MagiReco Main Story 7.17

Jun 2nd, 2018
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  1. The Goal of Magius
  3. 17.7.1
  4. [at the base of the Ferris wheel]
  5. Rena: "Huh? The rumor has..."
  6. Kaede: "I-it disappeared, Rena-chan!"
  7. Alina: "This is really bad..."
  8. Touka: "Aw man, it ended up a waste of energy."
  9. Kanagi: "It seems it's ended up alright."
  10. Momoko: "Yeah, Iroha and the others managed to work things out."
  11. Touka: "Hmf."
  12. "We still don't know what happened to the Strongest."
  13. Tsuruno [in background]: "No need to worry!"
  14. "I only have enough energy for 20 points, but I've got full points in motivation!"
  15. "The Strongest magical girl, Yui Tsuruno is back!"
  16. Touka: "!?"
  17. [we see the whole Mikadzuki House team]
  18. Touka: "..."
  19. Iroha: "Now everyone who was getting drawn into the rumor are all free, Touka-chan."
  20. Touka: "That's right."
  21. "It really pisses me off."
  22. "I want to take all the energy we gathered and dismantle you down to an atomic level."
  23. "But I won't, because release is far off once again."
  24. Yachiyo: "You'd better put a stop to doing it like this."
  25. Iroha: "That's right, Touka-chan, don't do this..."
  26. Touka: "If you don't like how we're doing this, then just don't involve yourselves with us!"
  27. "sighhhh..."
  28. "It would all have been over if things had gone well this time..."
  29. "All of us Magius could have been celebrating instead."
  30. Iroha: "All of you... You mean, the last one is here...?"
  31. [insert image of rumor spreader dude]
  32. rumor dude: "Oh, you've already heard? Who did you hear it from? The rumor of Chelation Land?"
  33. "You can relax and laze around and be happy. It's the grand opening of a stress-free theme park♪"
  34. "You'll be able to stay here forever, since you definitely won't want to go home!"
  35. "However, your attention please! When the park is full, everyone who doesn't want to go home will exit from this world. That's the big new rumor among the people of Kamihama City."
  36. "Ah, oh well!"
  37. [back to the base of the Ferris wheel]
  38. ???: "Rumor-san, that rumor has already perished."
  39. rumor-dude: "Ah, oh well!"
  40. Yachiyo: "That voice before was that familiar-like thing."
  41. Iroha: "And also..."
  42. Touka: "Ah, it's Nemu-chan. Is it okay to be up and about already?"
  43. [insert black and white image of Nemu in costume with the rumor dude]
  44. Nemu: *I can't say that everything is perfect, but I came here thinking we'd be celebrating.*
  45. *However, when I took off the lid to see how things are going, what troublesome troubles!*
  46. *It was shocking to find that my life has once more been erased."
  47. [insert a closer color image of Nemu and the rumor dude]
  48. Iroha: *Nemu... chan?*
  49. Nemu: *Nice to meet you, Tamaki Iroha. My name is Hiiragi Nemu.*
  50. *It seems you have done quite a bit of searching for me. I must apologize for now being the time when we finally meet.*
  51. *In order to create one rumor, it's almost like using up my own life.*
  52. *The strain builds up and I become unable to move, so it has taken this long for us to have the chance to meet.*
  53. Iroha: *No way... You were the last Magius, Nemu-chan...*
  54. *Then, what about my memory of Ui...*
  55. [now we just see Nemu]
  56. Nemu: "It's just as Touka said."
  57. "It seems you have some extremely mysterious memories."
  58. "With that aside..."
  59. "I hear you have erased countless world that I materialized."
  60. "I find myself with both anger and regret."
  61. Yachiyo: "Really, so you were the creator of all the rumors in the city..."
  62. Nemu: "Precisely, I am their creator."
  63. Iroha: "Nemu-chan, you're a Magius..."
  64. "You made rumors..."
