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  1. Hey, I'm happy to answer all your questions.
  2. 1) Investment philosophy: We ourselves do not have and need an investment philosophy as we are not investing in ICOs ourselves, rather the Syndicate Leads make the investment decisions 2) ICO selection: This is also the responsibility of the respective Syndicate Lead. What we do is assess and select Syndicate Leads that can create & manage pools on our platform (those are VCs, investment funds, investors w/ reputation..). However we are working on a solution to provide some kind of "matchmaking" mechanism for ICO projects to directly pitch their project and get in touch with Syndicate Leads 3) Who is behind the project: We are a team of 5, 4 of them headquartered in Berlin and me based in Frankfurt. You can check our profiles on LinkedIn 4) Potential failure: We are a fully decentralized app, so even if we would fail, all funds are accessible on the Ethereum blockchain and investors always have an opt-out option
  4. In case of any further question, feel free to reach out to me directly: sebastian@coinmirror.co
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