
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