  65. [battle]
  66. Touka: "They're all so mean, right? We already don't have enough time, and they're even shaving away at your life."
  67. "And here we're trying to release everyone."
  68. Alina: "We've come this far, so I think this is actually good..."
  69. "There's no need for us to hold back anymore."
  70. "Let's just take them all out without worrying about anything."
  71. Nemu: "We were supposed to have been able to gather most of the energy we needed by this point..."
  72. "But if working from the shadows doesn't work and working in the open doesn't work..."
  73. "All we can do now is work selfishly...ah..."
  74. "siiiighhhhh..."
  75. [she collapses]
  76. Touka: "Nemu!"
  77. "Your soul gem hasn't stabilized yet, you have to rest more!"
  78. Nemu: "I just... wanted to greet Tamaki Iroha..."
  79. Iroha: "..."
  80. (Did Nemu-chan really make all of the rumors in Kamihama?)
  81. [fade to black]
  82. Iroha: *If that's so...*
  83. [flashback to of the hospital room with Touka, Nemu, and Ui]
  84. Iroha: *The reason I knew that rumor...*
  85. [fade to black]
  86. Iroha: *Was because I myself was in the place where it was created...*
  88. 7.17.2
  89. [still at the base of the Ferris wheel]
  90. Iroha: "Nemu-chan, are you alright?"
  91. Touka: "This is our problem, you don't have to but in, Tamaki Iroha."
  92. Nemu: "It's fine... I just got a bit dizzy."
  93. Iroha: "Nemu-chan..."
  94. Nemu: "What, Tamaki Iroha..."
  95. Iroha: "I know about the rumor you created."
  96. Nemu: "What do you mean by that? Something from the veteran's files?"
  97. Iroha: "No."
  98. "I'm sure... you thought of the rumor in the hospital..."
  99. "Touka-chan and Nemu-chan... together with Ui..."
  100. Touka: "I knew it, something's wrong with you, Tamaki Iroha."
  101. Nemu: "Yeah."
  102. "Unfortunately, you're misremembering. Or perhaps you could say your memories are fabricated."
  103. "This is a work that I came up with."
  104. "There is no proof that the truth has been distorted."
  105. Tsuruno: "Iroha-chan... Is that really true?"
  106. Iroha: "Yeah, in my memory all three of them made it."
  107. Momoko: "So that memory was forgotten together with Ui-chan, huh..."
  108. Kanagi: "So strange things like that actually happen."
  109. Touka: "Nothing's strange about it. It's just that something's wrong with Tamaki Iroha."
  110. "Why do all of you believe what she says?"
  111. Yachiyo: "Because we're friends."
  112. Felicia: "That's right, we all support each other when we're worried about something."
  113. Sana: "Yes..."
  114. "So we all believe what Iroha-san says..."
  115. Touka: "Hmmmm?"
  116. "Well, it seems our viewpoints are never going to meet."
  117. "Ah, oh well."
  118. "More importantly, let's talk about something more productive."
  119. Alina: "You plan on compromising again?"
  120. Touka: "It's not compromising, just promoting mutual understanding."
  121. Nemu: "If we could do that, we could avoid unnecessary fighting."
  122. "So if we could cooperate on our goal..."
  123. "The means of release, then there would be no loss for us."
  124. Touka: "Yeah, that's right."
  125. "Putting aside this talk of strange memories..."
  126. "Allow me to explain how we intend to achieve the goal of Magius."
  127. "Perhaps you might come to accept what we have done so far."
  128. Yachiyo: "I'm sure we won't, but let's hear what you have to say."
  129. Iroha: "..."
  130. [battle]
  131. Touka: "Our goal, you see, is to free magical girls..."
  132. "From the shackles of the witch transformation."
  133. "I'm sure you know of this already?"
  134. Yachiyo: "Yeah, we already know."
  135. [now fade to white with just Touka]
  136. Touka: "The foundations of this are already in place here in Kamihama."
  137. "That meddlesome Kyubey isn't around, and you already can't become a witch, right?"
