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fastboot -h

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  1. C:\Android>fastboot -help
  2. usage: fastboot [OPTION...] COMMAND...
  4. flashing:
  5.  update ZIP                 Flash all partitions from an update.zip package.
  6.  flashall                   Flash all partitions from $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT.
  7.                             On A/B devices, flashed slot is set as active.
  8.                             Secondary images may be flashed to inactive slot.
  9.  flash PARTITION [FILENAME] Flash given partition, using the image from
  10.                             $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT if no filename is given.
  12. basics:
  13.  devices [-l]               List devices in bootloader (-l: with device paths).
  14.  getvar NAME                Display given bootloader variable.
  15.  reboot [bootloader]        Reboot device.
  17. locking/unlocking:
  18.  flashing lock|unlock       Lock/unlock partitions for flashing
  19.  flashing lock_critical|unlock_critical
  20.                             Lock/unlock 'critical' bootloader partitions.
  21.  flashing get_unlock_ability
  22.                             Check whether unlocking is allowed (1) or not(0).
  24. advanced:
  25.  erase PARTITION            Erase a flash partition.
  26.  format[:FS_TYPE[:SIZE]] PARTITION
  27.                             Format a flash partition.
  28.  set_active SLOT            Set the active slot.
  29.  oem [COMMAND...]           Execute OEM-specific command.
  30.  gsi wipe|disable           Wipe or disable a GSI installation (fastbootd only).
  32. boot image:
  34.                             Download and boot kernel from RAM.
  36.                             Create boot image and flash it.
  37.  --dtb DTB                  Specify path to DTB for boot image header version 2.
  38.  --cmdline CMDLINE          Override kernel command line.
  39.  --base ADDRESS             Set kernel base address (default: 0x10000000).
  40.  --kernel-offset            Set kernel offset (default: 0x00008000).
  41.  --ramdisk-offset           Set ramdisk offset (default: 0x01000000).
  42.  --tags-offset              Set tags offset (default: 0x00000100).
  43.  --dtb-offset               Set dtb offset (default: 0x01100000).
  44.  --page-size BYTES          Set flash page size (default: 2048).
  45.  --header-version VERSION   Set boot image header version.
  46.  --os-version MAJOR[.MINOR[.PATCH]]
  47.                             Set boot image OS version (default: 0.0.0).
  48.  --os-patch-level YYYY-MM-DD
  49.                             Set boot image OS security patch level.
  51. Android Things:
  52.  stage IN_FILE              Sends given file to stage for the next command.
  53.  get_staged OUT_FILE        Writes data staged by the last command to a file.
  55. options:
  56.  -w                         Wipe userdata.
  57.  -s SERIAL                  Specify a USB device.
  58.  -s tcp|udp:HOST[:PORT]     Specify a network device.
  59.  -S SIZE[K|M|G]             Break into sparse files no larger than SIZE.
  60.  --force                    Force a flash operation that may be unsafe.
  61.  --slot SLOT                Use SLOT; 'all' for both slots, 'other' for
  62.                             non-current slot (default: current active slot).
  63.  --set-active[=SLOT]        Sets the active slot before rebooting.
  64.  --skip-secondary           Don't flash secondary slots in flashall/update.
  65.  --skip-reboot              Don't reboot device after flashing.
  66.  --disable-verity           Sets disable-verity when flashing vbmeta.
  67.  --disable-verification     Sets disable-verification when flashing vbmeta.
  68.  --unbuffered               Don't buffer input or output.
  69.  --verbose, -v              Verbose output.
  70.  --version                  Display version.
  71.  --help, -h                 Show this message.
  73. C:\Android>
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