GreentextSavant - Lady Rara

Nov 14th, 2016
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  1. >Coloratura has always been the biggest star out there.
  2. >The limelight had always been hers, and she basked in its warmth as she took the center of the stage.
  3. >Mystifying her audience.
  4. >They would cheer for her every show, going absolutely fanatic.
  5. >Rara's manager, often pleased with the outcome of each performance, tells her how happy he is with the profit he's making from her.
  6. >In much lighter terms of course.
  7. >The two are in their tour bus, listening to the muffled crowds outside waiting for autographs as the bus gets ready to pull off.
  8. >Rara's manager turns to his star.
  9. >"By the way, sweetheart, I have some news."
  10. >"Hm?" Rara perks her head up as the engine lowly roars and the bus pulls off. "What is it?"
  11. >"You're going to be performing alongside three new co-stars."
  12. >The eager smile on the manager's face doesn't say anything further than "money money money money..."
  13. >Rara frowns at him, but does the opposite on the outside where he can see her reaction.
  14. >"Oh, that's great." Rara can't even imagine where it must have been where she lost her luster in the eyes of the sharply dressed man. "What are their names?"
  15. >"We're going to meet them back at the hotel. You'll love them, trust me."
  16. >As she twiddles her thumbs, Rara can only imagine herself being replaced by these three, whoever they are.
  17. >The tour bus escapes the disappointed crowd and arrives back at the hotel in about twenty minutes. Rara's stomach had been churning with anticipation the entire time.
  18. >The manager steps out of the door and gestures for these new performers to approach the bus; Rara didn't bother to get a look at them through the window first.
  19. >"Rara." The manager addresses his old-news star. "I'd like you to meet the Dazzlings!"
  20. >"Hey there." Adagio emerges from behind the manager and strides over to Rara.
  21. >With a sultry, predatory expression, and the other two Dazzlings following her.
  22. >Trixie is about to be up there on the stage, getting ready to perform.
  23. >She gets herself ready, tightening her costume and putting her hat on.
  24. >The music from the previous show continues to play; and Trixie can't help but head-bang to it with the thought of blowing the audience away in her mind.
  25. >The first act ends, and Coloratura steps off of the stage and into the backstage.
  26. >Trixie approaches her.
  27. >"That wasn't bad." She compliments with a sarcastic face.
  28. >Coloratura stand there with a blush, not really coming up with a comeback like last time.
  29. >Trixie notices this absence of the usual banter. "What's wrong?"
  30. >"Eh, just a little off the ball today, not much of a problem."
  31. >"You sure?" Trixie hadn't seen the other girl like this.
  32. >Coloratura nods and walks around Trixie. The booming voice from the announcer takes Trixie's mind off of the other performer and onto the audience that awaits her.
  33. >She's up next.
  34. >There is a vast ocean of fans in the audience when Trixie steps out onto the stage, feeling the warmth of the spotlight shine down upon her.
  35. >She smiles and enthusiastically waves, greeting her audience with an excited voice.
  36. >Starts the show like every other time. Expresses her excitement to the audience, wanting them to feel as much as the show as they can. Singing dancing.
  37. >The songs she performs with being her favorite songs for the night.
  38. >And the audience goes wild as she twists and turns up there on stage, not caring about exactly everything they might see.
  39. >She retreats from the stage after the performance ends, unable to wait until she gets the tapes of her first performance of the night.
  40. >Coloratura confronts her again as she's getting ready to enter her trailer.
  41. >"Can I talk with you for a second?" Coloratura asks, now looking more worried than before.
  42. >Trixie can already tell that there's definitely something up.
  43. >"What's been going on?" Trixie steps closer to the other performer.
  44. >Coloratura's lip starts to quiver. "I think I'm being replaced."
  45. >"Why?"
  46. >"Th-the Dazzlings..."
  47. >Trixie perks up. "What? How on earth did they even make it here?"
  48. >"They cornered me on the tour bus the other day. Held me down and put this thing around my neck." Coloratura pulls out a red, gleaming pendant from the collar of her shirt.
  49. >Trixie gasps.
  50. >"They told me to keep this on so I could..." Her mouth contorts and her eyes well up. "Sing more... Like them."
  51. >Trixie nearly tries to snatch the pendant off of Coloratura right off the bat.
  52. >She balls her hands into fists.
  53. >"I can't believe it." Trixie shudders.
  54. >"They told me to behave and everything will be fine." Coloratura looks down and tries not to cry. "That they were running this show now, and that I need to adjust my act to fit theirs."
  55. >"They can't do that!" Trixie scowls and tries to resist stomping hard onto the floor. "You have been performing much longer than they have! They have no right to tell you how to do your show. Who do they think they are?"
