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  1. [ Dutiful Disciple Shugenja ] (Shugenja) (EotE 205)
  2.     [ Benefit ] +1 Intelligence
  3.     [ Skills ] Calligraphy, Any 2 Lores, Meditation, Spellcraft, any two skills, one school skill at rank 2, 2 more emphasis
  4.     [ Honor ] 4.0
  5.     [ Outfit ] Sturdy Robes, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, Scroll Satchel, 5 bu
  6.     [ Affinity / Deficiency ] Disciple shugenja typically have the same Affinity and Deficiency of their mentor, which of course varies wildly. You may choose one non-Void element in which you gain an Affinity. You may choose one non-Void element in which you gain an Deficiency.
  7.     [ Spells ] Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 spells of your elemental Affinity, 2 spells of a non-Deficient element, and 1 spell of a second non-Deficient element.
  8.     [ Technique ] Soul of Study – Disciples often idolize their mentors and regard their teachings as the most sacred of verses. You may expend one spell slot to gain a bonus of +1k0 on Spell Casting Rolls. You may never spend more spell slots than your School Rank to augment a single roll. You gain the Friendly Kami Advantage for free.
  10. [ Generic Bushi ] (Bushi)
  11. [ Benefit ] +1 Agility
  12. [ School Skills ] Athletics, Battle, Defense, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu, any two skills, one school skill at rank 2, 2 more emphasis
  13. [ Honor ] 4.5
  14. [ Outfit ] Daishō, Ashigaru or Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, any one weapon, Personal Effects, 1 koku.
  16. Techniques
  17. [ Rank 1 ] Obscure Technique
  18. At the beginning of your turn, choose one:
  20. Until the start of your next turn, while attacking someone who is not trained in the Generic Bushi school, reduce their Armor Target Number by X, where X is your School Rank+3.
  21. Until the start of your next turn, while being attacked by someone who is not trained in the Generic Bushi School, gain X to your Armor Target Number, where X is your School Rank+3.
  22. You say "unknown", Sensei says "unknowable."
  24. [ Rank 2 ] Stand Strong
  25. When targeted by a Coercion roll or Fear effect, gain +Xk0 to resist it, where X is your School Rank. Allies that can see or hear you that are targeted by Coercion rolls or Fear effects gain +X to resist it, where X is your School Rank. This effect does not stack from multiple instances of itself. Use the highest applicable number in the case of multiple instances.
  26. With my brothers beside me I am unshakable.
  28. [ Rank 3 ] Swift Defeat
  29. You may make attacks as a Simple Action when using [Samurai] weapons.
  30. The best victory is a quick one.
  32. [ Rank 4 ] Awesome Strike
  33. You may spend a Complex Action to make a single attack. If you hit, your Strength is considered double for the purpose of calculating damage and the attack counts as having called the Knockdown maneuver.
  34. Sit down.
  36. [ Rank 5 ] Refusal
  37. When an ally within 10 feet takes damage, you may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to reduce that damage by X*5, where X is equal to your Earth ring.
  38. Break yourselves upon my body!
  41. [ Generic Ronin ] (Bushi)  (Sec 206)
  42.     [ Benefit ] +1 Agility
  43.     [ Honor ] 4.5
  44.     [ Skills ] Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Intimidation, Kenjutsu, Knives, any one Weapon Skill
  45.     [ Outfit ] Ashigaru or Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, 1 koku
  47. Techniques
  48. [ Rank One ] Strength of My Father
  49. Ronin are known for their resilience in the face of adversity. When you are suffering TN penalties due to Wounds, you may make an Earth Roll (ignoring Wound TN penalties) during the Reactions Stage of each Round, with a TN equal to 5 + 5x the number of Wound Ranks you are currently suffering. If the roll is successful, you may ignore the effects of your Wound penalties until the next Reactions Stage. This Technique does not work once you reach the Down or Out Wound Ranks.
