Unbound Changelog 1.1.0

Jan 4th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. 1.1
  2. Difficulty Changes:
  3. -The "Casual" difficulty has been renamed to "Vanilla"
  4. -Insane has been made significantly harder
  5. -The doubles AI has had a significant upgrade
  6. -The singles switching AI has had a significant upgrade
  8. Map Changes:
  9. -The path to Arthur's friend's house on Route 9 is more noticeable
  10. -The bonus areas in Thundercap Mt. have been blocked off until the Zapdos event is complete
  11. -Thundercap Mt.'s summit and Route 12 got redesigns
  12. -The 1st Ruins of Void puzzle has been simplified
  13. -The Dusclops in the Ruins of Void are locked to post-game
  15. Gym Changes:
  16. -Gym team compositions have been modified mainly for Expert and Insane
  17. -Gym 1 will get harder if you try to overlevel too much for it on all difficulties
  18. -Gym 2 has a field effect that changes based on your difficulty
  19. -Gym 5 has a new field effect on difficulties other than Vanilla
  20. -Gym 6 has certain rules in the Leader fight based on your difficulty (the Roughnecks next to the Leader will tell you what they are)
  21. -Gyms 1 - 4 will get extra hard if you try overleveling on Expert
  22. -The bottom hallway puzzle in Gym 2 has been made much easier
  23. -The top hallway puzzle in Gym 2 has been made slightly easier
  25. Battle Facility Changes:
  26. -Random stat boosts have been reduced in the Battle Sands
  27. -Fog has been removed from the Battle Circus
  28. -The Battle Circus has some new effects
  29. -Trading Pokemon in the Battle Circus starts later on the smaller your team size
  30. -Focus Sash is now banned in the Antisis Ring Challenge
  31. -An Ubers tier has been added to the Battle Mine (with no Frontier Brain battle)
  32. -Shaymin won't change form at night in a Frontier battle
  34. Mission Changes:
  35. -Some main story Mission Log guide text has been made clearer
  36. -The story pertaining to Zapdos' capture has been altered
  37. -A Mission with Alice in Blizzard City has been added after Gym 3
  38. -The Genies roaming is now a prerequisite for Herd But Not Seen instead of the other way around
  39. -The reward for the Rogue Electivire has been improved significantly
  40. -The reward for Hero of the Hall has has been improved significantly
  41. -The reward for completing 70 Missions has been changed
  42. -The reward for completing the Pokedex Missions has been changed
  43. -The reward for Extreme Hyperosmia has been changed
  44. -The Shiny Charm, Oval Charm, and Catching Charm rewards have been moved around and save files have been adjusted to account for this
  46. QOL Changes:
  47. -New Game + can be unlocked by clearing the main post-game story
  48. -Encounter rates have been reduced in tall grass
  49. -Starter has a guaranteed perfect stat
  50. -The gift in Bellin Town gets all its bonuses across all difficulties
  51. -Swarm mons can be searched with the DexNav
  52. -Fishing mons can be searched with the DexNav
  53. -Safari Zone & night Pokemon now appear in the Pokedex
  54. -Difficult is allowed from Vanilla again
  55. -The KBT Gem Family appear in the main game (requires New Game)
  56. -A flier has been added between Blizzard City and Crater Town upon arrival in Blizzard City
  57. -A notification will appear on the main menu if you've tampered with the time
  58. -Egg Buyer in Redwood Village can buy multiple Eggs from you at a time
  59. -The Masuda method has been added in for Pokemon with different Trainer Ids
  60. -Constant RNG has been added back to certain locations in the overworld (mainly Legendary locations)
  61. -Groudon can surf on lava
  62. -Poliwrath gets Surging Strikes
  63. -The Dark Trainer in the Dresco Trainer House has been modified to give only Attack EVs
  64. -The Grass Trainer in the Dresco Trainer House has been modified to give only Sp. Atk EVs
  65. -The Fire Trainer in the Dresco Trainer House has been modified to give only Sp. Atk EVs
  66. -The Water Trainer in the Dresco Trainer House has been modified to give only Speed EVs
  67. -Self-confusion damage chance has been lowered to 33%
  68. -Parental Bond has been updated to Gen 7
  69. -The elemental monkeys have a chance of holding their evolutions stones
