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  3. Shalltear and Aura gathered at the lakeside near the Lizardman village, accompanied by their  hand-picked followers.
  4. 在蜥蜴人村子附近的岸边集结了亚乌菈和夏提雅挑选的下仆们。
  6. Under Shalltear were 25 undead beings, each around level 80 or so. Aura had picked out 30 magical beasts. There were six Vampire Brides who would attend Shalltear, Aura and Ainz. Then, there were the five Hanzos Ainz had brought with him. After that were five Mammoth-like magical beasts of burden which had been summoned with in-game currency. Said beasts had cargo harnesses on both sides, the kind that was commonly used in YGGDRASIL.
  7. 直属于夏提雅的、八十级左右的不死者各类合计二十五具。由亚乌菈所选拔出的魔兽三十只。负责在安兹和夏提雅、亚乌菈身边服侍的吸血鬼新娘六具。还有安兹一开始带来的半蔵五只。
  8. 然后是用金币召唤出来的用来搬运货物的、像猛犸象一样的魔兽五只。这种魔兽身体的左右两侧都有着用来装载货物的笼子,为此在YGGDRASIL中也经常被使用。
  10. They could be considered the weakest beings in the group, given that they were only level 40 or so. Still, their cargo-carrying capabilities were quite impressive, and their cold and fire resistance meant that they could move easily through frozen tundra or near calderas filled with churning lava. The most important thing was that their appearances belied their incredible mobility and ability to operate for long periods without eating or drinking.
  11. 由于只有四十几级,在这一行人中算是弱的了。不过当起搬运工来却毫不逊色,因为身上有着冷气和火耐性,不管是冰雪地带还是岩浆沸腾的火山口附近都能轻松地行动。最重要的是,它有着外表看不出的超高移动速度和长时间不饮食也没有问题这些好处。
  13. Ainz ordered Cocytus to stand by behind him, and then called Zenberu forward.
  14. 安兹他——让背后的科塞特斯待命,把泽贝尔叫上前来。
  16. “What do you wish of me, Your Majesty?”
  17. 「有何吩咐,陛下!」
  19. Zenberu stepped away from Zaryusu and Crusch -- Ainz remembered their names -- and came before him. Ainz could not help but look at the little white Lizardman that Crusch was cradling.
  20. 泽贝尔从萨留斯和蔻儿修这些,安兹记住了名字的蜥蜴人人群中走了出来。安兹的视线不禁移到了蔻儿修怀抱着的小小的白色蜥蜴人身上。
  22. Perhaps Crusch sensed Ainz’s collector spirit, but she instinctively moved to protect her child.
  23. 不知是不是感到了安兹身上的收藏魂,蔻儿修像是要庇护孩子般地动了动。
  25. It’s not like I’m going to snatch it away...
  26. (我又不会抢走……)
  28. Feeling a little depressed, Ainz handed Zenberu three items.
  29. 稍微感到寂寞的同时,安兹给了泽贝尔3个道具。
  31. “Take them. This ring eliminates the need to sleep, eat or drink. This ring grants cold resistance. And this necklace grants the ability to [Fly]. I will teach you how to use it later. It’s in case you fall off a cliff.”
  32. 「拿去吧。这是免除饮食和睡眠的戒指。另一个则是冷气无效的戒指。还有<飞行>的项链也借给你。使用方法我会教你的,滑落山崖的时候就用吧」
  34. “Many thanks, Your Majesty.”
  35. 「非常感谢,陛下」
  37. This was the basic mountaineering gear he used during his YGGDRASIL days. He could swap out his gear in response to any unique area effects he encountered in the Azellisia Mountain Range..
  38. 这样一来YGGDRASIL时代的通常登山用的基本道具就齐了。之后根据存在山脉特有的区域效果再临时应变就好。
  40. “Sorry about interrupting your preparations. I have done everything I needed to do. You may return.”
  41. 「中断了你的准备工作不好意思啊。我的要事已经完了。可以回去了」
  43. Zenberu nodded and returned silently.
  44. 泽贝尔低下头,默默回去了。
  46. “Cocytus. It would seem the children are quite curious.”