  51. [ Rank Two ] Never Yield
  52. Ronin are accustomed to being the underdogs. When you are outnumbered in a skirmish, you gain a bonus to your Armor TN equal to the amount by which the number of enemies exceeds the number of your allies. This bonus cannot exceed the total of your School Rank x2.
  54. [ Rank Three ] Bite of the Wolf
  55. Veteran ronin are swift and deadly fighters. You may attack as a Simple Action when wielding a katana or a knife.
  57. [ Rank Four ] Twice-Cutting Spirit
  58. As ronin become truly experienced, they become ever more deadly with many different weapons. Choose one additional melee weapon ] you may attack with that weapon as a Simple Action. Once per skirmish, you may spend a Void Point on a damage roll, regardless of what weapon you are using.
  60. [ Rank Five ] Valor of the Wolf
  61. Those ronin who survive long enough to perfect their skills become legends of the battlefield, able to endure all manner of hardship and prevail in spite of severe injuries. Choose another melee weapon ] you may attack with that weapon as a Simple Action. Additionally, you may spend a Void Point to activate your R1 Technique without requiring an Earth Ring Roll,  when you activate it in this way, it lasts a number of Rounds equal to your Fire Ring.
  63. [ Ronin Order Shugenja ] (Shugenja) (EotE 205)
  64.     [ Benefit ] +1 Awareness
  65.     [ Skills ] Calligraphy (Cipher), Divination, Lore ] Theology, Lore (pick any), Meditation, Spellcraft, any one Skill
  66.     [ Honor ] 5.0
  67.     [ Outfit ] Sturdy Robes, Daisho, Traveling Pack, Scroll Satchel, 5 bu
  68.     [ Affinity / Deficiency ] Ronin orders tend to emphasize practicality over power, and most often favor spells that have utility in daily life. You have an Affinity for Air spells and a Deficiency for Earth spells.
  69.     [ Spells ] Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 Air spells, 2 Water spells, and 1 Fire spell
  70.     [ Technique ] The Path of Discipline – Orders such as the Brotherhood and other prominent ronin groups emphasize the most basic tenets of shugenja traditions, strengthening the core beliefs and abilities of their students. You gain one Free Raise on all Sense, Commune, and Summon spells for all elements except Void and Earth.
  72. [ Self-Taught Shugenja ] (Shugenja) (EotE 205)
  73.     [ Benefit ] +1 Willpower
  74.     [ Skills ] Athletics, Hunting, Meditation, Spellcraft, any three non-High Skills
  75.     [ Honor ] 4.0
  76.     [ Outfit ] Sturdy Robes, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, Scroll Satchel, 5 bu
  77.     [ Affinity / Deficiency ] Self-taught shugenja typically have great holes in their training as a result of the trial and error method by which they learn the ways of the kami. You may choose any one non-Void Element in which to have an Affinity. You automatically gain a Deficiency in the opposing Element.
  78.     [ Spells ] Sense, Commune, Summon, and any five spells you can cast (no spells may be in Elements for which you have a Deficiency).
  79.     [ Technique ] The Kami’s Gift – Those who are self-taught possess an affinity for the kami that many among the clans would envy. When you spend a Void Point on a Spellcasting Roll, you add +2k2 instead of +1k1.
  81. [ Void Mystic ] (Shugenja) (BoV 184)
  82.     [ Benefit ] +1 Willpower
  83.     [ Skills ] Defense, Divination, Hunting, Lore ] Elements (Void), Meditation, Stealth, any one non-High Skill
  84.     [ Honor ] 3.5
  85.     [ Outfit ] Sturdy Clothing, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon, Travelling Pack, 5 bu
  86.     [ Affinity / Deficiency ] None. Instead, the Void Mystic begins play with both the Ishiken-do Advantage and the Touch of the Void Disadvantage. You cannot cast spells of the four non-Void Elements except for the basic spells of Sense, Commune, and Summon, and you cannot Importune for spells.