  138. "Don't you think that's ideal?"
  139. "Aside from having your soul gem crushed, there's noooothing to be afraid of anymore."
  140. "And so what I want is to spread that over the entire world."
  141. "While protecting and raising witches, and making lots of rumors."
  142. [back to the field by the Ferris wheel]
  143. Yachiyo: "You want to spread this area where you cannot become a witch across the entire world?"
  144. Touka: "Precisely."
  145. Yachiyo: "I understand what you want now, but that doesn't explain anything."
  146. Tsuruno: "Yeah, by what logic does that require witches and rumors?"
  147. Touka: "Come on, don't rush me!"
  148. "Um, you see...'
  149. [fade to gray]
  150. Touka: *The reason that we use witches and rumors is because we want energy.*
  151. [insert image of the Rumor of the Townspeople Horse]
  152. Touka: *The energy that the people of Kamihama exhibit when they're happy or sad because of rumors...*
  153. [insert image of the sheep witch]
  154. Touka: *Or the energy that witches save up, or the energy from when a magical girl transforms into a witch...*
  155. [insert image of ? squiggly]
  156. Touka: *By using all of this saved up energy, we can release everyone."
  157. [Alina shows up]
  158. Alina: *That's how it is.*
  159. *We are using all the gathered energy to promote the incubation of the Embryo Eve.*
  160. Nemu: *And as a result, if all three Magius are together at the time of the hatching of the Embryo Eve, we can face the world from Kamihama here and cause a miracle to occur."
  161. [back to the field]
  162. Nemu: "If we are able to realize that, it will be an unparalleled victory, akin to winning a war of independence."
  163. Touka: "Right!"
  164. "Having become independent of the existence known as Kyubey, humanity will be acknowledged across space."
  165. "If we can do that, it might take many thousands of years..."
  166. "But humanity might be able to explore the entirety of the universe."
  167. Nemu: "For me, it won't be just Kamihama."
  168. "I'll turn the entire world into my manuscript and realize all kinds of stories."
  169. Alina: "And I will have my artwork reign forever as a symbol of life."
  170. "Next I will entrust my soul to art patterned on the universe."
  171. Touka: "Of course, all the magical girls will be all happy happy for being saved."
  172. Momoko: "Being acknowledged across space? That's quite a leap there..."
  173. Rena: "And what is this Embryo Eve thing..."
  174. "This is making my head hurt..."
  175. Felicia: "......u-uhh."
  176. Kaede: "And Felicia-chan has frozen..."
  177. Yachiyo: "sigh..."
  178. "I have all sorts of things I want to ask, but let me have this one question."
  179. Touka: "Go ahead."
  180. Yachiyo: "Why, with such lofty ideals, do you need to make use of humans?"
  181. Touka: "Did I not say?"
  182. "Isn't it better to use people who are worth less than magical girls first?"
  183. "There's a risk involved in everything, so we have to use what we can."
  184. Yachiyo: "So I just needed to ask this from the start..."
  185. Iroha: "..."
  186. Tsuruno: "Iroha-chan..."
  187. Iroha: "Leaving aside my memories..."
  188. "Even if you're the Touka-chan and Nemu-chan I liked..."
  189. "It still isn't good to do..."
  190. "No matter how long you spent thinking of this..."
  191. "Even if you wanted to save everyone..."
  192. "There are things you mustn't do..."
  193. "Do you two think it would be okay to kill your families like this?"
  194. Touka: "..."
  195. "Hmf. Does everyone else think the same?"
  196. [we see all of Iroha's allies]
  197. Touka: "..."
  198. "Well fine then, we didn't get anything out of explaining."
  199. "Let's go, Nemu, Alina!"
  200. "But we've already decided on this, we don't have any other choice."
  201. Nemu: "That's right."
  202. "I'll be erasing the rumors myself, so that they won't get used in the future."
