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Rimworld Mod Changelog

Jamestec Oct 15th, 2016 (edited) 552 Never
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  1. 01/08/17
  2. >>Update JTSavagePrisoners: Initial A17 release. Uses Xpath.
  3. >>Update JTWeRAnimals: Initial A17 release. Uses Xpath.
  5. 02/07/17
  6. >>Update JTHomemadeBionics: Initial A17 release. Uses Xpath.
  8. 16/06/17
  9. >>Update JTBetterCrashedShips: Initial A17 release. Uses Xpath.
  10. >>Update JTDrill5Eva: Initial A17 release.
  11. >>Update JTMoreHydroponicOptions: Initial A17 release. Uses Xpath.
  13. 11/06/17
  14. >>Update JTBetterHauling: Initial A17 release. Inherits Verse.Mod. Have not tested with multiple maps, but it's probably fine.
  15. >>Update JTMoreAreas: Initial A17 release. Inherits Verse.Mod. Fixes scrolling in Dialog_ManageAreas under certain conditions. Sorts Haul areas in Manage Areas dialog; top is hauled first and bottom is last. Area Manager/Hub is disabled for now since I can't get them to work without errors. Wonder if anyone uses Area Manager/Hub, I'll wait until someone requests then I'll see to fixing it. Tried using xpath to add a designator, but no work =(.
  17. 06/06/17
  18. >>Update JTExport: Removed local copy of A17 Enhanced Crafting; forgot to change settings in Visual Studio. As per kivwise's bug report.
  20. 05/06/17
  21. >>Update JTZoneButtons: Initial A17 release. Inheriting Verse.Mod. Compatibility code changes.
  22. >>Update JTExport: Inheriting Verse.Mod. Compatibility code changes.
  24. 04/06/17
  25. >>Update JTExport: Initial Alpha 17 release. Fixes specialThingFilter bug as per Maarx's report. Limited testing but A15/16 exports should still work. Update because procrastinating, still busy with internship.
  27. 03/01/16
  28. >>Update JTExport: Support v1.0.7 of Crafting Hysteresis. Last time I update to support Crafting Hysteresis since Enhanced Crafting is similar (and in my opinion, better). I'm also thinking about ceasing modding RimWorld entirely since it seems I won't be studying software this year. Anyone can claim/succeed my mods as their own.
  30. 23/12/16
  31. >>Update JTZoneButtons: Increment targetVersion to Alpha16 in About.xml, no code changes, this version still works with Alpha15. I did update the vanilla code since it uses a new loop, but it does the same thing with less lines.
  33. 22/12/16
  34. >>Update JTExport: Support A16 version of Crafting Hysteresis. Assembly Version changed again, I could probably use refection to circumvent this, but meh. I understand that Assembly Version should change if it's actually different, but from the point of view of compatibility, there weren't major changes which affect implementation. Nervously type my thoughts as AlcoholV demonstrated people actually read this for some reason.
  36. 17/12/16
  37. >>Update JTExport: Support A16 version of Enhanced Crafting and accommodate the changes: changed property MinCount to MinStock and changed the mod name in About.xml - the property name change is pretty annoying, pulling a Tynan or something? Add in missing vanilla faction check in Building.GetGizmos().
  39. 15/12/16
  40. >>Update JTReplaceWalls: Alpha 16 release.
  41. >>Update JTExport: Alpha 16 release. Probably not going to update JTCopyBills because JTExport can do the same albeit maybe some more clicks. Alpha 15 exports seem to work fine with Alpha 16 but the save location is different.
  43. 11/12/16
  44. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; Support scrap metal wall in Misc Stuff by Telkir. Allow other mods to add their stuff as replaceable: create a new static method that returns IEnumerable<string> with the method name as JTReplaceWalls_walls, JTReplaceWalls_doors or JTReplaceWalls_conduits. Change existing compatibility to use 2.0 system.
