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Canterlot Rape Wars

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Jan 12th, 2017
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  1. >Be walking down the street.
  2. >It’s getting dark, gotta get home.
  3. >You’d heard rumours about what happens to guys who stay up too late.
  4. >They say that they get raped by…her.
  5. >Vinyl Scratch.
  6. >She overpowers you, and then sucks you dry.
  7. >Feeds you pills and such so she can keep going to try and calm her insatiable heat.
  8. >And then she leaves you unconscious and covered in cum for someone else to find, as a warning.
  9. >You knew they weren’t rumours though, since she’d ‘raped’ you a couple of times now.
  10. >On the street, on the beach, on the bus.
  11. >The result always the same.
  12. >You played along, of course, Vinyl was fucking hot.
  13. >If she tried it again though, you’d be ready.
  14. >This time, you’d be on top.
  15. >You don’t hear her as she sneaks up behind you.
  16. >It’s not until her hands reach out and cover your eyes that you realize she’s there.
  17. >”Surprise, fuckboy.”
  18. >You stand still.
  19. >”It’s…I’m feeling really hor…really hot right now. So get down like a…like a good boy and maybe I’ll…If I’m merciful, you can get off as well.”
  20. >She’s stuttering, like she always does.
  21. >It’s cute, you’ve come to really like her broken sentences.
  22. >Crouching down, you’re thrown off balance as Vinyl kicks you into the garden on the side of the sidewalk.
  23. >The bushes are thick enough to hide the both of you.
  24. >Mostly.
  25. >Vinyl comes down a moment later, smiling hungrily.
  26. >”Ready?”
  27. >You smile back.
  28. “Yes.”
  29. >And then you reach up and grab her wrists.
  30. >She tries to pull away, but this time, you’re not playing around.
  31. >It’s not easy to overpower her, years of parties and dancing have made her strong.
  32. >But you can do it.
  33. >Sitting up, you push her backwards and down.
  34. >Her smile breaks.
  35. >”Anon…what’s going…what are you doing?”
  37. >She struggles beneath you as climb over her body, pinning her legs down and keeping her hands above her head.
  38. >When you grab both of her hands with one of yours, she nearly breaks free, but you just grip her harder.
  39. >Reaching into your pocket, you pull out a pair of handcuffs, and connect them around her wrists before she can react.
  40. >For a moment, she looks so beautiful.
  41. >Her modest tits bouncing as she rolls back and forth.
  42. >A faint glimpse of midriff showing off her abs and lines of muscle.
  43. >Her purple leggings, that were already wet and dripping.
  44. >And her glasses.
  45. >You pull them off her face, placing them on her own.
  46. >Her angry red eyes stare up at you.
  47. “I’m thinking of giving you a taste of your own medicine. Just a little payback.”
  48. >You see her mind process this.
  49. >She could scream, you know this, and are prepared in case she does, but…
  50. >To your surprise, she doesn’t.
  51. >You suspect she’s just playing along, like you did.
  52. >”Anon, this isn’t right. Untie me right now, I’m on top. I’m the rapist here, not you.”
  53. >You lean down, engulfing her mouth with your own.
  54. >She tries to take control, but you beat her tongue into submission.
  55. >One of your hands goes down to her pussy, and she jolts as you begin to rub.
  56. >Pulling back, you swallow.
  57. “Are you? Because all I see is a needy, horny, slut.”
  58. >You punctuate each word with a stroke of your hand.
  59. >She gasps as you push against her, the slight stimulation more than enough to send pleasure coursing into her veins.
  60. >Taking another taste of her mouth, you literally steal her breath as you pull away.
  61. >Sliding back over her, you line yourself up between her legs.
  62. >She shakes her head madly.
  63. >But her lower body says otherwise.
  65. >Reaching forward, you grab the rim of her leggings.
  66. >And pull down violently.
  67. >There’s a loud ripping noise as her pants tear, revealing her slit to the cold air.
  68. >She bucks her hips at the sensation, before taking a deep breath.
  69. >”Dude, what the hell? I never ruined your clothes.”
  70. >You ignore her.
  71. >You rip her leggings again, so that there’s simply a hole at her crotch; and place the wet fabric on her midsection.
  72. >The juices make her muscles shine.
  73. >Her pussy is basically radiating heat as you unbuckle your pants and simply lay your cock on top of it.
  74. >Vinyl bucks again.
  75. >You drag your cock across her hole.
  76. >Teasing penetration, but never delivering.
  77. >Her body is reacting on its own, sweating, thrusting, doing anything it can to convince you to fuck her.
  78. >But you hold back.
  79. >The fluids on your cock shine in the light.
  80. >Vinyl squirm’s uncomfortably.
  81. >”What are you wait…waiting for? Just do it.”
  82. >She breaks down further as you rub faster.
  83. >Her moans finally break through her lips.