  71. Item Changes:
  72. -Utility Umbrella now ignores Fog
  73. -Magma Stone increases rate of Egg hatching (stacks with Flame Body)
  74. -A Soothe Bell is gifted in Dresco Town instead of Potions
  75. -The Clown that gave a Soothe Bell nows gives Defog. He will respawn if you've already talked to him and have not found Defog
  76. -Candice will now give a single Ice Gem if you defeat her
  77. -Aros' friend in Dresco Town will give a Fairy Gem instead of a Fire Gem
  78. -The Ace Trainer in Cinder Volcano will give a Fire Gem upon defeat
  79. -The Reveal Glass is obtained from the old woman in Magnolia Fields after capturing Landorus
  80. -The other Borrius starter Mega Stones are on Log's table as another reward for completing Portal Purge
  81. -Arthur will give the Salemencite in his home after he's rescued in the post-game
  82. -A Power Anklet is obtainable after Gym 3
  83. -A Power Belt is obtainable after Gym 3
  84. -A Power Band is obtainable after Gym 4
  85. -A Power Weight is obtainable after Gym 6
  86. -A Dawn Stone has been added in Frozen Heights after Gym 3
  87. -An Electirizer has been added in Thundercap Mt. after Gym 5
  88. -The hidden Water Stone on Route 7 after Gym 2 has been replaced with a Dawn Stone
  89. -The hidden Dusk Ball in Frost Mountain after Gym 2 has been replaced with a Dusk Stone
  90. -The Fire Stone in Cinder Volcano is accessible after Gym 3
  91. -The hidden Shiny Stone on Route 7 is obtainable after Gym 3
  92. -The Valley Cave Razor Fang is accessible after Gym 3
  93. -The Macho Brace on Route 10 is now obtainable before Gym 4 but costs $$$
  94. -The hidden Fire Stone in Cinder Volcano after Gym 4 has been replaced with a Sun Stone
  95. -The Frost Mountain Razor Claw is accessible after Gym 4
  96. -The Frost Mountain Shiny Stone is accessible after Gym 4
  97. -The hidden Electric Gem in Thundercap Mt. has been replaced with a Dusk Stone
  98. -A Dusk Stone has been added to "Cliff Cave" after Gym 6
  99. -The Shadow Base Dusk Stone has been moved to Ruins of Void
  100. -The Vivill Woods Dusk Stone has been replaced with a Sun Stone
  101. -The Route 17 Dawn Stone has been been replaced with a Sun Stone
  102. -The TM for Thunder has been moved near Zapdos' peak
  103. -The TM for Solarbeam has replaced the old Defog TM
  104. -TM110 Captivate has been replaced with Draining Kiss
  106. Bug Fixes:
  107. -The game won't load with the BIOS screen enabled
  108. -Magnet Pull affects allies
  109. -Softlock on Route 5 between the Bug Maniac and the Lass
  110. -Gift Pokemon can sometimes have too much HP
  111. -Sitrus Berries heal too much HP in the overworld
  112. -Some movement errors in Tarmigan Mansion
  113. -Worker can appear above player on Route 12
  114. -Player can appear above NPC in Tarmigan Town
  115. -Escape Rope can be used in the Antisis Sewers tunnels
  116. -Abomasnow & Aurorus can't learn Aurora Veil by TM
  117. -NPC pops in entering Route 2 from Dresco Town
  118. -You can hop ledges onto bridges in Thundercap Mt
  119. -Some sprites that should be invisible aren't
  120. -Hoothoot's Pokedex entry has a spelling mistake
  121. -Paralysis moves don't show up as unaffected against Electric-types in the type highlighting
  122. -A solid treetop in Tehl Town
  123. -Only Purple Nectar is single use
  124. -Vivillon-Fancy has Furfrou's dex entry
  125. -A movement error in Frost Mountain
  126. -An error with the stat enhancers in Supply and Demand
  127. -Fraxure is missing height and weight
  128. -Player can appear above Black Belt on Route 7
  129. -Movement error at the entrance of Grim Woods
  130. -An incorrect name box when Rival speaks in Crystal Peak
  131. -The edge of a tree is missing on Route 5
  132. -A Poke Ball can't be interacted with on Route 12
  133. -Some tiles in Cootes Bog show the wrong water background
  134. -DexNav species doesn't update when selected in certain locations
  135. -Fishing with a Super Rod in the Antisis Sewers can spawn a null Pokemon
  136. -The Quiz house will trap you in an infnite loop if RTC isn't enabled
  137. -Putting a hatched mon in the PC will change its encounter to "Fateful encounter"
  138. -A rock has an incorrect movement permission in Valley Cave
  139. -Valley Cave's movement permissions could be better.
