Rate Dape [Lewd] (anon/adagio/etc)

Mar 29th, 2016
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  1. > Be Anon, trying to drown your sorrows in a family diner
  2. > It was downright disappointing how quickly your internet audience gobbles up blog posts that are only /pol/ remixes
  3. > For whatever reason, you get just enough donations and such to keep you afloat, even as you despair more and more over the true nature of humanity
  4. > Beats working a job, and you find ways to spend your time
  5. > The waitress fills your coffee cup with an almost empty carafe, but doesn't leave at your mumbled thanks
  6. > "I'm sorry sir, we'll be closing soon. Would you like us to call a cab for you?"
  7. > You hazard a smile at the waitress, idly wondering how she even deals with that volume of hair
  8. "Nah, I'll be fine, I actually live pretty close."
  9. > You consider your cup
  10. "In fact I might as well get going, it's already pretty late."
  11. > The waitress slid into the seat across from you, some of her professional distance falling away
  12. > She gives you a small, pleading smile
  13. > "Could you keep me company for a bit? I've been working all day, and I haven't had a real conversation for longer."
  14. > The waitress actually looks pretty cute, now that you notice
  15. > You shrug and sip at the coffee
  16. "Alright. How've you been, uh-"
  17. > You read the name tag
  18. "Adagio?"
  19. > Adagio props her elbows up on the table and rubs her face tiredly
  20. > "You ever want to rule the world?"
  21. > It came out a little muffled
  22. "I guess? It might be nice."
  23. > You take a longer drink of your coffee
  24. > For the last of the pot, it was pretty good
  25. > Adagio peered at you from between her fingers
  26. > "I thought I'd give it a try, you know? Manipulate some administrators, stage a popular revolt, that sort of thing."
  27. "It always seems pretty simple at the start."
  28. > Then you yawn
  29. "Sorry, go on."
  30. > Adagio lowers her hands and smiles at you, an odd twinkle in her eye
  31. > "It is getting pretty late, huh? Well, to cut a long story short, I had to move out of the area and lay low with my two idiot roommates. I did learn something from the whole experience though."
  32. > You are having trouble keeping your eyes open, but you struggle to talk
  33. "What's, ah, that?"
  34. > Another yawn
  35. > Adagio lays her hand on yours
  36. > "I don't need to rule the world. It's more fun to personally overwhelm individuals."
  37. > That sounds vaguely ominous, but you are too tired to care
  38. "That's..."
  39. > Your head jerks up, fighting off sleep
  40. "That's good?"
  41. > Adagio rises and makes her way to your side, supporting your weight as she walks you to the door
  42. > "It is for me."
  43. > The last thing you remember is her low laugh
  47. > You wake up groggy and disoriented
  48. > You stare around blearily at an unfamiliar bedroom
  49. > Clothes lie scatted across ever surface
  50. > You spy bras and panties with some interest, before noticing three used condoms on the nightstand near the bed
  51. > Your blood runs cold, and your anus puckers in horror, but then you realise you aren't actually butthurt
  52. > Now you just feel vaguely cheated
  53. > You sit up fully, and the sheet falls from your torso
  54. > Well, it seems you are at least shirtless,
  55. > Never mind, you are naked and there is no sign of your clothes
  56. > You consider wrapping yourself in the sheet as you gingerly slide off the bed, but modesty is not exactly what you want
  57. > Especially given the cup size of the bras
  58. > You swagger out into the hallway, looking both ways, and walking towards the kitchen
  59. > You hear a door open behind you, and you turn
  60. > A woman with long, purple and green pigtails and pajamas gives you an appreciative once over
  61. > "Nice."
  62. > You try not to blush too much
  63. "Thanks. Do you know where my clothes went?"
  64. > The woman maintained strick eye contact with your dick
  65. > "Yeah sure, whatever."
  66. > ...
  67. "How about where, uh, what's her name is? The once with poofy orange hair."
  68. > "Shhhhhhhh."
  69. > You swing your hips a bit
  70. > She licks her lips
  71. "Go for it."
  72. > Finally, she looks you in the eyes and approaches slowly, her hips swaying in a loose flannel prison
  73. > "You're awfully cocky for some guy who broke into a girl's apartment naked."
  74. > A fair point; the law would probably side with the less perverted person in the situation
  75. > Still, you get the feeling it won't come to that
  76. "What are you going to do about it?"
  77. > She got real close, pulling your head down slightly to bring your ear to her mouth
  78. > With her other hand, she grabs your dick with a pressure that borders on painful
  79. > "I don't fuck with Adagio's sloppy seconds."
  80. > Then she lets go of both of your heads and sashays off
  81. > You may be confused, but your boner isn't
  82. > You follow those hips to the tiny kitchen and dining area
  83. > Yet another pretty girl is at the card table, happily eating some weird lucky charms knockoff
  84. > What do kangaroos have to do with marshmallows?
  85. > She starts giggling immediately
  86. > You begin to reconsider your immodesty choice, but soldier on
  87. "I don't suppose you know where my clothes are?"
  88. > The girl with the blue ponytail beckons you over, and eats another spoonful of marshmallow matey's
  89. > You crouch down so you are on eye level with her
  90. "Yes?"
  91. > She swallows, and your eyes are inexplicably drawn to the motions of her throat
  92. > "They're in the wash, but..."
  93. > Come to think of it, there was a muted machine sound in the background
  94. "How long'll it be?"
  95. > The bowl of cereal lies forgotten as she turns to face you fully, a light blush dusting her cheeks
  96. > "Not too long, but, um."
  97. > You wait patiently
  98. > "Can I touch your chest?"
  99. "If you like."
  100. > Bluey goes round-eyed as she lightly traces her fingertips across your pecs
  101. > It feels kinda nice, in a weird way
  102. > Then she gently pinches your nipples
  103. "Having fun there?"
  104. > She beams at you
  105. > "Yup!"
  106. > The door to the apartment opens
  107. > Bluey freezes, her fingers releasing you automatically
  108. > You turn and rise to see a familiar face in unfamiliar jeans and a button down blouse
  109. > Adagio raises an eyebrow at you
  110. > "Quite the exhibitionist, I see."
  111. > You shrug
  112. "What's there to hide, when you have been raped three times?"
  113. > "Fair point. Follow me."
  114. > She leads you back to her bedroom, carrying your clothes in a small basket
  115. > Adagio closes the door behind you
  116. > "It wasn't three times."
  117. "Oh?"
  118. > She shucks off her blouse, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra either
  119. > The jeans soon follow
  120. > Your heart beats quickly, blood flowing in a southerly direction
  121. > She slinks up to you, her soft body hot against your flesh
  122. > Adagio's eyes smolder
  123. > "Shall we make it five?"
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