  84. >And with that, you pick up the scrap of cloth that used to cover her flower, and jam it into her mouth.
  85. >She’s confused as the taste of her own lust fills her mouth, but understands when you finally thrust into her.
  86. >She screams into the make-shift gag.
  87. >You can see the pleasure overwhelm her, see it cross her eyes.
  88. >It feels equally good for you.
  89. >The sheer bliss comes in waves; vibrating up your cock into your core.
  90. >Vinyl clamped down immediately.
  91. >She’s so tight it nearly hurts, it’s like a vice.
  92. >You find it hard to push your cock further.
  93. >Another muffled, loud scream fills the air when you do.
  95. >With difficulty, you pick up speed as you thrust into Vinyl.
  96. >Her teeth are grit as her mind tries to come to terms with the overwhelming sensations.
  97. >Judging by how her eyes are still crossed, it’s not working.
  98. >Her moans are rough, and slip out whenever you bury your cock in the fuckhole between her legs.
  99. >Her cunt is already trying to milk you for everything you have.
  100. >Squeezing and releasing as you move.
  101. >The smell of your fucking fills your nose.
  102. >You can feel your cock grow inside her.
  103. >Without warning, you cum.
  104. >The thick, warm strands cause Vinyl to spasm as they probe her depths, and she bucks her hips up again in an effort to cum.
  105. >You pull out and don’t let her.
  106. >She lets out a frustrated groan around the cloth filling her mouth.
  107. >”P’ease!”
  108. >You shake your head.
  109. “Did you not cum? That’s a shame. I did, and that’s all that matters. After all, I’m in control this time, not you.”
  110. >Vinyl just keeps thrusting her hips upwards.
  111. “Maybe I should leave you here, unsatisfied. I’ve had my fun, after all. Would you like that?”
  112. >Vinyl shakes her head.
  113. >”P’ease, ‘us’ ‘uck ‘e! I ‘eed it!”
  114. >You place your dick above her hole again.
  115. “Since you asked nicely.”
  116. >Taking a deep breath, you slam forward, forcing your entire cock into her in one movement.
  118. >You power into her roughly and quickly
  119. >So roughly that her body slides up and down on the dirt floor, staining her back brown.
  120. >Every one of her breaths escapes with a high pitched groaning.
  121. >Giving her clit a quick flick, and watching her spasm as a result, you slid your hands up her body.
  122. >Trace the well defined lines all the way up to her tits; slide your hands under her shirt and jacket, and remove it.
  123. >They’re so incredibly soft, you can’t help but spend a moment fondling them.
  124. >They don’t fill your hands, but don’t feel any smaller because of it.
  125. >Her nipples are so hard it’s a miracle they haven’t pierced their way through her shirt to freedom.
  126. >You grab one and pull experimentally.
  127. >Vinyl lets out a scream at the sudden pain, and writhes beneath you.
  128. >You continue to play with her buds as you fuck her, your dick quivering whenever it’s not entirely within her moist cavern.
  129. >It’s not enough though.
  130. >Removing your hands, Vinyl stares for a second before you place both hands at her throat.
  131. >As her air is cut off, she immediately brings her bound hands up to try and stop you, but it’s easy to force them back down and hold them there.
  132. >She shakes her head as you slam into her harder, battering her vagina from the inside
  133. >Her cunt convulses around you as she chokes, and it feels heavenly
  134. >You lean in closer as you rape her
  135. “How does it feel, Vinyl? To be so helpless? This is what you wanted to do to me, isn’t it? Who would have thought that the great rapist Vinyl was really just a horny, weak, whore?”
  136. >Vinyl lets out a moan through grit teeth, even as she begins to turn blue.
  137. >Finally, you feel your limit coming
  138. >Breath rushes into Vinyl’s nose as you release her throat, and instead grab her legs
  139. >Pulling her entire body back as you thrust forward, you blast cum into her deepest depths
  140. >If there isn’t any in her womb right now, you’d be surprised
  141. >And yet, Vinyl still hasn’t cum
  142. >You pull out again, to her great dismay
  144. >Vinyl gags as she catches her breath.
  145. >”You cho’ed…”
  146. >She begins, before moving on.
  147. >”P’ease ‘et ‘e cum. I’m so c’ose, p’ease.”
  148. >You consider giving her release.
  149. >Idly, you reach down and grab her sensitive, swollen clit.
  150. >She throws her head back.
  151. >Her cunt is convulsing; forcing out the cum you’d buried in it.
  152. >But she’s still not cuming.
  153. “I would have thought that a slut like you would easily cum from being raped twice. From being so helplessly,”
  154. >You pull on her clit and she gasps in pain,
  155. “Used.”
  156. >Grabbing her thighs, you watch as your fingers sink into their thickness, before looking back into Vinyl’s eyes.