  140. -Quick Feet boosts speed by x2 instead of 1.5
  141. -A tile error under a bridge in Cootes Bog
  142. -Starter in Rival house doesn't check if you have a full party first
  143. -Criminon can walk away if you talk to him
  144. -Tile errors in Tarmigan Mansion
  145. -Fishing in Frost Mountain with a Super Rod will yield a null Pokemon
  146. -Eggs can hatch with too much HP
  147. -Typo in Melony's post-game text
  148. -Stat Scanner can reveal Egg details
  149. -The Jogger in Tehl Town may move with the camera at the end
  150. -Taunt AI is outdated
  151. -Frozen Heights cut tree doesn't respawn if you lose to the Shadow Grunt after Articuno is captured
  152. -Epidimy Hobo can walk around while sleeping
  153. -Typo in Icicle Cave Trainer Tips sign
  154. -Kartana appears at night instead of during the day
  155. -Poltergeist's description cuts off the screen
  156. -Rapid Spin's attack description is outdated.
  157. -Gigantamax Pokemon have the wrong names
  158. -Starting a solo Raid with one Pokemon starts a Double battle instead of a Single battle
  159. -Typo in Zeph's dialogue in Crystal Peak
  160. -Typo in Vega's dialogue in Crystal Peak
  161. -Primarina's Exp. Curve and gender ratio are wrong
  162. -Tessy doesn't leave in Cootes Bog if taking a break from the Mission
  163. -Fury Cutter's base power can go way too high
  164. -You can softlock yourself in the Inverse Battle House
  165. -Tile errors on Route 12
  166. -Sylveon has the wrong Egg Group
  167. -More softlocks in Thundercap Mt.
  168. -Pursuit will hit a slower U-Turn user twice
  169. -Tile error in Safari Zone gate
  170. -Softlock in Icicle Cave near pressure plate
  171. -Silvally memories can be used on Pokemon not Silvally
  172. -Typo in Ginger's Hidden Grotto text
  173. -Softlock with Jogger on Route 9
  174. -Hidden item in Seaport can't be obtained from below
  175. -Type in Marlon's Judgment Zone text
  176. -The Prison Bottle isn't given when skip cutscenes are enabled
  177. -Player can wind up standing on the scientist after putting in the Vivill Warehouse password
  178. -Typo in Black [PLAYER] HQ
  179. -Timer advancing on land in Gym 7 needs clarification
  180. -Tile error on Route 10
  181. -Main story can get "uncompleted"
  182. -Pivoting with the right mon in a Raid can crash the game
  183. -Raid nullification string could be better
  184. -Magnolia Pokedex Helper doesn't actually set seen flags
  185. -Too long text in Endless Nightmare Mission description
  186. -Player doesn't step back before Rival fight in Frost Mountain
  187. -Typo before getting A-Vulpix Egg
  188. -Footprints in Frozen Forest are sand coloured
  189. -Magearna can't be rebattled in the Tomb of Borrius if not caught the first time
  190. -Nurses bug out with the Vs. Seeker
  191. -Inconsistent "Bag" usage in PC
  192. -If using Rock Climb while the Rival is surfing, he'll stay on the blob afterwards
  193. -Swarms can appear underwater
  194. -Typo at end of Black Ferrothorn HQ event
  195. -Legendaries need better encounter strings
  196. -You can trade a party of 6 Oddish and wind up with and empty party
  197. -Leech Fang TM still shows Snatch's description
  198. -Azurill line gender ratios should really just be made consistent
  199. -Text error when handing over Sea Shells and Sea Salts
  200. -Fishing is possible in Heatran's room of the volcano
  201. -Illumise can't be obtained by breeding Volbeat
  202. -Surf chosen from the Party Menu can be used to surf on lava
  203. -Sweet Scent can be chosen for use underwater
  204. -Raids are influenced by the entrance you take into Hidden Grottos
  205. -Bunnelby have the wrong gender ratio
  206. -Mom disappears too early in the game
  207. -Marlon's level scaling in Thundercap Mt. could be better
  208. -Text error in Town Map's Rift Cave description
  209. -Biking is possible in one of the Fallshore houses
  210. -You can climb the waterfall in Mel's Gym
  211. -Tile Error in S.S. Marine
  212. -Tile Error on Route 11
  213. -NPCs can walk away from you in the Magnolia Pokemon Center
  214. -Tile Errors in Cinder Volcano
  215. -Pokemon in Day Care often inherit Poke Ball of first Day Care mon
  216. -Elevation error with Blonder NPC in Dehara Dept.
