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  1. <align="center"><size=200%><color=#800080>Pig's Official SCP SL Server</color></size>
  2. <color=#00FFFF>Welcome to Pig's Official SCP SL Server. We hope you have fun!</color>
  3. <color=#ffa500>Staff Applications are </color><color=green>open</color><color=#ffa500>.
  4. Apply on our Discord under the channel #staff-app-information under the SCP SL category | discord.gg/pigsindiegames</color>
  6. <size=150%><color=red>Rules:</color></size>
  7. <color=#ff69b4>[1] No discrimination is allowed.
  8. [2] Respect other players at all times.
  9. [3] You are not allowed to team kill other players on purpose.
  10. [4] Cheating will get you banned from our Discord and our servers.
  11. [5] Do not purposely delay rounds.
  12. [6] Don't activate the nuke too early in the round.
  13. [7] No spawnkilling.
  14. [8] Mic spamming is allowed as long as the song is a maximum of 20 seconds and not too loud.</color>
  15. </align>
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