  87.     [ Technique ] The Void's Caress - The Void Mystic, born with a close attunement to the Void but lacking any conventional training, does not need to acquire spell-scrolls. You may cast any Void spell up to your current Mastery Level, expending a Spell Slot as normal. Mechanically, the spell is cast as normal, but you do not need to speak aloud to cast your spells. You may only cast each Spell once per day, and you may never cast Void spells above Rank 5. You also gain a Free Raise to the Divination Skill (a by-product of your attunement to the Void).
  89. [ Disciples of Sun Tao ] (Bushi) (Core 234)
  90.     [ Benefit ] +1 Reflexes
  91.     [ Skills ] Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Any 1 Bugei, Kenjutsu, any 2 Skills
  92.     [ Honor ] 4.5
  93.     [ Outfit ] Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, 1 koku
  94.     [ Technique ] The Gaze of Sun Tao - Students of Sun Tao understand the relationship between honor and skill. You may add your Honor Rank to the total of all duel Skill Rolls.
  96. [ Forest Killers ] (Bushi) (Core 234)
  97.     [ Benefit ] +1 Agility
  98.     [ Skills ] Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Stealth, any 1 Weapon Skill
  99.     [ Honor ] 1.5
  100.     [ Outfit ] Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, 2 koku
  101.     [ Technique ] Strength of the Forest - The Forest Killers are a formidable group who recruit only the toughest and most durable of warriors to join their band. You gain additional Wounds per Wound Rank equal to your Stamina. You may also add your Stamina to the total of all damage rolls resulting from melee attacks.
  103. [ Hawk Purist ] (Courtier) (IH2 103)
  104.     [ Technique Rank ] 1
  105.     [ Benefit ] +1 Reflexes
  106.     [ Skills ] Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, any one Skill.
  107.     [ Starting Honor ] 3.5
  108.     [ Outfit ] As per True Ronin or Clan Ronin, as appropriate
  109.     [ Technique ] Grace from the Shadows - The ronin who fancy themselves members of the Hawk Clan rely on a mix of popular opinion, bluff, and intimidation to make themselves part of a greater movement and gain favor with others. Any time you are speaking with another person, you may assert your membership in the "Hawk Clan" and try to convince him to treat you with corresponding respect. This is a Contested Awareness roll (and is a Complex Action if Actions are relevant). If you succeed in the roll, your opponent will treat you as if your Status is one Rank greater than it is. (Thus a normal Status 0 ronin will instead be treated as though he is Status 1.)
  111. [ People's Legionnaire ] (Bushi) (IH 122)
  112.     [ Benefit ] +1 Stamina
  113.     [ Skills ] Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Knives, Spears, Stealth, any 1 Merchant or Low Skill
  114.     [ Honor ] 0.0 (peasant fighting technique)
  115.     [ Outfit ] Ashigaru Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Yari, any 1 Peasant weapon, Backpack, 5 zeni
  116.     [ Technique ] Unity of Purpose - The People’s Legionnaires drill endlessly, learning to act in unison on the battlefield. After Initiative is rolled at the beginning of a skirmish, you may take a Free Action to lower your Initiative score to match that of an ally who is also trained in this technique. If you and an ally attack the same opponent, you each gain a +1k0 bonus on your attack roll for each such ally striking the same foe. The maximum number of bonus dice you can gain on a single attack roll is equal to your Insight Rank +1.
  118. [ Tawagoto's Army ] (Bushi) (Core 235)
  119.     [ Benefit ] +1 Agility
  120.     [ Skills ] Battle, Defense, Etiquette, Investigation, Kenjutsu, Spears, any 1 Skill
  121.     [ Honor ] 4.5
  122.     [ Outfit ] Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, 1 koku
  123.     [ Technique ] The People’s Will - Those who are guided by honor carry the strength of the Empire’s people in their actions. When you spend a Void Point to add a bonus of +1k1 to any Skill or Trait Roll, you may also add your Honor Rank to the total of that roll.