  217. -Leech Seed isn't showing ineffective against Grass-types on the move menu
  218. -Softlock on top floor of Tarmigan Mansion
  219. -Trash Can can be interacted with from a couch in Dehara City
  220. -Tile Error on Route 16
  221. -Tile Clipping in Dresco Town
  222. -Tile Clipping in Ferrothorn Turf
  223. -Aurora Veil compatability needs touch-ups
  224. -Terrain BGs don't update when battle anims are off
  225. -Tile Error in Fallshore City
  226. -The locations of Zygarde Cell 56 and 57 are swapped in the Mission Log
  227. -Graphical issue when running from Foongus/Morellul in Vivill Woods
  228. -Sailor reappears when sailing from Newmoon Island
  229. -Typo in TM71 Mission Log description
  230. -Line too long in Lash Out description
  231. -Typo is Wingin' It description
  232. -Galavan doesn't a mugshot before his battle
  233. -Saving in the Distortion World on a disappearing platform will cause a softlock when the game is reloaded. DON’ T SAVE THERE!**
  234. -Prof. Log still mentions going to Dresco Town after Moltres event
  235. -Jumping sprite while running is different when B is held vs Auto-Run on
  236. -Some lava can be jumped on in the Tomb of Borrius
  237. -When the AI uses an item in a double battle, the game can crash
  238. -The game can crash when the Rival's Pokemon uses Rock Smash to free Marlon in Crystal Peak
  239. -A glitchy sprite will appear after catching Cresselia on Fullmoon Island
  240. -Respawning at the Chansey in Victory Road will play the Nurse dialogue
  241. -Rotom form change menu is bugged
  242. -Elevation error with counter in Dehara Dept.
  243. -Saving with the Vivillon on Route 6 can crash the game after saving
  244. -Weak Armor can crash the game when activated by a Sheer Force affected move
  245. -Hatches with odd numbered Egg Cycles are delayed with Flame Body
  246. -Something's wrong with absorb abilities being hit by a Gem boosted move
  247. -Flying mons in second half of party disappear after a Sky Battle
  248. -Safeguard does not work on Toxic Spikes
  249. -Rival doesn't step back before fight on Crystal Peak.
  250. -Zygarde Cell 63 location description is incorrect
  251. -Some Missions claim to be in a reward state before they're started
  252. -Some tiles in the Ruins of Void are missing wild encounters
  253. -Deoxys attack form doesn't have icon animation
  254. -The black boat in Antisis Port can sometimes be docked too far right
  255. -Bad Tantrum's description could be better
  256. -When Pokemon disobey on multi-strike attacks the new attack hits multiple times
  257. -Me First bugs out whenever a Pokemon is charging an attack
  258. -After knocking out a mon with Dancer with a dance move, the Dancer ability message still displays after the mon fainted
  259. -Intimidating a blank slot because of Neutralizing Gas crashes the game
  260. -Emergency Exit can act on the wrong Pokemon when damage is done by hazards
  261. -Vs. Seeker doesn't work correctly on some Victory Road trainers
  262. -Jumping out of the water onto a ladder in Thundercap Mt. won't warp you
  263. -The Cube is called a "Bag" in Thundercap Mt.
  264. -Legendaries face you before the saveprompt
  265. -Possible softlock on the bottom of Route 16
  266. -Electric Seed sprite is one pixel higher than the other seeds
  267. -Cute Charm's overworld effect isn't working properly
  268. -The Chansey fadescreen can cause a visual bug on Route 9
  269. -Raid Pokemon sometimes won't take any damage even with shields down
  270. -Cubchoo gives the wrong EVs
  271. -Typo in bottlecap lady string
  272. -Deoxys can infect vaccinated Pokemon with Pokerus again
  273. -Evolving a Pokemon in Dresco Pokemon Center shows Battle Circus's background
  274. -Tarmigan Inn's using Daytime Tarmigan music, even when you enter Nightime
  275. -Sometimes Pokemon with a Gigantamax icon can have bugged icons on the summary screen
  276. -Tile error behind pillar on Dehara Dept. 6F
  277. -Movement permission error with the stairs in the Black [PLAYER]'s base
  278. -Elevation error with Black Belt in Great Desert
  279. -Evolving a Pokemon when they have an evolution move and normal move at the same level can cause the second move to be skipped
  280. -The type advantage with water against Primal Groudon could be clearer
  281. -Possible softlock in Thundercap Mt. after battling the Battle Girl
  282. -Multiple of a single TM shouldn't be offered to be bought at the Battle Tower
  283. -The lava maze in the Tomb of Borrius doesn't reset if you use Dig to escape
  284. -The static Clefairy should be holding items accurate to the base stats doc
  285. -Synchronoise is buggy in doubles
  286. -Most Vivillon forms devolve straight to Scatterbug
  287. -Croagunk show can crash if you save and reset in the middle of the show
  288. -Grammatical error with NPC in Battle Tower
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