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  4. This employer participates in Federal and State tax credit programs such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). These tax credit programs are offered by the federal government to increase hiring and improve retention of employees.
  6. Ernst & Young (EY) is an independent tax consulting firm that has been hired by this employer to administer this and other federal tax credit programs. As part of its administration of the tax credit program, EY requests that you complete the following on-line survey. Your participation in the survey is voluntary, and your decision to participate (or not to participate) will not have any negative effect on the consideration of your application for employment by this employer. Should you choose to participate in the survey, the information you provide will be used solely by EY to determine your eligibility under the tax credit program and this employer's eligibility to obtain tax credits. EY's determinations as to tax credit eligibility will not affect the consideration of your application for employment by this employer. All information you provide will be kept confidential by EY. Your answers to the survey questions will not be shared with this employer. Click for more information
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