  203. Yachiyo: "Weren't you supposed to protect them?"
  204. Nemu: "Their role is pretty much finished. We only need a bit more."
  205. "I look forward to spinning our future history."
  206. Alina: "Bye-bye."
  207. Touka: "Ah, Mifuyu, take care of the Wings for us."
  208. Mifuyu: "..."
  210. 7.17.3
  211. [at the base of the Ferris wheel, we see Mifuyu and two black wings]
  212. Mifuyu: "Well then, let's all return."
  213. black wing 1: "Yes..."
  214. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu..."
  215. Mifuyu: "Yacchan..."
  216. Yachiyo: "..."
  217. Mifuyu: "..."
  218. "I'm sorry, everyone, please go ahead of me."
  219. "I'll follow you later."
  220. black wing; "Understood..."
  221. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu, thank you for this time..."
  222. "Thanks to you, we managed to save all our friends..."
  223. Iroha: "I'd like to thank you as well."
  224. Mifuyu: "It was just on a whim."
  225. "If that's all you have to say, then I'll be leaving."
  226. Yachiyo: "Hey, why don't you just come back to us now?"
  227. Mifuyu: "..."
  228. "I acknowledge..."
  229. "That their methods are problematic."
  230. "However, I am seeking a world where we don't become witches."
  231. "And also, I have a responsibility."
  232. "A responsibility to all the black wings and white wings I've pulled into this..."
  233. "And so, I must achieve it..."
  234. "The goal of making all of their dreams come true..."
  235. "I'm sorry..."
  236. [she leaves]
  237. Yachiyo: "..."
  238. "sigh..."
  239. Iroha: "We've only just reunited, and now we're all somber..."
  240. Sana: "Yes..."
  241. Felicia: "I'm still bursting with energy though!"
  242. Tsuruno: "I'm still cheerful too!"
  243. "At least we know that Mifuyu hasn't changed."
  244. Yachiyo: "That at least is a relief..."
  245. "sigh... Let's go home."
  246. Iroha: "Yes..."
  247. "Rena-chan and Kaede-chan, thanks for coming today."
  248. "Thanks to you two, we managed to save Tsuruno-chan."
  249. Rena: "Mm, you don't have to thank us or anything. You helped Kaede come back too."
  250. Iroha: "But... Well, if that's the case, I'll treat you to something."
  251. "Could you accept just that?"
  252. Rena: "...gulp..."
  253. "W-Well, if that's the case..."
  254. Kaede: "I'd like to try making original granola."
  255. Iroha: "That sounds fun, since it's something we can do by hand."
  256. Rena: "Wha, Kaede! Don't just decide things on your own!"
  257. Momoko: "Come on, don't start bickering right after it's all settled down."
  258. Kanagi: "Nanami, Tamaki-kun."
  259. Iroha: "Kanagi-san."
  260. Kanagi: "Those Magius folks were certainly worked up about something."
  261. "You never know what a cornered beast is going to do."
  262. "Can we set up a meeting soon?"
  263. Yachiyo: "Yes, let's do that."
  264. "But, rather than beasts, I'd call them misguided geniuses."
  265. Kanagi: "All humans are beasts."
  266. "Well then, drop me a line sometime."
  267. Yachiyo: "Yeah, I will."
  268. Kanagi: "Then, come visit my restaurant."
  269. "We welcome your visit, Master."
  270. [she leaves]
  271. Yachiyo: "So, let's all head back."
  272. Iroha: "Yeah, let's go home to Mikadzuki House."
  273. Sana: "Even though I've already returned, it feels like it's been a long time..."
  274. Tsuruno: "Yeah, we've only been apart for a short time, but I sure miss it!"
  275. Felicia: "Ahh, I'm hungry..."
  276. Yachiyo: "We can't relax quite yet."
  277. "While it's fresh, let's try to summarize what the Magius were talking about."
  278. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  279. Felicia: "We're not done talking about difficult things?"
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