[NSFW] Assertive Derpy

Feb 17th, 2017
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  1. Prompt:
  2. >"Oh dear, these undies are so tight. Won't anybody help me loosen them up?"
  3. Derpy is trying to be sexy again.
  4. What do?
  7. >"O gosh, Anon! I think I forgot to wear panties again. Could you check for me?"
  8. >Not this again.
  9. >Every day with this girl.
  10. "Derpy, I do not want to see your-"
  11. >You're cut off by the grinning girl in front of you raising her skirt with her hand, proving that she indeed isn't wearing anything below.
  12. >Every day.
  13. >Every single day she finds some excuse to show you her intimate bits, exposing her admittedly deliciously alluring flower whenever she saw an opening.
  14. >Everyone else seems to think Derpy to be a little dim, but not you.
  15. >You know the devious girl for what she is.
  16. >A sly, cunningly sharp vixen on a quest for your dick.
  17. >Not that that would be too bad, considering, but something about the brute force of her advances paired with her bubbly obliviousness just doesn't feel right.
  18. >It takes a few seconds for you to realize you're still staring at her.
  19. >Her thick, round thighs.
  20. >Her wide hips.
  21. >Her puffy and inviting pussy.
  22. >Slowly, as inconspicuously as she can muster, Derpy moves her other hand down, spreading her lips with her index and middle finger to reveal the hot, pink flesh beneath.
  23. >You keep staring.
  24. >Derpy's sneeze rips your mind from her exposed bits and your gaze back towards the girls face.
  25. >"Sorry, Anon. Guess it's getting kinda cold below", she apologetically smiles.
  26. "No shit, huh?"
  27. >"M-maybe you could think of a way to warm me up down there?"
  28. >Oh, you could come up with a few ways for sure...
  29. >No, what are you doing?
  30. >Stay strong, Anon; resist her.
  31. "Yeah, okay."
  32. >Her eyes go wide with joy, your unusual reply catching her off guard.
  33. >"Really? Do you wanna touch it? Wanna slap my muffins around for a bit? Maybe you'd just like to eat me out and stick it in."
  34. "Something like that", you tell the girl giddily jumping in place, her breast bouncing with the motion.
  35. >No bra either, huh?
  36. >How lewd is this girl?
  37. "Turn around and spread'em."
  38. >Derpy happily obeys, spinning on her heels and pulling up her skirt over her plump ass cheeks.
  39. >Grabbing hold of them with both hands, she bends down even more and slightly spreads her cheeks, presenting you with a view almost too much to bear.
  40. >After staring for a couple more seconds, you curtly turn around and walk away, leaving the painfully excited girl standing there with her parts exposed.
  41. >Trying to shift your erection out of the way while you walk, you throw one last look over your shoulder, happily noticing a quivering Derpy still holding fast, lewd fluids slowly dripping down the insides of her thighs.
  42. >She's getting closer every day.
  44. >"Hai, Anon."
  45. >You look up from your lunch as the blonde girls sits down across from you.
  46. >Contrary to your expectations, the small excursion into public exhibitionism you made Derpy take has neither stalled her enthusiasm nor dissuaded her from trying to force herself on you.
  47. "Derpy, where’s your lunch?" you ask with a sigh.
  48. >Noticing your plastic tray - and the lack thereof in front of herself - the ditzy rapist-in-training bashfully scratches the back of her head.
  49. >"Ah!"
  50. >Jumping up, Derpy scampers away into the cafeteria crowd again, mumbling to herself about how she knew she forgot something.
  51. >This is your chance.
  52. >Disregarding any and all table manners you’ve managed to memorize over the years, you proceed to wolf down your food with reckless abandon, your only goal set by the desire to be done with lunch and out of the cafeteria by the time Derpy returns.
  53. >A few undignified minutes and a much needed gasp of air later, you push back your chair and grab your tray, ready to flee to wherever it is you need to go next.
  54. >Putting your tray on the conveyor belt carrying used plates and cutlery through the wall and into the back rooms of the kitchen, you dare a cautionary look over your shoulder while taking big strides towards the double doors leading away from the cafeteria.
  55. >You spot Derpy standing where you just sat, the girl holding onto a tray of food while looking around in alarm.
  56. >Like a kid lost in the mall, stranded between the second-hand clothing store and the ice-cream parlor, her eyes dart from one stranger to the next, frantically searching for any hint of a familiar face.
  57. >Taking the few steps through the door and into the corridor behind, the last image you see from the cafeteria is a defeated Derpy slumping down into a chair, making it a point not to look anywhere but straight down onto her food, her bright yellow eyes sparkling with moisture.
  58. >Despite your sense of victory, an unfamiliar feeling is tugging at the back of your mind.