  47. 「科塞特斯。话说回来,所谓的孩子好奇心好像都挺旺盛的啊」
  49. The children did not flee but kept their distance, looking at Ainz and the others with sparkly (?) eyes.
  50. 孩子们保持着不即不离的距离,并用闪闪发光的——吧,应该——的目光看着安兹他们。
  52. Mm. Would the kids be able to adapt if I brought them to a human city? No, what if I did the opposite and brought human children here? Maybe I could build a campsite nearby, and then bring the Lizardman children there.
  53. (嗯。孩子的话要是带到人类的都市里不也能够立即习惯吗?不,反过来把人类的孩子带来这里来呢?在这附近造个露营场把孩子们带过去。然后再把蜥蜴人的孩子们也带过去的话)
  55. Ainz imagined a scene of human, Lizardman and Goblin children playing together. Then he added Aura and Mare, the Dark Elf children. And then he decided to throw in Shalltear as well.
  56. 安兹想象着人类、蜥蜴人和哥布林的孩子们在一起玩耍的景象。顺便再加上亚乌菈和马雷、暗精灵的孩子们。还有夏提雅也加上好了。
  58. He had put Shalltear in because he saw her making preparations alongside Aura, the undead and the magical beasts. There was no special significance to it.
  59. 会加上夏提雅是因为看到她在魔兽和不死者的周围和亚乌菈一起做准备的身影,并没有什么特别的意思。
  61. I like that image. Maybe I should suggest this to Albedo and Demiurge...
  62. (这景象不是挺好的嘛,试试向雅儿贝德和迪米乌哥斯提案看看吧)
  64. “If. They. Displease. You. Shall. I. Order. Them. To. Leave. Immediately?”
  65. 「如果让您感到不快的话,需要我立刻命令它们退去吗?」
  67. “That was not what I meant… Don’t you feel that children might be able to get along, even if they are of different races? Don’t you think human children could walk hand in hand with Lizardman children?”
  68. 「我并不是那个意思。……你不觉得就算种族不同,孩子之间说不定也能很好地相处的吗?人类的小孩能和蜥蜴人的小孩一起携手共进吗」
  70. “I. Am. Unsure. But. If. It. Is. Your. Will. Then. I. Am. Sure. That. They. Will. Join. Their. Hands. Ainz-sama.”
  71. 「不清楚。不过如果是安兹大人的旨意的话,它们一定会手牵着手的吧」
  73. ...This has nothing to do with my will or orders or whatnot, it’s just a matter of getting people of different species to work together. I guess I can’t make this suggestion due to my position as King...
  74. (……这和意志啊命令这些无关,只是不同种族的人能否共同前进的这种问题而已啦。这是由作为王的我来提出就不行的主意吗)
  76. Ainz’s ideas would all be interpreted as absolute orders. Thus, to some extent, it was quite frightening.
  77. 安兹的想法只会被当成绝对的命令。所以才会说各种意义上都很可怕。
  79. “...Really now. Then, it’s about time we set off. --Aura, Shalltear! Are you ready?”
  80. 「……这样啊。那么差不多该到出发的时候了。——亚乌菈,夏提雅!都准备好了吗?」
  82. The two of them replied almost instantly
  83. 问向那两人后,瞬间就得到了回话。
  85. “Yes! We’re all set!”
  86. 「是的!都准备妥当了!」
  88. “The same. If you give the command, we can move out at any point, Ainz-sama.”
  89. 「这边也是。只要安兹大人一声令下随时可以出发」
  91. “Zenberu!”
  92. 「泽贝尔!」
  94. “No problems here!”
  95. 「没有问题!」
  97. “All right, then let’s go!”
  98. 「好!那么就出发吧!」
  100. “Ainz-sama. Be. Careful! If. Anything. Happens. I. Can. Mobilize. My. Forces. At. Any. Time.”
