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  1. Cornered in a shifty apartment, the short Nikki was completely surrounded by the group of toned, muscular squirrelgirls. One of them held up the incriminating pictures of his live stream - One of them having the blonde sissy push a finger up his butt, while he's wearing his sister clothes. It was only a one-time thing since he needed money, and he thought that no one would be able to recognize him. That was until he received a call about someone who discovered who he was, and would leak the pictures if he didn't come to the address at night.
  3. "So, unless you want your name attached to these pictures, and shown to all your friends and family..." One of the women said, waving the pictures right into his face. "...You'll give us all a good time with that body of yours! You were so great online, I'm pretty sure you wont have a problem handling the real thing..." Her hands rub over her crotch, a massive bulge swelling up in her leather skirt.
  4. [2019-03-02 14:56] *[user]Sissy Nikki[/user] knew he was in a situation he had no chance of escaping. A quick look around the room would easily tell him that any one of the tall, toned squirrelgirls could catch and tackle him the moment he tried to run, let alone escaping the entire group. Refusing their demand would also mean life as he knew it would be over, and that's if they even took 'no' for an answer at all. It would likely just make things worse. His only option, then, was to give in and accept his fate this one time, and try his best to move on with his life once it's all over. Still, as much as this situation made him feel uncomfortable, it was nothing compared to the ominous bulge in the front of one particular girl's skirt.
  6. "I, um... I don't think I can.... oh, fuck." He started to panic, biting his lip at the sight of it. As his heart raced faster the more the tension around him grew, his own member was beginning to stir in his sister's panties and skirt that he wore, just like he was instructed. Likely, to add more fuel for his own blackmail. "Okay, fine. I'll help all of you out, and then you burn the pictures, right? It's a deal."
  7. [2019-03-02 15:09] *[user]Natsumi Haruyo[/user] A perverted grin was painted on their faces as Nikki agreed to the deal, all of them getting closer. Their hands moved all over his smooth body, clearly aching to get started. "Amazing! I always wanted to fuck such a tight sissy ass, and tonight I'll finally get the chance~!" All of them are drunk with lust, their massive erections beginning to pop up from under their skirt, not being able to be held by the leather fabric anymore. They were already leaking thick drops of preseed, those oozing cockheads dripping the thick ball batter continuously. Even semi-flaccid, their incredibly girth dwarfed out Nikki his above average sized prick, as they started grinding the shafts onto his flat chest.
  8. [2019-03-02 15:18] *[user]Sissy Nikki[/user] stepped back against the wall in complete shock, caught off guard by the fact that each of them possess a massive cock, and that each of them sprang up on him on command. "Oh my god, wait no! I didn't know you all had- oh, fuck..." He moaned out, frantic and nervous and blushing as multiple hard, oozing cocks rubbed against him. He looked down at each of them and could feel the lust from them, knowing they were all aching to use him for all his worth. Any one of these massive tools would be more than what he could handle, but having to obey and accept the fact that each of them expected his careful attention was beyond intimidating. They were already horny enough to leak so much precum that his sister's white crop-top was getting soaked. He took a deep breath, pulled the shirt off, and started to accept his role. "A-Alright, what do I do first?"
  9. [2019-03-02 15:25] *[user]Natsumi Haruyo[/user] "Using that cute mouth of yours~!" Before she even finished her sentence, her hand was already on the back of Nikki her head, as she forced it   down on her leaking cocktip. Prodding against his mouth with quite a bit of force. it wasn't long before he had to take it in, his mouth being filled with the massive, salty cockhead. While it was inside the warm confines of his mouth, it only began leaking more of the precum, forcing the sissy to swallow it down. "Hey, no fair! I wanted to his mouth first..." One of the other squirrels says, as she puts her veiny tool into the palm of your hand. It's girth was far too big to encircle with only one hand, the meatrod being unwieldy to hold. "Jack me off, will you? And be fast about it, or I'll post those pics online anyway~!"
  10. [2019-03-02 15:33] *[user]Sissy Nikki[/user] Before he could offer another word of protest, his head was shoved down and his mouth instinctively tried to close before anything could be pushed in. However, with the muscular girl handling his head and thrusting her cock forward, his lips gave way, curled over his teeth, and her cock forced his mouth open very wide as she stuffed it in. Almost immediately his mouth was full of precum that had no where to go but down, making him swallow it in a hurry before he had to taste too much. Luckily for him, the taste wasn't unbearable. But panic hit once again as the threats continued, and he frantically reached for the second cock and started stroking it in a hurry, like he was in a race to make her cum. Even as he feared for his future, he couldn't help but to think about how big, thick, long, and meaty these cocks were, and the unique feeling of them in his hand and against his lips.
