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  1. S6 E1/2 - Heart and Mind (22 mins.) - The Crystal Gems reevaluate their dedication to Rose's memory.
  2. S6 E3 - Embrace the Emerald     - Emerald manages to track down Lars, and she isn't leaving without a fight.
  3. S6 E4 - Palette Swap            - Steven introduces the Off Colors to Earth.
  4. S6 E5 - Connie the Artist       - When Steven accidentally ruins Connie's art final, Connie learns the art of lying.
  5. S6 E6 - Lars and Lily           - Lars hits it off with a new girl in town, Lily.
  6. S6 E7 - Pearl and Pink          - Pearl must decide if she actually loves her new girlfriend or if she is just a coping mechanism.
  7. S6 E8 - On The Dot          - In an effort to test her metal abilities, Peridot destroys and attempts to rebuild Greg's van.
  8. S6 E9 - The Quartz That Could       - Lapis, now a prisoner on Homeworld, strikes up a bond with her new cellmate.
  9. S6 E10 - A Tale of Two Gems     - Lapis and Topaz bust out of Homeworld, now being hunted by the bounty hunter Aquamarine.
  10. S6 E11 - Back to Bismuth        - The Gems decide to unbubble Bismuth.
  11. S6 E12 - Whipped Into Shape     - Amethyst begins taking combat lessons with Topaz and Bismuth.
  12. S6 E13 - Blue Skies         - Lapis and Peridot reevaluate their relationship.
  13. S6 E14 - Orange You Glad        - Aquamarine sets a corrupted Jasper loose in the Temple.
  14. S6 E15 - Marine Expedition      - The Gems split up on a mission to find Aquamarine
  15. S6 E16 - Lapis Loserli          - After being both overwhelmed and given a nickname by Aquamarine, Lapis decides to train with the Quartz.
  16. S6 E17 - Call of the Sea        - In an effort to prove herself, Lapis tries to reconstruct the Sea Spire.
  17. S6 E18 - Wanded Criminal        - Lapis and Peridot have a final showdown with Aquamarine.
  18. S6 E19/E20 - Upper Crust (22 mins.)     - Aquamarine recounts her life as a member of Gem nobility and agrees to ally with Lapis and Peridot.
  19. S6 E21 - Periphrasing           - Peridot tries to convince the Crystal Gems to trust Aquamarine and invade the Diamond's Jubilee.
  20. S6 E22 - The Smallest Battle        - A battle of wits between Peridot and Aquamarine turns sour.
  21. S6 E23 - Homeworld Bound        - The Gems set off to Homeworld.
  22. S6 E24 - Dance of the Diamonds      - Steven, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, and the Off Colors must find a way into the Diamond's Jubilee uncaught.
  23. S6 E25 - Duel of the Diamonds       - Blue Diamond's plan comes into play.
  24. S6 E26 - Every Rose Has Its Thorn   - The Diamonds learn about Steven's true identity.
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