  125. [ Tengoku's Justice ] (Bushi) (Core 235)
  126.     [ Benefit ] +1 Strength
  127.     [ Skills ] Athletics, Defense, Horsemanship, Hunting, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, any 1 Skill
  128.     [ Honor ] 4.5
  129.     [ Outfit ] Ashigaru or Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Bow with 20 Arrows or Knife, Traveling Pack, 1 koku
  130.     [ Technique ] Heaven’s Curse - The sheer ruthless, murderous nature of the Tengoku’s Justice fighting style could rival even that of the Forest Killers. You may double your Strength for the purposes of determining how many damage dice you roll on the first attack.
  133. [ The Tessen ] (Bushi) (Core 235)
  134.     [ Benefit ] +1 Stamina
  135.     [ Skills ] Battle, Defense, Investigation, Jiujutsu, War Fans, any 2 Skills
  136.     [ Honor ] 3.5
  137.     [ Outfit ] Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, War Fan, any 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, 2 koku
  138.     [ Technique ] Folds of the Iron Fan - Few in Rokugan have mastered the facets of the iron fan with the same fluency as the Tessen. When wielding a war fan in your off hand, you suffer no penalties for attacks made with that hand. You also add your rank in War Fans to the total of your Armor TN at all times while wielding a war fan.
  140. R2
  142. [ Claws of the Wolf ] (Bushi) (EotE 200)
  143.     [ Requirements ] Perception 3
  144.     [ Technique ] Hunting the Darkness – The Claws of the Wolf ruthlessly punish all who violate Imperial law. You gain a bonus of +2k2 to the total of your first attack roll in a skirmish.
  146. [ East Wind ] (Bushi) (EotE 200)
  147.     [ Requirements ] Commerce 1+, Horsemanship 2+, Honor 4+
  148.     [ Technique ] Shielded by the East – The East Wind specialize in the defense of their charges, whoever they might be. When performing the Guard Action, you increase both your Armor TN and that of your charge by 5.
  150. [ Eyes of Nanashi ] (Bushi) (EotE 200)
  151.     [ Requirements ] Lore Law 3, Honor Rank 4+
  152.     [ Technique ] Strike the Center - The Eyes of Nanashi prefer non-lethal means of defending the city, and often use non-traditional weapons to gain a psychological advantage over their foes. You gain a bonus of +1k1 on any attack roll intended to disable rather than kill. (This is at the GM’s discretion, but maneuvers like Disarm, Knockdown, or certain Called Shots are usually a good indication you are trying not to injure your opponent.)
  154. [ Fireman Gang Lord ] (Bushi) (StE 169)
  155.     [ Technique ] Master of the Dice Your menacing presence ensures that all goes as it should in your establishment. You may add your Ranks in the Intimidation skill to the total of any Contested Social roll you make.
  157. [ The Ghosts of the Forest ] (Bushi)
  158.     [ Requirements ] Lore Spirit Realms 2
  159.     [ Technique ] Walk Among the Trees - The enigmas of the forest at Nazo Mori are more familiar to you than almost anyone else in the Empire. You gain a Free Raise on all Athletics and Hunting rolls. You also gain a bonus of +1k0 on any roll involving the Perception Trait (these effects can stack).
  161. [ The Guards’ Wrath ] (Bushi) (StE 168)
  162.     [ Special ] Cannot be Forest Killers or Tengoku’s Justice.
  163.     [ Technique ] The Guards’ Wrath - The ronin of the Guards are taught defensive techniques designed to keep both themselves and their clients alive (so they can be paid). When you take the Guard Action, your TN is not reduced.
  165. [ Kaze-do Fighter ] (Monk) (BoA 174)
  166.     [ Requirements ] Jiujutsu (Kaze-do) 3
  167.     [ Special Limitation ] Normally, only peasants and monks of the Brotherhood may learn this Path, which represents those portions of Togashi Kaze’s teachings which survive among the common people of Rokugan. At the GM’s option, a ronin or a Tattooed Man might also be able to learn this Path if he is able to befriend a suitable teacher among those groups, but this should be an extraordinarily rare occurrence.
