Walnut - When Sparks Fly I - Mocha vs. Actias

Mar 8th, 2014
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  1. >Her breathes were slow as she moved about the quiet summer forest carrying her paintball gun strapped on her shoulder.
  2. >Mocha wasn't use to being dragged into her freinds sheninagans and being put in a tournament known as the M-1 PB Tournament where she was to fight using a paintball gun to see who was best moth.
  3. >Stepping on a twig, Mocha heard the movement of rope underhoof.
  4. >Acting fast Mocha rolled back on the ground getting her white button up shirt, blue beret, black pants, mane & coat dirty as the paintballs flew vertically from where she previously stood and ran smack into a tree.
  5. >Feeling her adrenaline kick in Mocha knew that was a moth made trap meant to eliminate her.
  6. >Exhaling a breathe of air from her nostrils Mocha then took a look around, & up at the branchs of the trees where she spotted Actias sitting on a branch of a tree aiming her paintball gun at Mocha's head.
  7. >Reacting as fast possible Mocha aimed the paintball gun at Actias, & opened fired with Actias jumping behind a tree.
  8. >Then taking off running Mocha knew it was a horrible idea for her to take off in flight using her wings with Actias hiding in the trees.
  9. >Jumping into a ditch Mocha needed a second to think, but before she could several paintballs went flying into the spot she was hiding at prompting her to go prone
  11. >While in prone Mocha started to make her way towards the end of the ditch with Actias firing one shot every 15 seconds to scare Mocha.
  12. >Stopping at the ditches end, Mocha knew Actias was a aggressive fighter especially if it was sword on sword combat.
  13. >Thinking fast Mocha realized her only chance at winning against Actias was if she was to get her out if the trees, & maker run out of ammo.
  14. >Taking a breathe Mocha was going to rush. Counting 3 2 1, Mocha jumped out of the ditch with Actias opening fire.
  15. >Getting behind a tree Mocha retaliated by shooting paint on several branches of trees around Actias making them slippery before Actias made her hide behind the tree again.
  16. >Taking a gulp Mocha then heard paintball fire that was coming from Actias stop. Then getting herself motivated Mocha hopped out from behind the tree opening fire on a Actias in flight who was trying to quickly get a new tree branch not covered in paint.
  17. >Caught off guard by Mocha's paintball fire Actias was forced to dive to avoid her fire, & crash land on the ground.
  18. >Not giving Actias a chance to recover Mocha dashed to where Actias forced landed, but upon arrival Actias was nowhere to be seen.
  19. >Confused Mocha carefully trotted around the area before Actias springed from a pile of leaves.
  20. >Turning around to face the creature Mocha was able to one shot on Actias, & Actias firing two paintballs on Mocha's chest area making her fall back on the ground.
  22. >Lying on the ground Mocha couldn't believe it she had been defeated along with Actias.
  23. >Opening her mouth Mocha asked Actias a question by saying "Why did have to end like this, Actias? Why couldn't this story for best moth started with Hexferry & Caramel?"
  24. >Exhaling a breathe of air Actias simple said "Because the writer is a bitch. Deal with it."
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