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  1. alias install='sudo apt-get install' # Install packages
  2. alias remove='sudo apt-get remove' # Remove packages
  3. alias autorm='sudo apt-get autoremove' # Remove packages no longer needed
  4. alias update='sudo apt-get update' # Update your software sources
  5. alias upgrade='sudo apt-get upgrade' # Upgrade your software
  6. alias dist-upgrade='sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' # Upgrade your system packages (packages being held back)
  7. alias add-repo='sudo add-apt-repository' # Adding software sources
  8. alias search='apt-cache search' # Search for packages
  9. alias policy='apt-cache policy' # Viewing information about a package
  10. alias dpkg-conf='sudo dpkg --configure -a' # Configure dpkg (in the case of crashing, etc.)
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