  101. 「安兹大人,还请路上小心!要是有什么的话我随时都能出动军队」
  103. Cocytus had a point. If there were enemy players around, things might escalate into a full-scale battle, and that would require the use of military force. However--
  104. 科塞特斯的话很正确。如果有敌对的玩家在的话,最终确实可能会演变为要出动军队的全面战争吧。不过——
  106. “--That might happen eventually. However, this is more of a reconnaissance in force. If we encounter anyone strong, we will fall back after gathering sufficient intelligence. If that happens, we will look forward to your accomplishments on the battlefield.”
  107. 「——最终会变成那样的可能性也是有的吧。但是,这次的目的更类似于强行侦查。如果有强者的话,收集情报后我便会优先撤退。虽然是之后的事了,但到时候就期待你的活跃咯?」
  109. “Understood!”
  110. 「遵命!」
  112. ***
  114. The plan was to head north and climb the mountains while following Zenberu’s memories.
  115. 沿湖北上靠着泽贝尔的记忆登山,这便是此次的行动路线。
  117. The mounted undead acting as their vanguard proudly displayed the flag of the Sorcerous Kingdom.
  118. 作为先锋走在最前列,骑乘着的不死者们高高地举着魔导国的旗帜。
  120. All the intelligent beings who lived near the lake were under Cocytus’ banner. Thus, raising the flag meant that they did not need to fear any attacks. Even so, that only applied to intelligent creatures -- those that understood the concept of being ruled. It meant nothing to low-intelligence creatures, like beasts, for example. On the contrary, it raised the chances that such creatures would attack them. Still, there were no monsters in this forest which Ainz and his group could not handle.
  121. 湖泊附近存在的所有知性生物都已收到了科塞特斯的旗下。只要举着这个旗就不用担心会被袭击。但话虽如此,说到底也只是理解得了支配这一词——拥有知性的生物而已,对没什么知性的野兽为代表的生物并没有什么意义,反而还会增加被它们袭击的可能性。不过,安兹一行人都无法对付的野怪在这片森林中并不存在。
  123. Shalltear seemed to be looking around for such foolish beings, but she could not find a single monster. In the end, they reached the northernmost end of the lake.
  124. 虽然夏提雅像是正等着这种鲁莽之徒似得瞪着四周,可结果连一只野怪都没有看到,一行便到达湖泊的最北端。
  128. Their eyes followed the course of a small stream that fed the lake, and ahead of them lay the serrated peaks of the Azellisia Mountain Range. Under a clear blue sky and sunny weather, it was quite a majestic sight, and it stirred a faint emotion within Ainz’s heart.
  129. 视线沿着流向湖的一条小川望去,只能看到连着安杰利西亚山脉的一座座险峻的山峦。在风和日丽的时期,清澈的蓝天下这片威容使得安兹涌起了某种感概。
  131. Just then, Zenberu closed the distance to Ainz, and made a suggestion.
  132. 而就在这时,附近的泽贝尔靠近安兹向他提案道。
  134. “Could I be allowed to walk ahead of you? I think looking at the surrounding scenery might help me recall something.”
  135. 「之后的路能让我走前面吗?我想要是能看着周边景色前进的话,应该能够刺激一下脑袋的吧」
  137. Naturally, there were no objections.
  138. 当然没有异议。
  140. “All right. Go to the head of the column, then. But don’t go alone. Take one of my people with you. If anything attacks, use them to cover you and fall back. You are a very valuable member of this expedition.”
  141. 「好吧。你就到队伍前面吧。不过可不要一个人去哦。带上我的部下。如果被什么袭击的话,就将它们作为盾牌掩护撤退。在我们一行人里你的价值可是非常高的啊」
  143. “My deepest thanks.”
  144. 「非常感谢」
  146. After commanding -- or rather, pleading with -- the magical beast that he rode, the creature obeyed and began moving. Since he had no experience in riding, Ainz had put him on one of Aura’s magical beasts, which could be controlled by speech rather than technique.
