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Sep 2nd, 2014
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  1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. <opml version="1.0">
  3.   <head>
  4.     <title>Liferea Feed List Export</title>
  5.   </head>
  6.   <body>
  7.     <outline title="Newsfeeds exported from Opera Mail/12.16 (Linux)" text="Newsfeeds exported from Opera Mail/12.16 (Linux)" description="Newsfeeds exported from Opera Mail/12.16 (Linux)" type="folder">
  8.       <outline title="RubyFlow" text="RubyFlow" description="RubyFlow" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  9.       <outline title="JavaFX News, Demos and Insight // FX Experience" text="JavaFX News, Demos and Insight // FX Experience" description="JavaFX News, Demos and Insight // FX Experience" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  10.       <outline title="Chimpler" text="Chimpler" description="Chimpler" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  11.       <outline title="scala.meta updates" text="scala.meta updates" description="scala.meta updates" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  12.       <outline title="Some thoughts on Java (EE)" text="Some thoughts on Java (EE)" description="Some thoughts on Java (EE)" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  13.       <outline title="Java67" text="Java67" description="Java67" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  14.       <outline title="Javarevisited" text="Javarevisited" description="Javarevisited" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  15.       <outline title="Marcus Hirt" text="Marcus Hirt" description="Marcus Hirt" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  16.       <outline title="Wadler's Blog" text="Wadler's Blog" description="Wadler's Blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  17.       <outline title="Trisha's Ramblings" text="Trisha's Ramblings" description="Trisha's Ramblings" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  18.       <outline title="Recent Content on Trisha Gee" text="Recent Content on Trisha Gee" description="Recent Content on Trisha Gee" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  19.       <outline title="Symphonious" text="Symphonious" description="Symphonious" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  20.       <outline title="Jon Masamitsu's Weblog" text="Jon Masamitsu's Weblog" description="Jon Masamitsu's Weblog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  21.       <outline title="Java Concurrency (&amp;c)" text="Java Concurrency (&amp;c)" description="Java Concurrency (&amp;c)" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  22.       <outline title="Technical Blog by THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP" text="Technical Blog by THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP" description="Technical Blog by THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  23.       <outline title="Software Simply" text="Software Simply" description="Software Simply" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  24.       <outline title="Jim McBeath" text="Jim McBeath" description="Jim McBeath" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  25.       <outline title="Michid's Weblog" text="Michid's Weblog" description="Michid's Weblog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  26.       <outline title="prose :: and :: conz" text="prose :: and :: conz" description="prose :: and :: conz" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  27.       <outline title="Featured Blog Posts - Data Science Central" text="Featured Blog Posts - Data Science Central" description="Featured Blog Posts - Data Science Central" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  28.       <outline title="Resources Discussions - Data Science Central" text="Resources Discussions - Data Science Central" description="Resources Discussions - Data Science Central" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  29.       <outline title="BDN Daily Press Releases Discussions - Big Data News" text="BDN Daily Press Releases Discussions - Big Data News" description="BDN Daily Press Releases Discussions - Big Data News" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  30.       <outline title="New Books and Journals Discussions - AnalyticBridge" text="New Books and Journals Discussions - AnalyticBridge" description="New Books and Journals Discussions - AnalyticBridge" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  31.       <outline title="BAM Weblog" text="BAM Weblog" description="BAM Weblog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  32.       <outline title="Jesper's Blog" text="Jesper's Blog" description="Jesper's Blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  33.       <outline title="Know BI Basics" text="Know BI Basics" description="Know BI Basics" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  34.       <outline title="Concurrency Freaks" text="Concurrency Freaks" description="Concurrency Freaks" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  35.       <outline title="InfoQ" text="InfoQ" description="InfoQ" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  36.       <outline title="Chris Stucchio's Blog" text="Chris Stucchio's Blog" description="Chris Stucchio's Blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  37.       <outline title="Uploads by RethinkDB" text="Uploads by RethinkDB" description="Uploads by RethinkDB" type="rss" xmlUrl=";v=2&amp;orderby=published&amp;client=ytapi-youtube-profile" htmlUrl=""/>