  46. 06/12/16
  47. >>Update JTExport; Support (AC-)Enhanced Crafting by AlcoholV. Importing is interchangeable, meaning it will convert Vanilla <--> Crafting Hysteresis <--> Enhanced Crafting <--> Vanilla. It will attempt to make use of Crafting Hysteresis values when importing as Enhanced Crafting bills and vice versa.
  49. 05/12/16
  50. >>Update JTZoneButtons; Supports other languages.
  51. >>Update JTExport; Fix exporting Crafting Hysteresis bills that don't use a unfinished item not actually exporting Crafting Hysteresis data (only vanilla bill data). I think I'm coming down with a cold.
  53. 04/12/16
  54. >>Update JTMoreAreas; Added Rename, New Area, Redo buttons. Undo/Redo no longer gets lost when you select something on the map. Copy/Delete From show the area you're going to copy/delete. Separate haul area listing for JTBetterHauling. Allow the possibility of other mods adding more buttons. Area rename dialog shows current existing areas and accepts no change as a rename to ease renaming. Not sure if this is all (there are a few tweaks not mentioned like rename dialog automatically selecting text field to edit), forgot to write down changes.
  55. >>Update JTMoreAreas; Undo/Redo buttons show what the area will look like after pressing the button.
  57. 03/12/16
  58. >>Update JTMoreAreas; Seperates colonist and animal area listing and adds an edit button. Implements an Area Manager/Hub where you can easily edit areas. Attempt to change colour failed. Integration with JTBetterHauling for area management to come.
  60. 27/11/16
  61. >>New mod JTZoneButtons; Adds buttons for creating/expanding and deleting/shrinking stockpiles and growing zones when selecting a stockpile or growing zone.
  62. >>Update JTCopyBills; Better compatiblity with my mods that replace Building.getGizmos().
  63. >>Update JTExport; Better compatibility with my mods that replace Building.getGizmos() and Zone_Stockpile.getGizmos().
  64. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; Replaced a lot of detours with a better way. You can easily access private fields and methods with dummy fields/methods whose purpose is to let your mod be compiled.
  65. >>Update JTZoneButtons; Adds missing allow sowing button; strangely this button doesn't appear anywhere in the decompiled source.
  66. >>Update JTZoneButtons; Remove some debug statements.
  68. 25/11/16
  69. >>Update JTExport; support for stockpiles.
  71. 24/11/16
  72. >>New mod JTExport; Export and import worktable bills. Support for exporting and importing stockpiles to come.
  73. >>Update JTCopyBills; compatibility with JTExport.
  74. >>Update JTExport; Fix some missing ThingFilter values (allowedHitPointsConfigurable, allowedQualitiesConfigurable, disallowedSpecialFilters). You should update to this version (1.1) and re-export the original bills.
  76. 21/11/16
  77. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; fix another float menu popping up when selecting what stuff to build with.
  78. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; support for ConcreteWalls by Porohkun.
  80. 15/11/16
  81. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; different stuffDef workaround for linux compatibility.
  83. 07/11/16
  84. >>Update JTCopyBills; copy and paste surgery bills.
  86. 29/10/16
  87. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; compatibility with invisible power conduit in PowerSwitch by Halpo.
  88. >>New mod JTReplaceWalls_NoStuff; failed to adapt https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=23569 to get private field values instead of Reflection; something about ThingDef or strings not being bittable and something about pointers. RawCode's method seems to only work with bittable types. cbf installing Linux and reproducing SIGSEGV error so this workaround mod will do for now.
  90. 27/10/16
  91. >>Update JTCopyBills; fixes converting vanilla bill with unfinished to Crafting Hysteresis bill with unfinished. Updating recommended if you are picking up Crafting Hysteresis mid-game. This was a logical error; converting would convert all bills to Crafting Hysteresis without unfinished which would then throw an error when a colonist tries to make something with that bill.
  93. 20/10/16
  94. >>Update JTExtendedPowerArmor; powered and super helmets for psychic decrease and light respectively.
  96. 19/10/16
  97. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; support for ED-Embrasures. Does not mean you have to have it.