  56. >Trixie gets the right mind to go over to them and confront them. Mostly because she knows that if she doesn't do anything, she's going to be next.
  57. >But at least she's not about to let this happen.
  58. >Coloratura turns around and slaps her palm to her forehead. "And they have my manager on their side, there's nothing I can do."
  59. >"Well why do they want you performing with them so badly? Can't you already sing well on your own?"
  60. >"They called my voice the tool they needed to... get back out there."
  61. >"Were they wearing pendants?" Trixie lowers her voice in case they can hear.
  62. >"I haven't seen any, but they said that my voice was really good, in a not so polite way. And told me that they could use it for practicing purposes."
  63. >...
  64. >Trixie stays with Coloratura for the rest of the night, biding her time with her at her bedside and waiting for the Dazzling to return to deliver any more "news" to the performer.
  65. >They don't arrive at first, only making Trixie wonder even more before the manager's car shows up outside of Coloratura's trailer.
  66. >She squints at him as he steps out and approaches the vehicle/residence.
  67. >Right as there is a knock on the door, Trixie grabs the pendant around Coloratura's neck and yanks it off. The door cracks open despite no one allowing the manager to come in.
  68. >"I have some more neeeeews~" He announces in an annoyingly singsongy voice.
  69. >But his little entry is interrupted by Trixie, who tackles him to the ground.
  70. >"What th-"
  71. >The manager's mouth is stuffed full of pendant, Trixie practically brushes his teeth with it before he opens wide and lets the girl on top of him shove it all the way to the back of his tongue.
  72. >The manager starts to make gurgling noises as Coloratura stands there and watches in partial horror.
  73. >Trixie starts to grin deviously, raising her shoulders, but reinforcing her hold on the manager beneath her grasp.
  74. >He starts to kick his little legs around to break free, but the pendant starts to shine inside of the back of his mouth.
  75. >It makes his throat feel like it's about to burn.
  76. >"You will do everything Trixie tells you to do." Trixie starts to command the helpless man as his struggle to break free dwindles.
  77. >He gives her a few more grunts, soon sounding a little bit more musically enhanced in the voice by the time the once solid pendant in his thread melts into him.
  78. >It feels warmer and warmer until he can't feel it anymore. And his mind cannot feel the orders he tries to give it anymore, now only responsive to Trixie's voice.
  79. >"Stand up." Trixie rises to her feet, looming over the disgruntled manager with now messy hair.
  80. >He obeys without question.
  81. >The manager gets up to his feet, standing in front of Trixie with spirals in his eyes.
  82. >He’s starting to tear up a little bit until the girl tells him to stop. He stands there facing the same direction as Trixie meanders around him, giving him a devious look.
  83. >Coloratura can’t help but stay silent, despite wanting to know what it was that Trixie did to the manager.
  84. >”Now you listen to Trixie really closely.” Trixie steps up to the manager with her eyes narrowing to a vulturine glare. “You are going to return the siren magic to the Dazzlings where it belongs.”
  85. >”That was magic?” Coloratura feels a question finally spill out of her.
  86. >”There’s no time to explain.” Trixie turns to her friend. “Just follow your manager and Trixie outside of the trailer.”
  87. >She opens the door and orders the manager to follow her outside. The three exit into the night, and Trixie keeps an eye on the man with a swift hand ready to subdue him once more should he try to run away.
  88. >”Now answer the question Trixie is about to ask you with full honestly from the bottom of your mind with all the needed knowledge.” Trixie leans toward the manager and fails to hold back a grin.”
  89. >Coloratura can feel the smugness radiating from the other girl.
  90. >”Where are the Dazzlings right now?” Trixie asks.
  91. >The manager can hardly feel his conscious function, swaying back and forth on his feet as he struggles to balance. But there is something that comes out perfectly clearly; his answer to the question.
  92. >”They are in the trailer around the corner, waiting for me to bring Coloratura over to them for her final initiation.”
  93. >This sends a chill up Coloratura’s spine.
  94. >The manager is redirected in the direction in which he is asked to point, and Trixie can see the much more decorated trailer off the Dazzlings in less than a minute.
  95. >”Looks like they wanted to see you and your manager, Coloratura.” Trixie speaks softly, but keeps her hands balled into fists. “How about we pay them a visit?”
  96. >Coloratura starts to get into the whole spirit of… whatever this is turning out to be and gives Trixie a nod.
  97. >Trixie approaches the front door with the manager by her side and delivers a swift, stern knock to the door.
  98. >It’s as though Adagio was already at the door by the time Trixie knocked, she opens it in less than a second.
  99. >She recognizes the manager, but not the look on his face.
  100. >”Did… you bring our new member here?” She asks, soon noticing the answer to her question standing right behind the manager alongside Trixie.