  147. 泽贝尔对自己骑着的魔兽命令——应该说是拜托吧——之后,魔兽便遵从他开始了行动。因为他没有骑乘的经验,就让他坐着亚乌菈手下的魔兽,不是用技能而是语言来命令它。
  149. There was a big difference between their speed in the mountains and their speed while travelling along the lakeside.
  150. 进入山后一行人的速度,和湖畔边前进时相差很大。
  152. In other words, they moved very slowly.
  153. 速度非常的缓慢。
  155. At first, they simply followed the stream north, but they slowed down after detouring to avoid a waterfall.
  156. 最开始只是沿着小川北上而已,为了迂回瀑布而绕路而行后就变得更慢了。
  158. Zenberu tried his best to recall the route he had taken, but it was very difficult to retrace the steps he had taken exactly once, several years ago, while heading in the reverse direction. In addition, their elevation was still very low, so the tall trees blocked their line of sight.
  159. 虽然泽贝尔拼命地试图回想起来,但果然想要找到只在几年前走过一次的,而且是只有在返回时才走过的道路还是相当困难的。这里标高还很低,高大的树木也挡住了视野。
  161. Even if the shape of the land had not changed, the trees still grew as time passed.
  162. 就算山体形状没有发生改变,树木也会随着时间生长。
  164. Zenberu continued forward as he struggled to jog his memory.
  165. 拼命修正着记忆的同时,泽贝尔不断地前进着。
  167. Most of the group’s members did not require rest, but Zenberu -- the most important person of all -- was among the few exceptions to that. Thus, they had to stop several times to take a break before they continued ahead in silence.
  168. 虽然大多数的人都不需要休息,但因为那一小部分人中也包含了最重要的泽贝尔。为此途中进行了好几次休之后一行人又默默地开始了登山。
  170. They caught glimpses of what seemed to be monsters in the distance, but they did not seem to want to approach. Perhaps Ainz’s group was too numerous, or perhaps the monster had fed itself already. Ainz thought that capturing an unknown monster to play with might be fun, but he decided to give up on that idea this time round.
  171. 虽然远处有时会出现像是怪物的身影,但不知是这里的人数太多,又或者是已经吃饱了的缘故总之并没有打算靠近过来的样子。虽然想着如果是未知的怪物试着捉来玩玩倒也挺不错的,不过这次安兹还是选择了放弃。
  173. Their current objective was to reach the Dwarven Kingdom.
  174. 这次的目的是到达矮人族的王国。
  176. Ainz knew very well that a hunter who chased two rabbits would catch neither.
  177. 逐二兔者不得其一,这个道理安兹还是非常深知的。
  179. With a faint twinge of regret, Ainz chose to hurry on their way.
  180. 虽然稍微感到遗憾,但安兹还是选择先赶路。
  182. As the group neared the edge of the forest, the trees gradually grew shorter, and the sun began falling behind the mountain.
  183. 随着一行接近森林的边缘,在树木渐渐地从高变低的途中,太阳也渐渐地落山了。
  185. The blue sky was dyed a madder red, and then it passed into night. The silhouette of the mountains against an endless sea of stars could only be described as majestic. The knowledge that even this magnificent view was but a fraction of this world made Ainz feel like nature itself was bearing down on him.
  186. 蓝天被染上了茜色,就这样慢慢进入夜幕。星辰大海覆盖在高山上的这副光景只能用壮丽来形容,想到这份遥远的景趣也仅仅只是这个世界的冰山一角,就感觉快要被大自然的所压倒似得。
  188. His sinuses quivered, and he took in the fresh, fragrant air.
  189. 抖动鼻腔,吸了吸新鲜空气里的香气。
  191. Why could he do that -- or rather, if he could do this, why could he not tell how food smelled? Ainz put those thoughts out of his mind, and instead chose to savor this air, which could not be found in Nazarick or the outskirts of E-Rantel.