  99. 18/10/16
  100. >>Update JTBetterHauling; 1.2 lowers detouring with XML. 1.3 removes debug code causing frame drops.
  101. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; placing walls and doors on mineable will cause mineable to automatically be set to be mined. Added new workgiver that makes constructors mine things out that have a blueprint on top.
  102. >>New mod JTBetterHaulingAnimalsJoke; a joke mod. Makes all the animals on the map instantly haul for you.
  104. 17/10/16
  105. >>New mod JTMoreAreas; removes area limit and modifies AreaManager GUI to handle more than 5.
  107. 16/10/16
  108. >>New mod JTBetterHauling; prioritises hauling degradable items with 50 cell buffer. Colonists and pets.
  109. >>Update JTBetterHauling; items are hauled based on areas set, not 50 cell buffer anymore.
  110. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; latest update broke smart stuff building for walls. Updated about.
  111. >>Update JTSavagePrisonersCompatPsychology; about update - no function update.
  112. >>Update JTWeRAnimals; about update - no function update.
  113. >>Update JTCopyBills; 1.2, 1.3, 1.4,: 1.3 made 1.2 update useless. Pasting bills no longer remove any bills since deleting bills is easy, creating is tedious; there is a maximum of 15 bills per table in vanilla, my mod respects that. If you have Crafting Hysteresis, pasting vanilla bills will convert them to Crafting Hysteresis bills; this mod can be used to ease into Crafting Hysteresis if you pick it up mid-game. 1.4 fixes ingredientslist being linked.Updated about.
  116. 15/10/16
  117. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; support replacing doors in similar manner. Reflection update.
  119. 13/10/16
  120. >>New mod JTReplaceWalls; no longer to do you have to deconstruct then construct to fireproof your walls.
  121. >>Update JTReplaceWalls; reduces reflection usage when not required. Updating not necessary unless you already play RimWorld at 5 fps and want them extra frames.
  122. >>Update JTCopyBills; now supports Crafting Hysteresis bills, this does not mean you need Crafting Hysteresis. Update not necessary unless you use Crafting Hysteresis.
  124. 12/10/16
  125. >>New mod JTCopyBills; copy production table bills.
  126. >>Update JTCampFireCremate; added recipeUsers to recipe so overriding CampFire def is no longer needed. This improves compatibility. Should not break saves.
  127. >>Update JTMedicinePlus; added recipeUsers to recipe so overriding CraftingSpot def is no longer needed. This improves compatibility. Should not break saves.
  129. 10/10/16
  130. >>New mod JTExtendedPowerArmor; make power armor with no penalties as well as another one with reversed vanilla penalties.
  132. 09/10/16
  133. >>Update JTMedicinePlus; forgot to compile and copy over to assemblies folder. Nothing important, I just removed a feature name Debug I decided not to implement (add tendQuality line in-game). Not updating to latest shouldn't do any harm.
  134. >>New mod JTMoreHydroponicOptions; grow corn, haygrass, devilstrand in hydroponics. Default crop is now rice.
  136. 08/10/16
  137. >>Update JTMedicinePlus; MedicinePlus can be deconstructed back to normal medicine at a crafting spot. Takes 0 work. You can do 1 at a time or 25 at a time.
  139. 05/10/16
  140. >>Added abstract stuff to:
  141. JTBetterShipReactor, JTDrill5Eva, JTEfficientBatteries, JTHomemadeBionics, JTMeleeXP, JTOrbital, JTSavagePrisoners, JTSavagePrisonersCompatPsychology, JTWeRAnimals.
  142. You don't have to update if you don't get problems.
  144. 02/10/16
  145. >>New mod JTCampfireCremate.
  147. 30/09/16
  148. >>New mod JTBetterCrashedShips for dat plasteel.
  150. 27/09/16
  151. >>New mod JTMedicinePlus.
  153. 24/09/16
  154. >>New mod JTDrill5Eva.
  155. >>Update JTMeleeXP which doesn't require new save/new item for effect (save-game compatable with old JTMeleeXP).
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