  168.     [ Technique ] The Way of Air - The students of Kaze’s ancient techniques learn how to use the speed of their opponents against them while evading enemy weapons. When you are fighting unarmed, anyopponent attacking you with a melee weapon suffers a penalty of -Xk0 to his attacking Skill Roll, where X equals his Air Ring. This penalty cannot apply to more opponents within the same Round than your Insight Rank.
  171. [ Master of Games ] (Courtier) (BoA 180)
  172.     [ Requires ] Courtier 3, Etiquette 3.
  173.     [ Technique ] Forge Your Own Fate - The Master of Games is adept at turning his own lowly ronin status to his advantage, luring others into treating him with complacency. When making a Social Skill Roll against other samurai, you gain a +2k1 bonus so long as you maintain a modest and subservient manner and tone.
  175. [ Moonless Riders ] (Bushi) (EotE 201)
  176.     [ Requirements ] Horsemanship 3+
  177.     [ Special ] If you haven't yet, you get a Rokugani Pony as part of your outfit.
  178.     [ Technique ] Moving the Shadow – Moonless Riders are experts at all things nocturnal. You do not suffer any penalties that might be incurred due to natural darkness. You gain a bonus of +2k1 instead of +1k1 when you spend a Void Point to enhance any non-Weapon Bugei Skill.
  180. [ Silent Blades ] (Bushi) (EotE 201)
  181.     [ Requirements ] Ninjutsu 3+, Stealth 3+
  182.     [ Technique ] Black Hearts, Red Blades – The Silent Blades are not completely without skill as assassins. If you are attacking an opponent who is unaware of your presence (for example, a foe you have defeated with a Contested Stealth Skill Roll to remain undetected), you may add your Stealth Skill Rank to the total of all attack and damage rolls made against that opponent for the duration of this skirmish.
  184. [ The Thousand ] (Bushi) (Sec 234)
  185.     [ Requirements ] Kenjutsu 4, Void 3
  186.     [ Technique ] Tamedaore's Secret - While you are in the Center Stance and on the Round immediately after you leave the Center Stance, you gain a bonus to your Armor TN equal to 2x your Void Ring.
  188. R3
  189. [ Broken Guard ] (Bushi) (EotE 201)
  190.     [ Requirements ] Polearms 3+
  191.     [ Technique ] The Tiger’s Teeth – The Broken Guard are among the finest anti-cavalry forces in the Empire. You may make a melee attack as a Simple Action when using a polearm. You gain a bonus of +1k1 on attack rolls.
  193. [ Hidden Sword ] (Bushi) (EotE 202)
  194.     [ Requirements ] Kenjutsu 4
  195.     [ Technique ] Keeping the Peace – The Hidden Sword excel at combating criminals and bandits, and have been taught effective techniques for dispatching such individuals. When fighting against an opponent with lower Honor Rank than yours, you may gain +1k0 attack roll against them while wielding samurai weapons. You may make attacks with samurai weapons as simple actions.
  197. [ Machi-Kanshisha ] (Bushi) (EotE 202)
  198.     [ Requirements ] Athletics 2+, Staves 3+
  199.     [ Technique ] Smoke and Mirrors – The Machi-kanshisha are extremely adept at wielding their namesake weapon. When using an iron pipe, you gain a Free Raise on any Disarm or Knockdown attack.
  201. [ Order of Isashi ] (Shugenja) (Sec 234)
  202.     [ Replaces ] Ronin shugenja 3 (any ronin shugenja school)
  203.     [ Requirements ] Medicine 3, Honor Rank 5.0 or better
  204.     [ Technique ] Isashi’s Mercy - The Order of Isashi devotes itself to healing the sick and the injured. You gain a +1k0 bonus to Medicine Skill rolls and a Free Raise when casting any spell that heals Wounds or cures illness.