  192. 为什么能做得到这些呢——反过来说明明能做到这些为什么却分辨不了食物的味道呢——安兹边把这些想法赶出脑袋,边享受着这耶·兰提尔近郊和纳萨力克中没有的空气。
  194. In YGGDRASIL, he would not have been able to experience the greatness of nature in this way.
  195. 在YGGDRASIL中绝对无法感受到的,这份自然的宏大。
  197. It felt as though he had gained yet another page of experience while adventuring as Momon, and Ainz’s heart filled with satisfaction. In all honesty, they could go back now without ever finding the Dwarven Kingdom and he would not mind at all.
  198. 像是在作为飞飞冒险时得到的经验里又追加了一页的这份充实感,令安兹的心得到了充分的满足。老实说感觉就算没能发现矮人国,也已经无所谓了。
  200. Isn’t -- isn’t this the sort of scenery adventurers should be seeing?
  201. (这难道,这难道不就是冒险者真正应该看到的光景吗?)
  203. Ainz chuckled, and then spoke to the people behind him.
  204. 安兹笑了笑,对身后说道。
  206. “Then, we shall camp here for tonight.”
  207. 「那么,就在这里露宿一晚吧」
  209. After they all replied in the affirmative, Shalltear asked Ainz, “Then, shall we return to the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick?”
  210. 是,这样回答后夏提雅向安兹问道。
  212. 「那么安兹大人,要先回一趟纳萨里克地下大坟墓吗?」
  214. Indeed, the wisest thing to do would be to make a mark here and then teleport them all back to a safe place to spend the night. However, for some reason he did not feel like it. It was not a matter of the merits or demerits of the situation, but a purely emotional issue.
  215. 确实做个记号后,转移回安全的场所过一晚才是上策,但不知为什么没这份心情啊。不是好坏的问题而是感情上的原因。
  217. “There’s no need for that. We shall set up camp here.”
  218. 「不需要。就在这里露宿吧」
  220. “But, if you decide to encamp here, Ainz-sama…”
  221. 「但是,居然要让安兹大人在这样的地方露宿……」
  223. A quick look around would reveal only bare rock, and the frigid mountain winds -- granted, they had no effect on Ainz, who was immune to cold -- stole body heat. Anyone without cold resistance or thick woollen clothing would feel as though they were being stabbed by needles. This was probably because the wind had blown across heaped piles of snow and brought the cold air down the mountain slopes.
  224. 放眼望去只见到处都是岩石,山上吹来的冷风急速地——虽然安兹有对冷气的完全耐性所以并没有什么影响——夺取着体温。没有对付冷气方法的人——也没有厚厚毛皮的人——来说,仿佛就像是被针刺的感觉一样。这是风吹过堆在山上的积雪,从而把冷气带下来的原因吧。
  226. Ainz smiled as his respect for the grandeur of nature grew ever deeper.
  227. 安兹因为自然的这份宏大笑得更深了。
  229. In YGGDRASIL, there were guilds who explored and adventured to turn the unknown into the known. They travelled on an endless journey with those feelings in their hearts.
  230. 将化未知为已知,而展开活动的公会在YGGDRASIL也是有的。他们也是带着这种心情来走上旅途的吧。
  232. They were weak in guild battles, but threw themselves singlemindedly into the unknown reaches of the world. At that time, he had not understood what they were thinking. However, after encountering a magnificent world like this one, he began to see where they were coming from.
  233. 明明据点贫乏公会战也很弱,只是一股脑地投身未知领域的他们,对于当时的自己来说真的不是很理解。不过像这样接触了这个壮丽的世界后,感觉多少有点能理解他们的心情了。
  235. While he had been Momon, he too had entertained the thought of letting go of everything and travelling the world--
  236. 作为飞飞的时候也想过的,从所有的东西中解放出来,到世界各处旅行倒也——
  238. “--Ainz-sama?”
  239. 「——安兹大人?」
  241. The thoughts that had begun floating up in his head were suddenly scattered.
  242. 浮现在脑海中的想法被打散消失了。
  244. “What is it, Shalltear?”
  245. 「怎么了,夏提雅?」
  247. “F-forgive me for interrupting your contemplation, Ainz-sama.”
  248. 「不、不好意思,打断了安兹大人的思考」
  250. “Ahh, no, it’s fine. I wasn’t thinking of anything important.”