  59. >Almost enough to make you feel sorry.
  60. >Shit.
  61. >Did you go too far this time?
  62. >Did you have to be so underhand; so rude?
  63. >Is Derpy socially aware enough to understand the implication that you’d rather flee in panic than spend one measly lunch break with her?
  64. >Are you?
  65. >You’re about to mentally promise to set things right with the girl the next chance you get, when a vibration in your pocket alerts you to a new text message on your phone.
  66. >Pulling it out, you quickly swipe across the oversized screen with your finger, accessing the cute and colorful logo of the highlighted messaging app.
  67. >1 new message from: Derpy <3
  68. >"I must have missed you in the cafeteria, Anon. Sorry for making you wait so long. I won’t forget my food next time, okay?"
  69. >You’re about to tap out a response explaining how she shouldn’t blame herself, when a second message pops onto your screen, accompanied by the characteristic chime and small, sparkling symbol notifying you of an attached image.
  70. >"Please take this as an apology :D"
  71. >The attached image is loaded a few seconds later, replacing the pixilated preview with a sharp image of Derpy’s thighs.
  72. >Looks like she took the image below the table.
  73. >Her legs are spread as far she dared to, and the small cloth of her underwear is pulled aside a few centimeters by the fingers of her other hand.
  74. >Like in a bad Japanese eromanga, she inserted a tiny black heart concealing her clit while leaving the view of the rest of her pussy unobstructed.
  75. >You quickly close the app and shove the phone back into your pocket with reddening cheeks.
  76. >This fucking girl.
  78. >You pull open the door of your locker with a small, metallic click.
  79. >Looks like you’re the last to get out of gym class again.
  80. >While wondering if being the teacher’s assistant in P.E. is really worth it, you begin stripping off your clothes to take a refreshing shower after the 90 minutes of running and jumping around you just did.
  81. >Sure, you get some extra credit for helping with putting away the mats and stuff, but does that balance staying so late everyone else has already left every time?
  82. >Well, it’s the last class of the day, and it’s not like you have to get home in a hurry, so you might as well enjoy the benefits of being the last one to change.
  83. >Like the nice, hot, undisturbed shower you’re about to take.
  84. >A few minutes later you’re naked save for your rubber slippers, hanging your towel and stepping into the tiled room filled with about a dozen showerheads neatly mounted along the walls in regular spacing.
  85. >Fiddling with a set of knobs for a few seconds, you find the right temperature and proceed to let the hot, steamy water clear away the sweat and grime, along with the stress and exhaustion of the day.
  86. >You can’t help the sigh escaping your lips, as you lean against the tiled wall, enjoying the smooth sensation of the water running down your body.
  87. >With your eyes closed, you reach for the bottle of shampoo you placed inside the small alcove next to the shower knobs.
  88. >It’s not there.
  89. >A few more seconds of confused fumbling later you open your eyes.
  90. >The bottle of shampoo is gone, and instead replaced with someone liberally soaping their body under the showerhead next to you.
  91. >The sudden realization startles you, and it’s only after a few more seconds that you recognize the person.
  92. "Derpy!"
  93. >"Hmm..?"
  94. >The girl turns to look at you, her thick, yellow hair hanging down her shoulders in wet streaks.
  95. >"Oh, hey Anon", she nonchalantly greets before continuing to spread soapy lotion along her arms.
  96. "This is the BOY’S locker room!" you angrily exclaim before your mind can finally - annoyingly - get a full grasp of the situation.
  97. >The stark naked girl in front you leans her head with a dopey smile, the bubbles on her wet skin reflecting the overhead fluorescent lights in a million different colors.
  98. >"It is? Ah, silly me", she grins.
  99. "And that’s MY shampoo", you add, sharply snatching the small bottle back from Derpy’s hands.
  100. >"Hey, I wasn’t done!"
  101. "Yeah well, tough shit", you reply while angrily beginning to soap yourself, working the silky fluid into your hair and scalp while pointedly turning towards the wall; away from the wet, soapy, glistening girl next to you.
  102. >This is bad.
  103. >You can’t run from her this time, nor can you simply ignore her, and the fact that you’re naked means you can’t even hide your excitement over Derpy’s plump and well-proportioned body.
  104. >You can only hope to get this done with as quickly as possible before the gym teacher decides to come looking for you for taking too long in the shower.
  105. >"A-anon", Derpy starts, "can I please borrow your shampoo after you’re done with it. It seems I forgot mine again."
  106. "No."
  107. >That’s it, keep your answers short.
  108. >Don’t give her any openings.
  109. >Don’t look over.
  110. >Don’t think about the hot girl with the soaked hair standing next to you.
  111. >"Pretty please?"
  112. "No."