  206. [ Scales Of the Carp ] (Courtier) (BoW 186)
  207.     [ Requirements ] Commerce 4, Lore Underworld 3
  208.     [ Technique ] Swimming Beneath the Waves - The Scales of the Carp operate beneath the level where most samurai take notice, and are adept at convincing the authorities - especially those on either side of the Crab-Crane border - to ignore their activities. You gain a +1k0 bonus to all Temptation (Bribery) rolls. If the roll is against a Crab or Crane samurai, the bonus is +1k1 instead, and if the samurai agrees to the bribe you may (with the GM’s permission) spend a Void Point to gain him as an Ally with 1 point of Devotion. He will remain an Ally permanently unless you betray him or otherwise break the alliance.
  210. [ Serpents of Sanada ] (Bushi) (EotE 202)
  211.     [ Requirements ] Knives 3+, Sailing 3+
  212.     [ Special Limitation ] Cannot be a member of the Mantis Clan
  213.     [ Technique ] The Serpents’ Coils – The Serpents of Sanada are utterly ruthless pirates, and like others of their ilk they have been forced to master weapons that will not corrode in the sea air. When wielding a wooden weapon or a weapon with the Peasant keyword, you may make melee attacks as Simple Actions rather than Complex Actions.
  216. [ The Silken Promises Geisha ] (Courtier) (BoA 179)
  217.     [ Requires ] Acting 3 and at least three Perform skills at Rank 3.
  218.     [ Technique ] Dance of Silk - The geisha of the Silken Promises use their entertainment skills to subtly guide their clients into the policies and attitudes they prefer. You may attempt to shift someone’s attitudes by offering a suitable artistic performance (typically dance or music) and making a Contested Roll of your Perform / Awareness (or Acting / Awareness if more appropriate) against their Etiquette (Courtesy) / Willpower. With a success, you lure them into the attitude or a choice you would prefer. At the GM’s option, you may also take them as an Ally with 1-point Devotion.
  220. The effects of the Silken Promise technique are not "mind control" and cannot force someone to make a decision that goes directly against his character or his true loyalties. Subject to such caveats, however, the technique can exert considerable influence, since the target is unaware that he is being manipulated and may well believe his new decision is entirely his own. Ultimately, the GM has the final say on how much impact the Silken Promise Technique can exert. You may not target the same character with this Technique more than once per month.
  223. [ Snow Riders ] (Bushi) (EotE 203)
  224.     [ Requirements ] Athletics 3+, Horsemanship 4+
  225.     [ Special ] If you haven't yet, you get a Rokugani Pony as part of your outfit.
  226.     [ Technique ] The Journey’s Beginning – The Snow Riders have mastered the art of mounted warfare and of waging war in winter conditions. You may ignore movement penalties based on terrain if the penalties in question are caused by snow or ice, and gain ranks in horsemanship to your attack rolls.
  228. [ The Unbroken ] (Bushi) (IH2 220)
  229.     [ Requirements ] Lore Shadowlands 3
  230.     [ Special ] Must have at least one Rank of Taint and find a way to learn the Unbroken Technique.
  231.     [ Technique ] The Unbroken - The students of the Unbroken learn to set the impurity within themselves against the impurity of their foes. When you are fighting a Shadowlands creature or one of the Lost, you may add your Taint Rank in unkept dice to your attack rolls. Each time you do this you gain three additional Point of Taint. However, any time you singlehandedly kill a Shadowlands creature or one of the Lost, you may spend a Void Point to permanently lose one Point of Taint. If you ever single-handedly kill an extremely powerful Shadowlands foe, you may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to make a Contested Earth roll against the Earth of the foe you have slain. With a success, you immediately purge all the Taint from your body - and thereafter lose the ability to perform this Technique. Ultimately, it is the GM’s discretion whether a particular foe is powerful enough to trigger the more potent aspects of the Unbroken Technique. Examples of creatures which could trigger the effect include major oni, any of the Onisu, or a Lost of at least two Insight Ranks higher.
  234. [ Guardian of the Hidden Temple ] (Bushi) (EotE 49)
  235.     [ Technique ] Tigers Do Not Fall - The lesson of the Hidden Guardians is that defenders must make themselves immovable, stopping all who might threaten the Hidden Temple. Any time an opponent in a skirmish declares a Maneuver against you (including the Increased Damage Maneuver), you may choose to immediately take a Free Action to spend a Void Point and negate the beneficial effects of the Maneuver. (The opponent must still make his Raises in order to hit you, but no longer gains any benefit from them.) In addition, at all times you may ignore the penalty to your Armor TN for being Grappled.
