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  1. SET @steamid = 'steam:110000xxxxxx';
  3. DELETE FROM addon_account_data WHERE owner = @steamid;
  4. DELETE FROM addon_inventory_items WHERE owner = @steamid;
  5. DELETE FROM billing WHERE identifier = @steamid;
  6. DELETE FROM billing WHERE sender = @steamid;
  7. DELETE FROM datastore_data WHERE owner = @steamid;
  8. DELETE FROM owned_properties WHERE owner = @steamid;
  9. DELETE FROM owned_vehicles WHERE owner = @steamid;
  10. DELETE FROM playersTattoos WHERE identifier = @steamid;
  11. DELETE FROM rented_vehicles WHERE owner = @steamid;
  12. DELETE FROM user_accounts WHERE identifier = @steamid;
  13. DELETE FROM user_contacts WHERE identifier = @steamid;
  14. DELETE FROM user_inventory WHERE identifier = @steamid;
  15. DELETE FROM user_licenses WHERE owner = @steamid;
  16. DELETE FROM user_parkings WHERE identifier = @steamid;
  17. DELETE FROM user_contacts WHERE number IN (SELECT phone_number FROM users WHERE @steamid);
  18. DELETE FROM characters WHERE identifier = @steamid;
  19. DELETE FROM users WHERE identifier = @steamid;
  20. DELETE FROM vehicles_keys WHERE identifier = @steamid;
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