Traditional Mares

Dec 16th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Tonight was a very special night
  3. >After months of dating, you found yourself in Celestia's bedroom
  4. >You were sitting on a giant bed with purple silk covers
  5. >Celestia was staring at you with that calm, beautiful smile of hers
  6. >In the background you could hear a fire crackling
  7. >Said fire illuminated the room in it's soft glow
  8. >Shadows danced across the ceiling and walls
  9. >The very faint scent of wine and roses filled the air
  10. >You wee nervous
  11. >Like "throw up all over the floor and ruin the entire evening" nervous
  12. >This was it
  13. >You were finally going to do this
  14. >You were finally going to do sexual things with the most perfect, most beautiful creature in the world
  15. >And you didn't even have to pay her or anything!
  16. >...Now you just had to not mess up
  17. >"Did you have a good time, Anon?" Celestia asked, pressing her side against you
  18. >You only jumped a little bit at the contact
  19. "Y-Yeah, that was a r-really nice dinner. Thanks f-for taking us," you shimmered
  20. >A smoother, more savvy man would have been able to take the reigns and slide the conversation to where it was inevitably lead
  21. >You were not smooth
  22. >Nor were you savvy
  23. >...
  24. >Did you mention that your hands were shaking?
  25. >Because they were
  26. >Badly
  27. >Celestia hummed, wrapping a hoof around you so she could rest your head on her shoulder
  28. >"Wonderful. I'm glad."
  29. >She nuzzled your hair, her gaze filled with warmth and affection
  30. >You felt just a little calmer
  31. >"Now, I know this may be forward of me to ask, but I was wondering if you'd like to stay with me for the night."
  32. >...
  33. >Now you no longer felt calm
  34. >Calm was a thing from a bygone age for you
  35. >In fact, you might have said that you were freaking out just a little
  36. >...
  37. >More than a little
  38. "Y-Y-Yeah, I'd l-love to," you said, you said with your best smile and a nod
  39. >Celestia's eyes lit up
  40. >"Excellent," she said, cupping your face with a hoof. "Now, if It's alright with you, I'd like to have my desert~"
  41. >She leaned down, pressing her lips against yours
  43. >Your heart jumped to your throat, but even so you were able to return the kiss
  44. >Celestia pressed herself against you
  45. >You wrapped your arms around her gorgeous body
  46. >She responded by wrapping a wing around you
  47. >There wasn't anything fancy with the kiss, Celestia didn't even use tongue, but by the time she broke it you were red-faced and blushing
  48. >O-Okay...
  49. >You were doing i-it...
  50. >You might have looked ridiculous, because Celestia chuckled
  51. >"There's nothing to worry about, honey," she said, nuzzling your brow.
  52. >She leaned down toward you for another kiss
  53. >You were about to lean upward when you remembered something
  54. "W-Wait!"
  55. >Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out something that Thunderlane had been night enough to give you
  56. >Apparently, the burb horse had thought you were gonna get lucky tonight, so he had taken the liberty of getting you a condom
  57. >"To stay safe" as he put it
  58. >You reached into your pocket and pulled out that little square packet
  59. "T-There, now w-we're all set."
  60. >Celestia's brow furrowed as she looked at the rubber
  61. >"And what in Equestria's name is that?" she asked
  62. "It's a condom," you replied, feeling yourself grow just a little more panicked
  63. >Did you say something wrong?
  64. >Maybe you were just supposed to pull this thing out when your pants were off?
  65. >Your panic only grew as Celestia suddenly burst into laughter
  66. >"A condom, ohhoho," she said, sounding amused
  67. >The tip of her horn glowed, snatching the rubber out of your hand as she hopped off of the bed
  68. >"We won't be needing a silly thing like this," she said
  69. >You watched as she made her way across the room, your brow furrowed
  70. >What the hell was she talking about?
  71. >If you guys were doing it, you kind of needed a rubber...
  72. >You opened your mouth to say as such, when Celestia, with one final chuckle, tossed your condom into the trash
  73. >"There, none of the modern mumbo jumbo," she said, looking back at you with a smile
  74. >Mumbo jumbo?
  75. "Whatcha mean," you asked, staring at her stupidly
  77. >Celestia's purple eyes seemed to glow in the low light as she made her way back over toward you
  78. >"Forgive me for sounding a little old-fashioned, my dear, but I if one is to have intercourse they should do so with the intent of making something," she said
  79. >It seemed as if she crossed the room in a flash, because before you knew what was happening you were lying on the bed with Celestia on top of you
  80. >Her horn glowed, and with a flash your cloths disappeared
  81. >"Two beings that love each other very much should strive to make children in fact," Celestia continued, nibbling your neck. "They should be married as well, but finding the ring has been terribly difficult and I'd like to find the perfect one."
  82. >R-Ring?!
  83. >"So, you'll have to forgive me for that, my sunshine, but at the very least we can do this right."
  84. >With the grace and skill of someone of her standing, Celestia rolled the two of you over so you were in top of her
  85. >"While I'd prefer the traditional position I've been told that you humans prefer belly-to-belly," she said as you shimmered and mumbled. "I can see the appeal. Like this you'll be able to shoot your seed right into my womb. I'll also be able to use my back legs to help you drive as deeply into me as you can."
  86. >Celestia's tail wrapped around your leg
  87. >With a tug, she pressed you a bit more firmly on top of her
  88. >This allowed to feel just how... excited she was
  89. >W-Wew...
  90. >"I don't have a single doubt in my mind that you won't be able to get me pregnant at the first go, my love, but nevertheless we shall have to embrace each other every single night just to make doubly sure," Celestia said, staring up at you with those big, beautiful eyes of hers. "I'd like a few fillies. I have no doubt that you'll want a stallion or two. So we'll have to be very proactive these next few years."
  91. >Her smile widened
  92. >"Thankfully, I have a very large castle. We'll have plenty of room to have as many children as we want."
  94. >Her back legs wrapped around your middle as you were trying to find your voice
  95. >Wha--
  96. >How--
  97. >Why--
  98. >You though--
  99. >You blinked, staring down at the princess, who was staring up at you with hopeful eyes
  100. >...
  101. "O-Okay..."
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