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dragonbane Nov 15th, 2019 (edited) 219 Never
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  1. Soon:
  3. Schedule System:
  4. -Develop new schedule system for ZSR (external assets) and NodeCG. Let NodeCG extension build the schedule from the Google doc via API (timed refresh) and let it render via Vue element via external assets on ZSR as a responsive table. One table row is called internal schedule ref, which contains an identifier linking to a separate sheet where for that unique identifier is every info stored for the NodeCG internal schedule like short name etc. This info is retrieved via API and stored. Only apply it to the internal schedule via a button press (fetch latest schedule), not automatically to avoid mid run overwrites. Setup helper triggers this command during the setup assistant. First entry for internal schedule is either a run that is still in-progress duration wise, or the closest upcoming run. Store up to 5 entries after it. Internal schedule also stores tracker names, their witch accounts etc. Only pull entries that belong to this node instance (twitch channel)
  5. -Have a calendar system on ZSR where you can schedule runs, tracker put their submissions in etc. Should only look ahead in the future and show all free spots where there is no run scheduled yet (on zsr1-3) if a run is submitted. Game selection goes first, which sets an estimated time that is required for this submission. Only show slots which can fit this time in green. Require a password of some kind so only runners in brackets can submit runs and admins. Trackers have a separate link and can apply to any of the runs already in the schedule provided it still needs some (same for comms)
  8. QD FlowGraph Tool:
  9. -Second Node tab has a collapsible Input, Output, Control panel
  10. -Build json index of GUIDs and GO IDs (should allow iteration of GO groups as well if applicable)
  11. -Re-Implement Set Attrib nodes
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