  38.       <outline title="Write less, do more!" text="Write less, do more!" description="Write less, do more!" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  39.       <outline title="Java, SQL and jOOQ." text="Java, SQL and jOOQ." description="Java, SQL and jOOQ." type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  40.       <outline title="Heiko's Blog" text="Heiko's Blog" description="Heiko's Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  41.       <outline title="Michael Hoffman" text="Michael Hoffman" description="Michael Hoffman" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  42.       <outline title="RailsCasts" text="RailsCasts" description="RailsCasts" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  43.       <outline title="Planet Erlang" text="Planet Erlang" description="Planet Erlang" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  44.       <outline title="armstrong on software" text="armstrong on software" description="armstrong on software" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  45.       <outline title="Yariv's Blog" text="Yariv's Blog" description="Yariv's Blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  46.       <outline title="" text="" description="" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  47.       <outline title=" (&#x3BB;)" text=" (&#x3BB;)" description=" (&#x3BB;)" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  48.       <outline title="cemerick" text="cemerick" description="cemerick" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  49.       <outline title="Luca Bolognese's Blog" text="Luca Bolognese's Blog" description="Luca Bolognese's Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  50.       <outline title="Paracode" text="Paracode" description="Paracode" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  51.       <outline title="Jacques Mattheij" text="Jacques Mattheij" description="Jacques Mattheij" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  52.       <outline title="Hard to C" text="Hard to C" description="Hard to C" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  53.       <outline title="Headius" text="Headius" description="Headius" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  54.       <outline title="Ruby Inside" text="Ruby Inside" description="Ruby Inside" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  55.       <outline title="Pat Shaughnessy" text="Pat Shaughnessy" description="Pat Shaughnessy" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  56.       <outline title="RailsTips by John Nunemaker" text="RailsTips by John Nunemaker" description="RailsTips by John Nunemaker" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  57.       <outline title="Tender Lovemaking" text="Tender Lovemaking" description="Tender Lovemaking" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  58.       <outline title="has_many :bugs, :through =&gt; :rails" text="has_many :bugs, :through =&gt; :rails" description="has_many :bugs, :through =&gt; :rails" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  59.       <outline title="Apocalisp" text="Apocalisp" description="Apocalisp" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  60.       <outline title="Higher Order" text="Higher Order" description="Higher Order" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  61.       <outline title="# Hash" text="# Hash" description="# Hash" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  62.       <outline title="Tom's Ruminations" text="Tom's Ruminations" description="Tom's Ruminations" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  63.       <outline title="Nick Sieger" text="Nick Sieger" description="Nick Sieger" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  64.       <outline title="Ola Bini: Programming Language Synchronicity" text="Ola Bini: Programming Language Synchronicity" description="Ola Bini: Programming Language Synchronicity" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  65.       <outline title="Merb" text="Merb" description="Merb" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  66.       <outline title="Jesse Storimer" text="Jesse Storimer" description="Jesse Storimer" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  67.       <outline title="The timeless repository" text="The timeless repository" description="The timeless repository" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  68.       <outline title="Mike Perham" text="Mike Perham" description="Mike Perham" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  69.       <outline title="Space Vatican" text="Space Vatican" description="Space Vatican" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  70.       <outline title="An explorer's log" text="An explorer's log" description="An explorer's log" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  71.       <outline title="Scala Blog" text="Scala Blog" description="Scala Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  72.       <outline title="One Div Zero" text="One Div Zero" description="One Div Zero" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  73.       <outline title="Ruminations of a Programmer" text="Ruminations of a Programmer" description="Ruminations of a Programmer" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  74.       <outline title="Jim McBeath" text="Jim McBeath" description="Jim McBeath" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  75.       <outline title="Code Commit" text="Code Commit" description="Code Commit" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  76.       <outline title="James Strachan's Blog" text="James Strachan's Blog" description="James Strachan's Blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  77.       <outline title="Planet Scala" text="Planet Scala" description="Planet Scala" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  78.       <outline title="Vanilla #Java" text="Vanilla #Java" description="Vanilla #Java" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  79.       <outline title="John Resig" text="John Resig" description="John Resig" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  80.       <outline title="POINTERS IN C LANGUAGE" text="POINTERS IN C LANGUAGE" description="POINTERS IN C LANGUAGE" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  81.       <outline title="" text="" description="" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  82.       <outline title="Coding Horror" text="Coding Horror" description="Coding Horror" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  83.       <outline title="Martin's Programming Blog" text="Martin's Programming Blog" description="Martin's Programming Blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  84.       <outline title="Martin's Programming Blog" text="Martin's Programming Blog" description="Martin's Programming Blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  85.       <outline title="Hacking Scala" text="Hacking Scala" description="Hacking Scala" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  86.       <outline title="Heiko's Blog" text="Heiko's Blog" description="Heiko's Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  87.       <outline title="Scala Notes" text="Scala Notes" description="Scala Notes" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  88.       <outline title="Recent changes to news" text="Recent changes to news" description="Recent changes to news" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  89.       <outline title="tbaggery" text="tbaggery" description="tbaggery" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  90.       <outline title=" blog" text=" blog" description=" blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  91.       <outline title="eed3si9n" text="eed3si9n" description="eed3si9n" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  92.       <outline title="Mirko Stocker's Blog" text="Mirko Stocker's Blog" description="Mirko Stocker's Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  93.       <outline title="" text="" description="" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  94.       <outline title="Ward Bekker" text="Ward Bekker" description="Ward Bekker" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  95.       <outline title="Lily Masory - Blog" text="Lily Masory - Blog" description="Lily Masory - Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  96.       <outline title="Joseph Wilk" text="Joseph Wilk" description="Joseph Wilk" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  97.       <outline title="Ramblings of a coder" text="Ramblings of a coder" description="Ramblings of a coder" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  98.       <outline title="Ray Roestenburg | Code" text="Ray Roestenburg | Code" description="Ray Roestenburg | Code" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  99.       <outline title="Paradigmatic's" text="Paradigmatic's" description="Paradigmatic's" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  100.       <outline title="Algorithmically challenged" text="Algorithmically challenged" description="Algorithmically challenged" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  101.       <outline title="Sourcedelica" text="Sourcedelica" description="Sourcedelica" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  102.       <outline title="Bozho's tech blog" text="Bozho's tech blog" description="Bozho's tech blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  103.       <outline title="Netty project" text="Netty project" description="Netty project" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  104.       <outline title="Let it crash" text="Let it crash" description="Let it crash" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  105.       <outline title="A++ [Eric Torreborre's Blog]" text="A++ [Eric Torreborre's Blog]" description="A++ [Eric Torreborre's Blog]" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  106.       <outline title="Eclipse News" text="Eclipse News" description="Eclipse News" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  107.       <outline title="OpenResty" text="OpenResty" description="OpenResty" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  108.       <outline title="Apache Wicket" text="Apache Wicket" description="Apache Wicket" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  109.       <outline title="" text="" description="" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  110.       <outline title="Mark Thomas" text="Mark Thomas" description="Mark Thomas" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  111.       <outline title="Jesper's Blog" text="Jesper's Blog" description="Jesper's Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  112.       <outline title="James Gottlieb" text="James Gottlieb" description="James Gottlieb" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  113.       <outline title="Active questions tagged jvm - Stack Overflow" text="Active questions tagged jvm - Stack Overflow" description="Active questions tagged jvm - Stack Overflow" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=";sort=active"/>