  157. “Then again, why would I let you cum? Isn’t that why you’re doing this? Because you’re such a thirsty bitch, using men for your own pleasure, why should I let you cum?”
  158. >She doesn’t respond.
  159. “Roll over.”
  160. >She doesn’t understand.
  161. >”Wha’?”
  162. “Roll over so I can fuck your ass. I know how much of a slut you are for anything near your rear. You want to cum, don’t you?”
  163. >Vinyl grunts in annoyance, but tries to roll over.
  164. >Without her arms, it’s kind of like a sexy dance.
  165. >Her breasts bouncing up and down, her hips sliding from side to side.
  166. >Eventually, after some time, Vinyl flips over completely.
  167. >Her bare tits are squished against the dirt, but she arches her back to keep her ass in the air.
  168. >Right where you want it.
  169. >After a quick slap that leaves a beautiful red mark on her cheeks, you tower over her helpless body.
  170. >Line your spear up against her defenceless hole.
  171. >Even still, she’s clenching down; doing her best to keep you out.
  172. >You push forward, the resistance holding you back.
  173. >For a moment.
  174. >Grabbing Vinyl’s hair, you force her face into the dirt as you break through.
  175. >That same time resistance that Vinyl was hoping would stop you was now massaging your dick with the same vigor.
  176. >Even her body was betraying her.
  177. >And it felt amazing.
  180. >You could have started gently.
  181. >Spat on her asshole, pushed slowly.
  182. >Made her comfortable.
  183. >But it was more fun to watch her reaction when you jammed your entire cock into her backside.
  184. >Teeth clenched around her gag, drool dripping down her chin, stars practically glowing out her eyes.
  185. >Her pubes slammed into the dirt beneath her from the force of your thrust, and cum flew out of her abused pussy.
  186. >Her clit rubbed against the ground, sending a lewd moan wandering out her lips.
  187. >You pull back, her insides clinging to you so tightly that her entire lower half is lifted off the ground.
  188. >So you slam back down again, repeating the action.
  189. >Her ass feels incredible.
  190. >Her muscles keep contracting and releasing as she struggles to cope with her rape.
  191. >And even if she doesn’t want to, her hips thrust in time against you.
  192. >She’s basically milking you without even realizing it.
  193. >You just increase your pace, forcing her against the ground and humping her as your entire length disappears up her ass.
  194. >A loud, muffled scream breaks the monotony of moans, squeals and crying.
  195. >Maybe it was the stimulation to her clit, or maybe it was your brutal thrusting, but Vinyl finally cums.
  196. >Her fluids nearly flood out of her cunt; a great torrent that wets the ground beneath you, mixing with cum and sweat.
  197. >She goes limp as her orgasm fades.
  198. >In response, you grab her hair, pulling her head back.
  199. >There’s tears in her eyes as you speed up.
  200. >Your cock must feel infinitely long to her, going deeper and deeper until she can feel it in her stomach.
  201. >With one final thrust, you explode within her.
  202. >Waves of cum shoot out of you, each one bringing its own wave of pleasure; each one stacking and stacking into perfect pleasure.
  203. >You’ve never felt better than when right now, raping Vinyl Scratch.
  204. >The cum in her ass leaks out the immediately, her tight ass too small to hold it.
  205. >It mixes quickly with the cum already leaking out of her pussy.
  207. >For a minute, you just sit in her ass.
  208. >Let her feel your length lodged in her backside.
  209. >It’s clearly uncomfortable for her, but she can’t do anything to stop you.
  210. >Just wriggle and moan, both of which just make you harder.
  211. >Pulling out, a line of cum follows you.
  212. >You’re still rock hard though.
  213. >Grabbing Vinyl’s thighs, you roll her over again, and grab her throat so that she’s forced to look up at you.
  214. >You own her.
  215. >You own her body, you own her pleasure, you own her glasses.
  216. >And she knows it now.
  217. >Reaching forward, you rip the gag from her mouth.
  218. >She coughs and gasps for air, but doesn’t scream.
  219. ”You know, only a real slut would cum from being fucked in the ass. You must be a pretty stupid bimbo as well, to think you could rape me. Maybe when I’m done I’ll take you home, what do you think of that? You could be own personal fucktoy. Just a slab of meat I keep in my closet.”
  220. >When Vinyl responds, she sounds sarcastic.
  221. >”Anon, please, I…I’m sorry. Don’t stick it in my be…in my ass again, I definitely don’t lik…want that. Don’t thrust into my pussy over and over until I...until you cum. Don’t impreg…breed me. Don’t tie me up and take me home and kidnap me for your own pleasure.”
  222. >Might as well play the part.
  223. “No no, it’s decided. You’re going to become my cumslut. That’s what you get for looking so sexy and forgetting your place.”
  224. >”Please no, anything but that. I don’t…you can’t just fuck me whenever you want.”
