The Wikipedia Editor Ryulong, and financial ties to those in

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  1. The Wikipedia Editor Ryulong, and financial ties to those invested against #gamergate
  3. Earlier today, the mods of /r/gamerghazi put up two posts mentioning their private chats with editor Ryulong, and requested /r/gamerghazi members to fund Ryulong's GoFundMe page.
  5. Gamerghazi posts:
  6. After a discussion with Ryulong, we've both decided it would be best if he stepped away from the GamerGate Controversy Wikipedia article
  8. Hey there, GamerGhazi! Want to help Ryulong get his stuff back from Japan?
  10. The gofundme page at the beginning.
  13. After being posted on /r/gamerghazi, the asked for amount of $350 was quickly met.
  16. As Ryulong stated just a few hours ago, s/he will be stepping away from the wikipedia article on #gamergate: "I am now going to step away from the page as any further edits I make to the article or its talk page may be construed as a conflict of interest."
  18. Ryulong decided to drop the case due to a discussion with an /r/gamerghazi mod, and the same mod proceeded to shill out Ryulong's donation page.
  20. I'm not sure whether or not this falls under any actual conflict of interest issues, but nonetheless, it's suggestive that there could be a problem with Ryulong's claimed neutrality, due to both secret discussions with those involved in the controversy itself, and through financial support of those who claim to be against #gamergate.
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