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  1. "Trollin"
  2. (feat. Genx0)
  4. [Chorus]
  5. They see me trollin
  6. They hatin
  7. Mousescrollin, they see me typing dirty
  8. Tryin to catch me typing dirty x4
  9. I be lurkin
  10. on 4chan
  11. They hopin they catch me typing dirty
  12. Tryin to catch me typing dirty x4
  15. Verse:
  16. Users think they see my screen
  17. but I'm the admin, so it's unseen
  18. when you look over my shoulder you see
  19. how much I've been trollin on this scene
  20. Hacking users with binary
  21. sending computers to the cemetary
  22. Make an hero's out of emos
  23. Cause I make em' feel like zeros
  24. tryin to get people to crack
  25. cause it gives me a great laugh
  26. Steal shit with utorrent
  27. so that companies lie mordant
  28. every youtube link you see,
  29. is a rickroll straight from me.
  30. Firewalls, they go down
  31. and then your computer burns down
  32. Spoil the endings of good games
  33. Just to watch you in pain
  34. every link that i'm linkin'
  35. redirects you to meatspin.
  36. I love it when your seriously mad
  37. Because I'm just trollin and it makes me glad.
  40. [Chorus 2x]
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