  251. 「啊啊,不,别在意。也不是在想什么太重要的事」
  253. “Really? All right, then…”
  254. 「是吗?这样的话还好……」
  256. “Then, what’s the matter? Ah, you’re talking about camping here, right?”
  257. 「那么怎么了?啊啊,关于在这里露宿的事啊」
  259. “Yes. Please accept my sincerest apologies for not preparing a suitable tent despite knowing that you might wish to stay here, Ainz-sama. I wish to retrieve one from Nazarick. Might I be allowed to use [Gate]?”
  260. 「是的。明明安兹大人要在这里滞留,却还没准备好帐篷真是万分抱歉,我想着马上从纳萨里克搬过来。请问可以使用<转移门>吗?」
  262. “There’s no need for that. It wasn’t that you forgot the tent, but rather, I didn’t write it down on the list because it wasn’t required. Did you know that Mare can make shelter with magic?”
  263. 「没这必要。不是忘记了带帐篷,而是因为不需要才没有写到准备清单里。……你知道马雷能用魔法造出露宿设施吗?」
  265. Shalltear nodded.
  266. 夏提雅点了点头。
  268. “Well now, you should also remember that I can do it too. I could use a magic item like the Green Secret House instead, but that might be a bit too cramped for our numbers. Now, watch this.”
  269. 「是吗,那就记住我也能做得到这件事吧。用绿色秘密小屋 [green secret house]这样的魔法道具来代替倒也行,但对这个人数来说就稍微有些狭窄了啊。看好了」
  271. Ainz looked for a suitable location. It could be slanted, but the important thing was that it had to be open and free of rocks.
  272. 安兹寻找着合适的地点。必要的是就算倾斜了也好要没什么巨大岩石的、空旷的地形。
  274. He found one almost immediately, and then Ainz cast his spell. It was a 10th-tier spell.
  275. 马上就找到了合适场所的安兹发动了魔法。选择的是第十位阶的魔法。
  277. “[Create Fortress]!”
  278. 「<要塞创造>(Create·Fortress)」
  280. As the spell took effect, a mighty fortress appeared where there had been nothing before. It was a tower which stood over 30 meters tall, standing erect and proud like it was going to swallow up the starry sky.
  281. 随着魔法的发动,在之前什么都没有的地方,一座高度超过30米的、有着巨大厚重感的塔,像是要吞噬星空似得的耸立在了黑夜之中。
  283. The massive double doors looked strong enough to shrug off battering rams. The walls were studded with countless spikes to keep anyone from climbing them. Four demonic statues adorned the corners of the uppermost level of the tower. They felt weighty and oppressive even at a look.
  284. 厚重的双开门,仿佛就连破城锤都能弹回去。为了不让人攀爬侵入进去,壁面有着无数的尖锐钉齿,最上层有着向四方盯着的恶魔雕像。仅仅是向上望去就会感到一股重压感。
  286. This sturdy fortress-like fortification was the physical incarnation of the word: “towering”.
  287. 散发着威压仿佛厚重要塞般的塔,简直就是耸立这一词的体现。
  289. “Then, let’s go.”
  290. 「那么走吧」
  292. As Ainz approached the door at the head of his group, the iron doors swung open. He waited there for everyone else to enter. In YGGDRASIL, anyone on the same team could open those doors with a touch. All others would have to break them down.
  293. 在一行人前头的安兹走到门前,钢制的门就自动打开了。然后就这样站着等其他人先进。YGGDRASIL的话,如果是同一队伍的话这扇门仅仅是碰一下就能很容易地打开。反过来其他的人就只能采取破坏的手段了。那么在这个世界门又是怎么判断的呢。
  295. Ainz left two of the undead outside, and then ordered them to open the door after it shut. The doors remained closed.
  296. 安兹留下两具不死者在外面,等门关上后命令它们去打开,而门依旧紧闭着。
  298. He waited a bit longer, but the doors did not seem inclined to open.
  299. 就算再等门也没有要开的样子。
  301. “...Could it be that only I can open these doors? Aura, go touch the doors.”