  101. >”Attack.” Trixie points towards the trailer, watching the manager start foaming at the mouth like a rabid squirrel and tacking adagio to the floor.
  102. >Coloratura gets and urge to look away, but resists at at the sight of her previous predators falling prey to Trixie’s apparent brilliance.
  103. >Adagio kicks and screams for the manager to get off of her, only getting a face full of mouth foam by the time Aria and Sonata rush to her assistance.
  104. >”What the fuck is going on?” Aria groans as she sees the evil grin on Trixie’s face.
  105. >Sonata automatically becomes apprehensive and runs back in to the trailer.
  106. >Aria struggles to get the manager off of her leader, only finding the manager flopping around on the ground next to Adagio, who does the same. She gives them an extremely confused look as backs away before running in response to the manager rising to his face and majestically galloping towards her.
  107. >She screams for Adagio to get up and help her as she gets cornered by the hypnotized manager. There is no response; Adagio only lets out a long, gurgling moan.
  108. >Sonata jumps out the back window and runs away as fast as she can. Weaves by the rows of trailer with various stars she and her friends had conquered the minds of. Now not caring at all what they would be doing at his moment in time.
  109. >She disappears in to the darkness with an eventual soft whimpering out of sheer horror form what she just witnessed.
  110. >Aria can’t push the manager off of her either, soon getting a face full of foam just like Adagio had. Feeling her mind start to race and spin to the point where she can’t think anymore aside obey whatever she is told.
  111. >Trixie saw which direction Sonata ran off to. She orders Adagio and Aria to regroup near her along with the manager. Coloratura can’t tell exactly at which moment she looked away; all she knows is that the sirens are not a thing she needs to worry about anymore.
  112. >The group starts after Sonata, the manager and the two hypnotized Dazzlings lumbering in the front with their arms dangling before them.
  113. >One could easily tell that they do not look at all well.
  114. >It’s only a few minutes until they spot Sonata still running, now getting horrendously out of breath.
  115. >She notices the starting after her, and has to force herself to keep going.
  116. >But the hypnotized trio can easily gain on her, Sonata wailing in fear as she sees the washed out looks on Aria’s and Adagio’s faces.
  117. >She notices a ravine a little ways to her side, and sprints over to it with all of her remaining energy, springing herself into it with a resounding splash.
  118. >The other two Dazzlings are told to stay back as Trixie slips out of her sweatshirt and dives in after Sonata, looking to apprehend the girl herself.
  119. >Sonata screams as she realizes how slowly she is forced to move in the shoulder deep water.
  120. >Trixie strokes after her with orders towards the surface for her minions to stay put and make sure nothing happens to Coloratura.
  121. >”I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Sonata tries to plead the Great and gaining Trixie.
  122. >But Trixie catches up to her and bear hugs her from behind.
  123. >”Please don’t kill me! At least not until after Tuesday!”
  124. >Trixie yanks Sonata out of the water. The blue siren has tears streaming down her face as well.
  125. >"There we are!" Trixie holds Sonata from behind and walks her over to the manager and the other two dazzlings, still foaming at the mouth and reaching their arms out towards Sonata. "So you wanted to take advantage of one of Trixie's fellow performers, huh? You didn't think we'd stick up for eachother?"
  126. >"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Sonata starts to kick her feet.
  127. >But her flailing legs are doing no use for her. The three hypnotized people approach her, soon grabbing her by the arms and leaning their faces in towards hers.
  128. >Sonata screams in her highest pitch into the night, soon feeling the foam pressing up against her lips as she's held still facing the others.
  129. >It's a prolonged and combined smooch, and Sonata's teary eyes soon go blank.
  130. >She's one of them now.
  131. >"Now, then..." Trixie gestures for Coloratura to follow her out of the trailer park and into the alleyway between studios.
  132. >Coloratura silently watches Trixie text the mane six from her cell phone.
  133. >They soon fly over to the studios and see the dazzlings all standing together with the manager.
  134. >"Do the rainbow thing." Trixie says. "Do it."
  135. >The mane six get into position and pony up. They get into pairs and form a triangle in the sky, blasting a rainbow beam as the Dazzlings and the manager with a fiery explosion following shortly after.
  136. >Some of the fire gets on Trixie, since she was standing a little close.
  137. >She walks up to Coloratura and shakes her hand with her own clothes catching on fire.
  138. >"Thank you." Coloratura smiles. "Aren't... you going to put that out?"
  139. >"Nah."
  140. >Sunset and SciTwi suddenly come onto the scene, having been making out in one of the nearby studio closets.
  141. >Trixie explains to them what just happened and treats them to ice cream at sugarcube corner across the road.
  142. >Coloratura follows the three across the crosswalk in a single file line.
  144. END
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