What's Anal, Anon?

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  1. >The heat of the sun weighs heavily on you, despite the thick cloud cover overhead.
  2. >Heavy duty work will do that to you, and since your work involves smashing rocks with a twenty-five pound sledgehammer...
  3. >Nothing you can't handle though, after about a year of working here with your girlfriend, you've built up a strong body.
  4. >Leaning on the handle, you wipe the sweat from your brow and look around for said mare.
  5. >It takes a moment to spot her, her grey coat blending in with the rocks, her dull purple mane and slate blue sweater don't help her visibility much.
  6. >Making your way over, you wrap your arms around her neck as you kneel down behind her.
  7. "How's you work coming along over here?" you ask, leaning around and kissing her cheek.
  8. >"I'm at where I need to be for right now," she replies, "from your smell, you seem to be good as well."
  9. "Then I believe it's time for a break."
  10. >Sitting down, you pull her backwards onto your lap, shifting your arms down to around her belly.
  11. >"But work," she starts, not resisting your grip.
  12. "It can wait a bit. Neither of us is behind, so a short break will be just fine."
  13. >"Alright Anon."
  14. >She's never been one to resist your actions, given her family's traditional, mare obeys her stallion, beliefs.
  15. >Not that you'd think she'd resist anyways.
  16. >Despite her rather reserved exterior, she enjoys affection and care, and you provide her with lots of both.
  17. >Speaking of reserved, though, she's gazing down rather hard, something you've learned means she wants to ask something, but isn't sure if she should.
  18. "Something bothering you, love?"
  19. >"Anon, what's Anal?"
  20. >Hearing this makes you chuckle, and she looks up at you.
  21. "Where's this coming from?" you ask, fiddling with her belt buckle.
  22. >"Pinkie said in a letter I might like it, but I don't know what it is."
  23. "Well, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it," you whisper, her belt coming undone and you pull it out, "and I can prove it now."
  24. >Tilting her chin up, you take her lips with your own, though upside down.
  25. >With your other hand, you slide around the bottom of her dress, slowly bringing it up.
  26. >This is a dance she knows well, and loves a lot.
  27. >While she'd never say it, she has a bit of an exhebitionist streak, and the two of you have swapped fluids out in the rock fields countless times.
  28. >When her dress reaches her forelimbs, you break the kiss and slide it off the rest of the way.
  29. >It's not that it gets in the way, it just gets too dirty if it's left on.
  30. >Your shirt finds it's way off, and your pants are dropped as well.
  31. >Now seated on a smooth boulder, you re-engage your kiss, Maud facing you on your lap.
  32. >Hands knead and tease her flanks, your tent barely containing the beast within, only an inch from her already dripping honeypot.
  33. >Not that it will be getting much attention, but you can tell she's already getting quite aroused.
  34. >With a few tugs, your mighty meat stick is let loose, and it immediately finds itself bumping Maud's teats.
  35. >In a slightly difficult, but effective manoever, you spin Maud around under you, laying on her back on the rock, with you towering over her.
  36. >Gently rubbing up and down the length of her slit with your rod, you lube up with her juices in preparation.
  37. >Her body shivers at the teasing, her delicious little button winking like mad.
  38. >Pushing into her slit just enough to engulf your tip, you lean down and suck her tongue from her mouth into your own.
  39. >She can barely moan into your mouth as you gently chew and suck her tongue, her body unwilling to resist.
  40. >Releasing her oral muscle, you pull your tip out, roll her onto her belly, and line up with her pretty pony pucker.
  41. >With a quick lick, you cover a finger in saliva and slowly push it past her sphincter, the first outside object to enter her butt.
  42. >Her body is unsure of what to do with this intruder, as it both tries to suck it in and push it out.
  43. >Worming a second finger in, you twist and pull, playing with her slowly relaxing hole.
  44. >As usual, she's quite silent in sex, and feeling she's been prepped enough, you pull out your fingers and push in your dick.
  45. >Its slow going, but you go in all the way to the hilt.
  46. >Every inch of her tight, warm butt feels amazing, and resisting your urge to thrust, you let her catch her breath, as you can see her body has locked up a bit.
  47. >Toying with her ears while you wait for her, you simply enjoy the rhythmic contractions of her ass around your dick.
  48. >"I feel your drill past my deepest strata," she says with a moan, pushing her butt back against you.
  49. "I'm glad you like it, but we're just getting started."
  50. >Getting a grip on her side and mane, you pull back, before thrusting deep, making her gasp out loud.
  51. >As your pace picks up, so does her breathing, and you can see her starting to sweat more, her mouth opening and closing with her breathing.
  52. >A shudder runs through her as she climaxes, dark, wet streaks slowly covering the rock.
  53. >It's not the first time, nor will it be the last, even in this run, as not thirty seconds later, she cums again.
  54. >Each time she does, her booty clenches down on you, making your slow your pace for a few seconds.
  55. >Clawing your fingers down her side makes her tense up before relaxing as you pick up your pace to a peak, and she's barely maintaining herself.
  56. >She's far from noisy though, as the only real sounds are your body slapping against hers, her heavy breathing and your own occasional grunt.
  57. >Feeling this pony underneath you, barely moving but loving every second of your lovings is second to none.
  58. >You could say it's your biggest fetish.
  59. >And right now, balls deep inside your lover, you are harder than a diamond and happier than a girl getting one.
  60. >Your dick agrees, as you can feel the pressure building, ready to give Maud's bowels it's first white paintjob.
  61. >Grabbing her tight, you thrust hard, pushing yourself over your edge and blowing your load deep into her horse booty.
  62. >Leaving your dick to twitch inside her a bit, you rub her head and scratch her ears till you want to pull out.
  63. >The air outside is chilly on your wet dick, but with a quick waggle, you get it mostly dry before slipping into your boxers.
  64. >Maud's still breathing heavy, so sitting on the clean side of the rock, you lift her up, laying her across your lap.
  65. >Stroking her back and sides, you wait while she comes down from her orgasmic high.
  66. >As her breathing calms, she sits up, nestling into your chest.
  67. >"Anon," she says, feeling your arms wrap around her, "I like Anal."
  68. "I thought you would," you reply.
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