Half-Moon in Equestria 16

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  1. Reaching the field, you have time to look over your lines, before a poof of purple smoke announces the arrival of Trixe.
  2. "The Great and Powerful Trixie has arrived" She proclaims, stepping forth out of the smoke.
  3. You simple nod and say "Ready to go?"
  4. "Yes, if it will hasten the time required befor you can teach her, Trixie is ready."
  5. "Good, follow me" you say, walking off to te nearby edge of the woods. Trixie folloes, and you stop in front of a larger tree, before pulling a piece of chalk from your robe.
  6. "Consider this a preview into what you will be learning Trixie" On the tree, you slowly draw a transmutation circle, much to Trixies bewilderment. Pressing your palms on it, you slowly work energy into it,  and a small log begins forming out of the tree. after about a minute of slow work, the log is about 6 feet long, and a half foot across. as you finish, the log falls, and hits the ground with a soft thump.
  7. "What was that?" Trixie asks bewildered.
  8. "That was the basis of my human "Magic". its called alchemy, the thing is, you didn't see the circles that I had, since I hid them, and only pulled them out for use.".
  9. "so you magic isnt realy magic?!" Trixie exclaims, shocked.
  10. "Yes and no, By most definitions, it is magic, except it follows all laws of nature and science. Its an ability every human has, its just most never learn how to use it, so alchemists are often few and far between in my home country. But thats enough of that, don't want to tell you too much, and leave you bored tommorow."
  11. "Fine Trixie will stop asking questions" She says, sitting down.
  12. Nodding, you move on to the next large tree, and repeat the process. this happens several times, untill ou have a good 2 dozen logs.
  13. "Trixie, I need you to start carrying logs back to the field, just be careful not to trip on the circles edge." Hefting a pair of logs yourself, you see trixie levitate another pair. Carrying the logs back isn't too hard, you were in pretty good shape, but if you had had to move all of them, you would have probably ended up spending the night out here, to tired to go back. after a halfdozen more trips, all logs are back inside the circle in a nice neat pile.
  14. Sitting down, you pull out the last of the Flame fruit you had, and pass one over to Trixie.
  15. "Hope you like spicy" You say, putting the entire fruit in your mouth, and biting down, the juices running all around and down your throat. Looking over, you see Trixie has done the same as well, and the red tinge is starting to cover her. You hold it in longer, making a larger flame, and you see Trixie release, mildly surprised at the poof of flames. She looks at you surprised, and see's you going increasingly brighter shades of red. her eyes heep widening as you become redder and redder, before you look up, and release a huge fireball.
  16. She almost jumps, but restrains herself and asks "Is that how you made the fire the other day?"
  17. "No, that was Alchemy, this is merely a side-effect of a fruit I enjoy, which you just tried." Standing up, you stretch a bit, before saying "Thank you for the help Trixie, meet up here tommorow after breakfast for Lessons. She nods, and is gone in a puff of smoke.
  18. Making your way into town, you stop at Carousel Boutique. As you enter you hear Rarity call from the back "Coming". Soon you see her come out from the back, before she says "Ah, Anon, I was hoping you would stop by. I finished your clothes yesterday, and forgot to mention it earlier."
  19. You nod, and Rarity brings a box out from the back with magic. You take the box, open it, and see a pair of black pants, and a green t-shirt, as well as a forest green long-tail coat.
  20. "Rarity, do you have somewhere for me to put my stuff while I change, so you can examine my robe?"
  21. "Of course dear, the changing room is over there" she says gesturing to a curtained off area of the room.
  22. You head in, and find a small table, a full pony length mirror, and a few hooks in the wall.
  23. Emptying your pockets onto the table, you carefully place your State Alchemist watch there as well. Removing your robe, you hang it on one hook, and remove your shorts. These, you fold up, and set them on the ground. Pulling on the pants, you are amazed at the fit of them, even though they were measured for without your boxers. As you turn and stretch to get a feel for them, you call out to Rarity "These pants fit better than any other pair I have ever had. You are one amazing seamstress."
  24. She calls back "Of course dear, but I will be an even better one once I get a look at that robe of yours."
  25. You pull on the shirt, and just like the pants, it fits like a dream, not binding in any way. Pulling on the coat, you shuffle a bit, to get it settled into place, before picking up your Alchemist watch. The coat, surprisingly, has a loop right above the right side pocket, which you attach the chain of your watch to. Sliding the watch into your pocket, you gather your other things, and put them in the few other pockets on the coat and pants. Admiring yourself in the mirror, you can see how amazing of a job Rarity has done. You needed a bit of a shave, and your hair was a bit messy, but otherwise, you looked absolutely amazing.
  26. Stepping out of the changing room, you hear Rarity's "Ooooh" as she looks you over. "I must say, even though it is a little simple, you look absoltely smashing."
  27. "I must agree Miss Rarity, you did an amazing job with these, and as promised, you can look over my old clothes. I left them in the changing room."
  28. Thank you Darling, I will enjoy it very much, If you would be so kind as to leave, I would very much like to get started."
  29. "Of course Miss Rarity, I hope to order clothes from you in the future." Taking your leave, you turn back for a moment, and see Rarity all over your Robe, measuring tapes flying everywhere.
  30. You head to the library, which isn't far, and find Twilight inside, reading a book.
  31. "Hey Twilight, ready for your training tommorow?" you call out startling her out of her book.
  32. "OH!. Anon, dont startle me like that!"
  33. "I didn't mean to, it seems like you get a bit focused in your books."
  34. She looks down and blushes a bit "Yeah, I guess I do. I am ready to start learning, and I can't wait."
  35. You smile at this. "We will be starting after breakfast, so go and get some sleep."
  36. Twilight sighs, and nods, before heading upstairs to her bed.
  37. Stretching out, you climb into your bed for a peacefull nights sleep.
  38. Or so you hoped.
  40. You are on a stage, standing in front of a huge crowd, and they are cheering. you can see the Princesses, as well as all your friends from Ponyville. You bow, and you can feel someone else bowing beside you.
  41. Looking over, you see Trixie in her purple cape.
  42. As you step offstage, you and Trixie share a deep gaze, before you sweep her up, pressing your lips to hers. you share this moment for a time, neither making a move to enter eachother. Pulling back, you give a rather good Bedroom look, and Trixie looks back with a similar one.
  43. You hasten your step towards your shared dressing room. As you open the door, Trixie pulls you in for a much deeper, more romantic kiss, her tongue entering your mouth for the briefest of moments before you force it back into hers with your own. the taste couldn't be sweeter, like a mixture of...
  45. "God Freaking Damn It Luna!!!" You shout out angrily, Glaring out the window. You can see Luna there with a grin on her face so wide, you could swear it was going to split her face in half.
  46. Shaking your head you fall back into bed, and sleep.
  47. Morning soon comes, no further dreams were to be had.
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