  225. “Are you forgetting who’s in control here? Just for that, open your mouth. You need to be punished.”
  226. >”My…my mouth?”
  227. “You’re going to clean my cock.”
  228. >”But it was just in my ass!”
  229. “Then it needs extra attention, doesn’t it?”
  230. >Grabbing her bottom lip, you pull her mouth open, but her teeth are clenched.
  231. >She’ll just have to learn then.
  233. >You grab her nose.
  234. >Beneath you, Vinyl panics as her source of air is cut off again.
  235. >Her head shakes from side to side, trying to throw you off, but your grip is stronger.
  236. “Just open up, Vinyl.”
  237. >Vinyl shakes her head.
  238. >Eventually, as the colour drains from her face again, her body forces her mouth to breathe.
  239. >And when it does, your cock was ready to slam in.
  240. >You enter the back of her throat quickly.
  241. >She gags loudly, her tongue trying to push you out of her mouth.
  242. >All it does is make you harder, and force the taste deeper into her senses.
  243. >Her throat is so much warmer than her other holes, and much smoother than her unlubricated asshole.
  244. >You barely have to move at all to push your cock straight down her throat, causing it to visibly bulge.
  245. >Vinyl’s arms come up once again to try and force you back, and once again you easily push them down.
  246. >Grabbing the back of her head, you use her mouth like a fleshlight.
  247. >Brutally, quickly and with little regard for her own needs.
  248. >Breathing is her problem, after all, not yours.
  249. >Tears stream down her face as the steady sounds of her choking fill the air.
  250. >Her nose mashes against your pubic bone as you push yourself deeper.
  251. >Vinyl’s tongue laps at your balls as you do.
  252. >Looking down at her face, covered in dirt, drool and tears, and at her watery, veiny eyes, pushed you over the edge.
  253. >She may protest, but her eyes show that she’s enjoying every second.
  254. >Your discharge is much smaller this time, but you have been pumping loads into her for half an hour now.
  255. >It skips her mouth and goes straight down her throat to settle in her stomach.
  256. >But that’s not enough.
  257. >Quickly, you pull out completely, letting your spunk paint her face.
  258. >Some of it gathers in her mouth, and she’s too far gone to swallow.
  259. >She’s just got no energy left to care.
  261. >You wait a moment, just letting her breathe and relax.
  262. >Eventually, with a loud cough that sends semen flying out of her mouth, Vinyl swallows.
  263. >”Are you…are you done?”
  264. >You smile at her, sinisterly.
  265. “No. Where are the pills, Vinyl?”
  266. >”Pills? I don’t know what you’re talk…”
  267. “The Viagra. You think I don’t know you have it? I’m giving you the full experience, and that means no stopping until you’re unconscious.”
  268. >You lean in closer.
  269. “And even then, I might have a couple more goes at your flat ass.”
  270. >Vinyl tries to squirm away, but you stop her.
  271. >”Sure…surely we can just call it short, just this once?”
  272. “Vinyl.”
  273. >She takes a shaky breath.
  274. >”They’re…in my jacket.”
  275. >Still sitting on top of her, you reach over to where you discarded her clothes, reaching into the pockets of her jacket and pulling out a small box.
  276. >You take one of the pills, and feel the blood flowing back into your dick.
  277. “Now then, Vinyl, I’ll be kind. What hole do you want me to fuck next?”
  279. >Vinyl woke up several hours later, discarded in the bushes like a piece of trash.
  280. >Despite how much she’d tried, after the thirtieth orgasm, she just couldn’t keep it together anymore.
  281. >Her body was sticky, covered in semen, her own juices, lube, spit and any other number of horrible fluids.
  282. >She tried to sit up, but fell back down as pain flooded her body.
  283. >Guess Anon had told the truth about using her when she passed out.
  284. >She rested for a moment, nursing her sore holes, before summoning up the strength to stand.
  285. >Covering herself with her hands, she went over to her clothes.
  286. >Anon had cum on them at one point, just to spite her.
  287. >The rattle of the handcuffs told her that Anon hadn’t bothered to remove them either.
  288. >There was a note left on top of her clothes.
  289. >”You only live a couple of blocks away, so I left the key on your doorstep, with your glasses. I don’t see how you can put your shirt back on, but I’m sure your neighbours are used to a slut like you stumbling home half naked. Let’s do this again sometime, baby.”
  290. >Sighing, Vinyl did her best to put her leggings back on, before realizing there was still a hole torn in the crotch.
  291. >Great.
  292. >Covering herself the best she could, Vinyl grabbed her clothes and began the shameful walk home.
  293. >Oh, they’d do it again alright.
  294. >Only next time, she’d be on top, like she rightfully should.
  295. >And even if she wasn’t, at least she was still guaranteed a good time.
  296. >And that’s how the great Canterlot High rape wars were started.
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