  113. >You make a show of ignoring her and continuing to spread soap on your shoulders and chest, focusing your mind on the nice, regular and entirely asexual pattern of bathroom tiles on the wall in front of you.
  114. >"…fine", you hear Derpy’s sigh of defeat, instinctively glancing over as she grabs the bar of soap provided by the school out of the alcove next to her with a pout.
  115. >For a few minutes, both you and Derpy are silent, preoccupied with cleaning your bodies from the tortures of gym class.
  116. >Granted, using bar soap is a pretty unsatisfying way to wash yourself - at least that’s what you think - but it’s not like you owe Derpy the use of your shampoo.
  117. >She could have at least asked before taking it.
  118. >Well, maybe…
  119. >"Ah!"
  120. >Derpy’s exclamation interrupts your thoughts, the surprise of her suddenly breaking the silence making you turn your head towards her.
  121. >Shit.
  122. >Like the star of a badly written comedy skit, the annoyingly clumsy - or annoyingly brilliant girl managed to drop her soap, making a show of bending down at the waist to pick the slippery thing back up again.
  123. >The cunning vixen laid her trap, and you’ve sprung it without a moment’s hesitation.
  124. >Being presented with her round, glistening backside, your body is quickly beginning to react, redirecting your flow of blood to conspicuous places before you can intervene and force your mind on the regular matric of the tiles again.
  125. >Pushing out her ass - and everything in its direct vicinity - a little more, Derpy looks back at you with a grin, giving a little shake as she notices your predicament.
  126. >"Ah, sorry Anon. I know, I’m such a klutz sometimes", she explains while continuing to fumble around for the soap bar, spreading her legs a little wider to give you a better view of her soapy bits.
  127. >Realizing there’s no point in trying to hide your erection, you decide to admit defeat.
  128. "Fine, get up. You can have my shampoo."
  129. >Being uncannily quick to realize her advantage, Derpy presses on.
  130. >"Thanks, Anon. You know, it’s always so hard to reach my back. Could you help me out?"
  131. "Yeah, yeah, just get up, will you?"
  132. >With a smile, and much more shaking of her hips than needed, the girl straightens herself out, flipping her wet hair over her shoulders with a practiced motion to offer you her back.
  133. >You squirt a bit of shampoo into your hands and begin rubbing it into her skin with outstretched arms, working hard to distract yourself from how creamy soft and wet it is.
  134. >"Ahh…" she moans, taking a small step back to close the gap.
  135. >"Maybe a little lower."
  136. >You comply, your mind’s resistance quickly crumbling and melting into the softness of her body while you spread more of the soap along her back.
  137. >Stepping further and further back, it’s not long until Derpy’s ass cheeks are mere centimeters away from your painfully throbbing erection.
  138. >And you can’t even be bothered to care anymore.
  139. >Your hands now generously work in the soap, kneading and massaging the girls back and - after a few more seconds of hesitation - her butt.
  140. >How can she be so soft?
  141. >How can her body be so deliciously curvy; so lewd?
  142. >Derpy seems to enjoy herself too, a few moans and gasps escaping her lips when you grab onto her a bit more forcefully.
  143. >Giving you one last sly look over her shoulder, she takes the final step back, enveloping your dick with her wet, creamy thighs.
  144. >"Oh! Looks like I need to soap you in too, huh?" she asks with a giggle as she slowly begins rocking back and forth, leaning into your for support while pressing her thighs together to produce as much pressure as she can muster.
  145. >Having lost all your restraint by now, you let your hands wander along her body, freely exploring her soapy breasts with your wanting fingers.
  146. >You wonder what would happen if you grabbed them.
  147. >"Mhhh…!"
  148. >Or if you pinched her nipples.
  149. >"Ah!"
  150. >Picking up speed, Derpy apparently doesn’t want to be outdone, reaching back with one of her hands to find and softly knead your balls.
  151. >This fucking girl.
  152. >You can feel yourself getting close, and it is at this moment she turns her head around, forcing her lips on yours in a wet, drawn-out kiss.
  153. >You release your pent-up lust while still trapped between her thighs, the girl apparently enjoying the sensation of the hot, sticky liquid splashing onto her lower lips.
  154. >After a minute of panting and staring into each other’s eyes, waiting to come down from the rush you both feel, Derpy spreads her legs again, allowing you to pull your happy member out from between them.
  155. >Thick globs of cum begin running down her thighs, mixing with the water and her own sparkling fluids.
  156. >Reaching down, she scoops one of them up with her finger and proceeds to suck the fluid off of it, distorting her face in disgust after a few seconds.
  157. >"I thought it’d taste nice", she explains a little shocked.
  158. >"In the movies they always act like it tastes nice."
  159. >This fucking girl.
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