  11. [2019-03-02 15:44] *[user]Natsumi Haruyo[/user] The assault against Nikki didn't stop for a single second, as the cock that was lodged into his mouth started pushing deeper. Despite it barely slipping between his lips, it wanted to go into his tight throat. Her hands grabbed a firmer hold as she pushed his heads down, immediately filling his esopaghus with the girthy she-meat. The phallic bulge was quite visibly on the outside, the outline of the cock being easily traced around. Even though it was suprising for Nikki, the squirrelgirl also twitched, those well-shaped legs shaking as the pleasure overwhelmed her. "Cumming... Already!"
  13. The steady stream of pre stopped as a thicker ooze came out of the gushing cock crown, the immense amount backed up into her balls shooting directly into your stomach. Each spurt of overly virile, musky spunk made a splashing noise at it crashed inside, being audible from the outside. With how much he was forced to drink, that one flat belly had no choice but to puff out a little, all the baby batter pooling up inside his stomach. And even though the urge to cough it up was immense, her hand was placed on his jaw to keep it firmly lodged onto her cock, ensuring that none of it could leak out. "Dont... spill a drop!"
  14. [2019-03-02 15:51] *[user]Sissy Nikki[/user] squirmed and gagged helplessly as his head was forced lower, his throat being forced open by the large, rock hard cock between his lips. He tried to squirm even more when he started to feel her twitch and throb more, a sudden, hot rush of cum flooding directly into his belly and filling him with more cum than his poor little body could handle. He wished desperately not to have to take the whole load, feeling how his body screamed for some relief, but her grip was too much, and the enormous cock stretching his throat open made sure there was no opening for it to flow back out. He felt heavy, but had not yet seen the extent of the cum she pumped down his throat. Tears welled up in his eyes as he was force-fed her huge load of spunk, and he even lost his ability to stroke the other girls equally massive cock while he was being pumped full of sperm.
  15. [2019-03-02 16:01] *[user]Natsumi Haruyo[/user] As the orgasm slowly lowered down in intensity, the explosive orgasms grinding to a halt, the squirrel girl let out a large sigh of relief. His belly was now swollen up as if he were two months pregnant, yet the bump was caused by nothing more than a overabundance of sticky seed. But as it was still stuck in it's mouth, the already hole-shattering tool growing in his mouth.  The immense bulge that stretched throat became even more tight, a few more inches in length being added to the towering height, together with it's thickness increasing. Her semen sacks rumbled as a new batch of seed was being created inside, swelling up the leathery sack. Pulling his head free from the inflating fuckrod, she laid it right on his face, letting him marvel at the new length. "Mff... And I'm still so full..!"
  17. It wasn't only her cock that was grown, as the other ones around you also increased in size. Even the one Nikki held in his hand was bigger, it's new size too big to actually be held for the small sissy. And that wasn't only it - It was also like he shrunk himself,  the amazon-like assailants dwarfing him even more.
  18. [2019-03-02 16:06] *[user]Sissy Nikki[/user] As if it wasn't clear before, it was now painfully obvious how little he could do of his own free will in this situation. The women all towered over him, their cocks now almost as big as his own torso, or at least he thought as the spit-covered cock rested against his face, making him blush. "S-So that's one, what do I do next?" He asked, trying to hide the fact that for some reason, he was excited by having his throat stretched by massive cock so forcefully, while resuming his work jacking off the other's cock with two hands now. "If you all cum that fast, this won't take very long at all...." He thought out loud, thinking he would be done with his part of the deal after only making them cum once each.
  19. [2019-03-02 16:18] *[user]Natsumi Haruyo[/user] "Oh, we do cum very fast! But you'll have to stay until all our balls are completely drained..." Her hands grabbed those huge nuts of hers, showcasing them to Nikki. Despite just ejaculating, they were even fuller than before, the sperm swimming inside making a sloshing noise so close to his face. "...And since I can go on for a month by myself, you'll be here for a [b]looong[/b] time~!" She took a step back as she let one of her sisters play with you instead, grinding your face into her swollen, cum-filled balls.
  21. While both of his hands working on the colossal tool, one of the others decided to move onto Nikki his plush ass, grinding the immense sized meatpole on those pillowy asscheeks. It didn't take long before his entire back was completely slathered with seed, her precum spurting out as if she was continuously cumming. Then, she held your skirt up, as the crown prodded against that tight pucker, still covered up by those seed-stained pink panties he wore.
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