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  1. JohnAdams|afk: Hi. Are you there?
  2. [02:37am] roastnewt: yo
  3. [02:38am] roastnewt: yea
  4. [02:38am] roastnewt: I'm gonna have to go any second though, sorry
  5. [02:38am] roastnewt: what's up?
  6. [02:38am] JohnAdams|afk: A few players have come to me about an incident in mumble earlier today. I
  7. [02:38am] JohnAdams|afk: *I'd like to hear your side of the matter.
  8. [02:38am] roastnewt: sure thing
  9. [02:39am] JohnAdams|afk: Whatever you have time for now, and we can pick it up later.
  10. [02:39am] roastnewt: lay it on me
  11. [02:41am] JohnAdams|afk: Well, they were saying that you were 1. trolling 2. using alts/multiple accounts to listen in on other channels 3. being disruptive with noise after joining their channel
  12. [02:42am] roastnewt: @3 - I went into a channel and had my push-to-talk held down while I was eating some chips
  13. [02:43am] roastnewt: They told me to stop, and I did, but I laughed about it, didn't really take it seriously
  14. [02:43am] roastnewt: surprised someone reported that
  15. [02:43am] JohnAdams|afk: They say you didn't stop right away.
  16. [02:43am] roastnewt: eh, I stopped within 30 seconds
  17. [02:43am] roastnewt: again, maybe not right away, but it's not like I was doing it for minutes at a time or anything
  18. [02:44am] roastnewt: seems a silly thing to get upset over
  19. [02:44am] JohnAdams|afk: That's not what they say, but whatever. They also claim that you had two accounts in their channel.
  20. [02:44am] roastnewt: yep
  21. [02:44am] roastnewt: so?
  22. [02:44am] JohnAdams|afk: Why?
  23. [02:44am] roastnewt: I don't know, is it not allowed?
  24. [02:44am] roastnewt: to listen to more than one channel, I guess
  25. [02:45am] roastnewt: I was only speaking on one
  26. [02:45am] JohnAdams|afk: I'm just wondering why you had (according to them) four accounts on at the same time, two of them in their channel.
  27. [02:45am] roastnewt: no particular reason
  28. [02:45am] JohnAdams|afk: And as soon as they mention that you might be listening in, you move both accounts.
  29. [02:45am] roastnewt: what's wrong with it?
  30. [02:46am] roastnewt: right, if they don't want me listening in, of course I change channels
  31. [02:46am] roastnewt: I don't understand what the problem is
  32. [02:47am] JohnAdams|afk: It'
  33. [02:48am] JohnAdams|afk: *It's just odd for a staff member to have four accounts listening in on other people for no apparent reason.
  34. [02:48am] roastnewt: Why would someone come to you about this
  35. [02:48am] JohnAdams|afk: not really against any specific rules, but it looks odd.
  36. [02:49am] roastnewt: odd in what sense?
  37. [02:49am] JohnAdams|afk: Because they (as they claim) found your behavior and shouting disruptive.
  38. [02:49am] roastnewt: I get that for the chewing/shouting thing, maybe it was disruptive for less than a minute, I'm sorry they're so sensitive
  39. [02:50am] JohnAdams|afk: Well, why would anyone need to have more than one account logged into mumble at the same time (except for audio or mic issues) at the same time?
  40. [02:50am] roastnewt: why would anyone care if someone did?
  41. [02:50am] JohnAdams|afk: Because it looks odd for staff.
  42. [02:50am] JohnAdams|afk: There's no reason to do it.
  43. [02:51am] roastnewt: I don't see how it looks odd and I don't see why anyone would care
  44. [02:51am] roastnewt: and I don't see why anyone would report it
  45. [02:51am] roastnewt: and I don't see why, having heard about it, you would care
  46. [02:51am] JohnAdams|afk: I care because players complained.
  47. [02:52am] roastnewt: And why didn't you say "that's a silly thing to complain about" and then ignore it?
  48. [02:52am] JohnAdams|afk: It raised some eyebrows about a staff member listening in on conversations for no good reason.
  49. [02:52am] JohnAdams|afk: Because I'm not that dismissive of four players' complaints.
  50. [02:53am] roastnewt: I listened for the same reason anyone else would listen in mumble, to hear it
  51. [02:53am] roastnewt: and when they didn't want me in the channel, I left
  52. [02:53am] roastnewt: You can be dismissive of silly complaints
  53. [02:54am] JohnAdams|afk: You see it as silly, they don't. I was cuerious.
  54. [02:54am] JohnAdams|afk: *curious
  55. [02:55am] roastnewt: I'd like to know who complained
  56. [02:55am] JohnAdams|afk: But I don't see how you can listen to four different convos at the same time. Or why you'd want to.
  57. [02:55am] JohnAdams|afk: I'm not giving you names.
  58. [02:55am] roastnewt: I understand, of course, but I would be very interested to know
  59. [02:56am] roastnewt: I know it doesn't matter, but only three of them were me, and I was only in two channels
  60. [02:56am] roastnewt: so really it's only two conversations
  61. [02:57am] roastnewt: Just being silly and having fun, I had no idea it was possible for someone to take offense at having more than one mumble account
  62. [03:00am] roastnewt: is that it?
  63. [03:00am] JohnAdams|afk: Alright. Also, your mumble account needs to be the same as your mod name to avoid confusion.
  64. [03:01am] JohnAdams|afk: Sorry, slow typer
  65. [03:01am] roastnewt: hey john
  66. [03:01am] JohnAdams|afk: Yes?
  67. [03:01am] roastnewt: take this as my resignation from being a mod
  68. [03:01am] roastnewt: please remove my mumble and in-game powers
  69. [03:01am] JohnAdams|afk: ... Seriously.
  70. [03:01am] roastnewt: and however you remove the irc thing
  71. [03:04am] roastnewt: yea, I don't have the patience for bullshit like this anymore, I don't really play on roastnewt anymore, so it's easier for everyone if I just resign
  72. [03:04am] roastnewt: then I can join mumble with whatever fucking name I want
  73. [03:05am] roastnewt: I don't need to be scolded about having multiple mumble accounts and chewing into my mic for 30 seconds
  74. roastnewt: later, john
  75. [03:07am] JohnAdams|afk: It was longer according to the complaints. Sory to see you go. Good evening.
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