  302. 「……这扇门只有我能开吗?亚乌菈,去碰一下门」
  304. With a  “Sure!” Aura touched the doors experimentally, but they did not seem like they wanted to open.
  305. 好的,这样回答后亚乌菈试着去碰了碰,结果门还是没有要开的样子
  307. It would seem only Ainz could open those doors. He mentally furrowed his brows. Friendly fire was a pain in the ass… If other players existed in this world, small changes like this might end up affecting others, and in the worst-case scenario he might end up killing someone by accident.
  308. 看来果然只有安兹能开的。安兹在内心皱了皱眉。包含了友军伤害这件事,真是非常麻烦啊。如果这个世界存在其他玩家的话,由于这些些微的变化,同伴也会被卷进来——搞不好直接误杀了的人也会出现啊。
  310. It’s been nearly a year now… And still I have to be careful about using my power. It would be a tragedy if someone got caught in our area-of-effect attacks. Should I point it out to the higher-ranking people? Mare, especially… although they might resent me for nagging them about it if they’ve already realised it… I guess I’ll try and pass it off as an off-hand remark or something.
  311. (都过了快一年的时间了啊……在使用力量时还是得多加注意啊,要是被卷进范围攻击的话就太惨不忍睹了。要让位高的人注意一下嘛?特别是马雷,不过对已经注意到人唠叨的话可能会被讨厌啊……。装作不经意地提一下吧)
  313. Subtly reminding people was unexpectedly difficult. It was completely different from just going up and scolding them. Ainz had become thoroughly acquainted with that fact during his time in the working world.
  314. 要提醒他人意外地是件困难的事。这和单单去责骂可是完全不同的,在社会生活中安兹已经充分学习到这一点了。
  316. As his heart grew heavy, Ainz decided to terminate his experiment and open the gate to let the two undead outside come in. He closed the gates once more after ensuring that everyone was through, and then moved forward.
  317. 在心情稍微变沉重的同时,结束了实验的安兹打开了门,让在外面待机的不死者进入。在确认完全员都穿过了大门后把门关了,再走到前头。
  319. A pair of double doors faced the entrance, and a passage stretched on beyond them. At the end of the passage was yet another set of double doors. The way was lit by magical lights, so there were no problems travelling along it.
  320. 在入口对面还有一扇双开门,通过那里后道路继续延伸。然后在尽头又有一扇双开门。道路本身有着魔法灯光,对走路完全没有问题。
  322. The instant he opened the inner doors, a blinding light shone upon them.
  323. 打开里面的门的瞬间,一股刺眼的强光射进来。
  325. It was a round hall. The floor was as white as snow and the ceiling was high. A spiral staircase coiled up from the center of the room and connected to the level above.
  326. 那是圆形的大厅。雪白的地板,高高的天井。中央则是螺旋的楼梯,和上层连接着。
  328. “Then… we shall spend the night here. Anyone who needs to rest can do so. Anyone who does not… well, standing here isn’t very good either. Everyone, stand by in your rooms.
  329. 「那么……今天就在这里过夜吧。需要休息的人就休息,不需要的人就……就这样站着也不太好啊,全员都到房间里待机好了」
  331. Ainz indicated ten doors with his pointing hand. Incidentally, the space here was expanded, so this place was larger on the inside than the outside.
  332. 安兹指向的地方有十扇门。顺带一提,这里面的空间是扩张过的,要比起外部看起来更为宽阔。
  334. “These rooms can also be found upstairs, on the second and third floors, so go ahead and use them. Aura, Shalltear, Zenberu, you stay behind. I want to discuss our future plans given what we have learned today. Ah, yes, let’s gather on the couch over there. Then, carry on, everyone.”
  335. 「这上面——二楼,三楼也有一样的房间,那些你们也拿去用吧。亚乌菈,夏提雅,泽贝尔你们三个人留下。根据至今为止所获的情报,来商量今后的方针。也是啊,就在那边的沙发集合吧。那么所有人各自开始行动」
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