  114.       <outline title="Reed Copsey, Jr." text="Reed Copsey, Jr." description="Reed Copsey, Jr." type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  115.       <outline title="&#x411;&#x43B;&#x43E;&#x433; IT &#x430;&#x440;&#x445;&#x438;&#x442;&#x435;&#x43A;&#x442;&#x43E;&#x440;&#x430; &#x445;&#x440;&#x430;&#x43D;&#x438;&#x43B;&#x438;&#x449; &#x434;&#x430;&#x43D;&#x43D;&#x44B;&#x445;" text="&#x411;&#x43B;&#x43E;&#x433; IT &#x430;&#x440;&#x445;&#x438;&#x442;&#x435;&#x43A;&#x442;&#x43E;&#x440;&#x430; &#x445;&#x440;&#x430;&#x43D;&#x438;&#x43B;&#x438;&#x449; &#x434;&#x430;&#x43D;&#x43D;&#x44B;&#x445;" description="&#x411;&#x43B;&#x43E;&#x433; IT &#x430;&#x440;&#x445;&#x438;&#x442;&#x435;&#x43A;&#x442;&#x43E;&#x440;&#x430; &#x445;&#x440;&#x430;&#x43D;&#x438;&#x43B;&#x438;&#x449; &#x434;&#x430;&#x43D;&#x43D;&#x44B;&#x445;" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  116.       <outline title="Matt Might's blog" text="Matt Might's blog" description="Matt Might's blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  117.       <outline title="Guillaume Laforge's blog feed" text="Guillaume Laforge's blog feed" description="Guillaume Laforge's blog feed" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  118.       <outline title="Erlware Blog" text="Erlware Blog" description="Erlware Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  119.       <outline title="Functional Geekery" text="Functional Geekery" description="Functional Geekery" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  120.       <outline title="Heather" text="Heather" description="Heather" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  121.       <outline title="Prettt-tty, pretty, pretty good!" text="Prettt-tty, pretty, pretty good!" description="Prettt-tty, pretty, pretty good!" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  122.       <outline title="Paul Chiusano's blog" text="Paul Chiusano's blog" description="Paul Chiusano's blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  123.       <outline title="typelevel.scala" text="typelevel.scala" description="typelevel.scala" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  124.       <outline title="Greg Luck's Blog" text="Greg Luck's Blog" description="Greg Luck's Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  125.       <outline title="Programming and Stuff - Michael Scharhag's Java development blog" text="Programming and Stuff - Michael Scharhag's Java development blog" description="Programming and Stuff - Michael Scharhag's Java development blog" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  126.       <outline title="Tomas Jansson" text="Tomas Jansson" description="Tomas Jansson" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  127.       <outline title="Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science" text="Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science" description="Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  128.       <outline title="R-bloggers" text="R-bloggers" description="R-bloggers" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  129.       <outline title="Thoughts on Java" text="Thoughts on Java" description="Thoughts on Java" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  130.       <outline title="@tmm1" text="@tmm1" description="@tmm1" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  131.       <outline title="&gt;&#x440;&#x430;&#x431;&#x43E;&#x447;&#x438;&#x435; &#x437;&#x430;&#x43C;&#x435;&#x442;&#x43A;&#x438;" text="&gt;&#x440;&#x430;&#x431;&#x43E;&#x447;&#x438;&#x435; &#x437;&#x430;&#x43C;&#x435;&#x442;&#x43A;&#x438;" description="&gt;&#x440;&#x430;&#x431;&#x43E;&#x447;&#x438;&#x435; &#x437;&#x430;&#x43C;&#x435;&#x442;&#x43A;&#x438;" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  132.       <outline title="Cliff Click's Blog" text="Cliff Click's Blog" description="Cliff Click's Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  133.       <outline title="0xdata Blog" text="0xdata Blog" description="0xdata Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  134.       <outline title="Jeremy Kun" text="Jeremy Kun" description="Jeremy Kun" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  135.       <outline title="Adventures in Analysis" text="Adventures in Analysis" description="Adventures in Analysis" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  136.       <outline title="Logical Tightrope" text="Logical Tightrope" description="Logical Tightrope" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  137.       <outline title="Rants, Raves and Ridicule" text="Rants, Raves and Ridicule" description="Rants, Raves and Ridicule" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  138.       <outline title="Jay Kreps" text="Jay Kreps" description="Jay Kreps" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  139.       <outline title="Higher Order" text="Higher Order" description="Higher Order" type="atom" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>
  140.     </outline>
  141.   </body>
  142. </opml>
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