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  1. Conflict Resolution
  2.     If called for, three players will roll a one-hundred sided die, potentially modified by the protagonist's traits, to determine their success on a given challenge. The result of each roll will be considered individually, and success will be determined based upon the number of dice which meet or exceed a difficulty class (DC). These DCs will also be modified based on the circumstances. I will usually be exceedingly transparent in how I determine a challenge's DC, but I will occasionally hide the details.
  4.     To give an example of a challenge, say that a character with the Expert Climber (+30 to scaling surfaces) trait is attempting to reach the top of a sheer cliff. Normally this would be a DC 60 challenge. The cliff has plenty of handholds (DC -10) but it's pouring rain and the rocks are slick (DC +15), so three players will roll 1d100+30, hoping to beat a modified DC of 65. This character would have a 71.83% chance of getting at least two hits against this DC, while a character without the Expert Climber trait would only have a 28.17% chance of doing the same.
  6.     Successes and failures are broken down as follows, where a 'hit' denotes that one of the dice rolled has passed the DC:
  7.         0 Hits: Severe Failure
  8.         1 Hits: Regular Failure
  9.         2 Hits: Regular Success
  10.         3 Hits: Great Success​
  12.     The standard DCs, and the probability of an unmodified series of rolls earning a Regular or Great Success against that DC, are as follows:
  13.         DC  10: 97.2%; Why even roll?
  14.         DC  20: 89.6%; Trivial
  15.         DC  30: 78.4%; Routine
  16.         DC  40: 64.8%; Challenging
  17.         DC  50: 50.0%; Difficult
  18.         DC  60: 35.2%; Hard
  19.         DC  70: 21.6%; Very Hard
  20.         DC  80: 10.4%; Herculean
  21.         DC  90:  2.8%; Impossible
  22.         DC 100:  0.0%; Why even roll?​
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