  237. [ Order of Five Weapons ] (Bushi) (Sec 234)
  238.     [ Replaces ] Ronin shugenja 3 (any ronin shugenja school)
  239.     [ Requires ] At least Rank 3 in the Skills of Kenjutsu, Heavy Weapon, Spears, and Staves
  240.     [ Special ] Must be able to cast at least two of the four Elemental Weapon spells (Yari of Air, Katana of Fire, Tetsubo of Earth, Bo of Water)
  241.     [ Technique ] Ekuro’s Weapons - The founder of this order perfected the use of weapons summoned from the Elemental kami. You may cast any of the four Elemental Weapon spells as a Free Action (rather than a Complex Action). You may then attack with these summoned weapons as a Simple Action. If you have the Ishiken-do Advantage, you may learn the secret spell “Dart of Void.”
  244. [ Seven Waves Mercenaries ] (Bushi) (EotE 203)
  245.     [ Technique ] Roaring to Shake Heaven – Members of the Seventh Wave draw strength from their diversity. You gain a bonus of +2 to the total of all attack and damage rolls (minimum of +2) per ally you are fighting alongside.
  247. [ Sword of Yotsu ] (Bushi) (EotE 202)
  248.     [ Requirements ] Kenjutsu 4+, Hero of the People, Honor Rank 5+
  249.     [ Technique ] Shelter the Blameless – The Sword of Yotsu draw strength from their duty to protect others. During any Round when you are actively defending or protecting another (GM’s discretion), you gain one bonus Void Point for use during that Round. Unspent Void Points gained from this Technique are lost at the end of the Round (after the Reactions stage).
  252. [ Weavers ] (Bushi) (EotE 202)
  253.     [ Requirements ] Allies (Kolat) OR Dark Secret (Kolat) OR Obligation (Kolat)
  254.     [ Technique ] Twist the Weave – The Weavers excel at deceit and manipulation, and use such methods as weapons against their foes. If you have ever won a Contested Skill Roll against someone using your Sincerity (Deceit), Intimidation, or Temptation, if you subsequently face that person in a skirmish you gain a Free Raise that can be used on an attack roll during the first Round of the skirmish.
  256. [ Iron Gauntlet Brotherhood ] (Bushi) (EotE 204)
  257.     [ Requirements ] Earth 4, any one Weapon Skill at 5 or higher
  258.     [ Technique ] For My Brothers – Members of the Iron Gauntlet stand together against incredible odds and survive. When fighting alongside others, you may expend a Void Point to negate damage inflicted on an ally by an amount equal to your Void Ring x 5.
  261. [ Shadowed Steel ] (Bushi) (EotE 204)
  262.     [ Requirements ] Athletics 4+, Ninjutsu 4+, Stealth 4+
  263.     [ Technique ] Death’s Dark Shadow – The Shadowed Steel strike from darkness to devastating effect, and rarely need to strike twice. When you succeed at a Contested Stealth Skill Roll against an opponent attempting to detect you, you may spend a Void Point to add the amount by which your Stealth Skill Roll exceeded your opponent’s roll to the next attack roll you make against that opponent. This must be done within one hour of the Contested Roll taking place – otherwise you must wait until the next Contested Stealth Skill Roll opportunity.
  266. [ The Taoist Archers ] (Monk) (BoA 174)
  267.     [ Requirements ] Void 4, Kyujutsu (Yumi) 5, Lore Theology 3, Meditation 4
  268.     [ Technique ] Flight of Innocence - The Taoist Archers practice their art blindfolded. When making archery attacks, you ignore all TN and dice penalties for being Blind, for having a Missing Eye, or for the target being concealed by darkness, magical illusion, camouflage, and similar visual obstructions. Penalties for physical obstacles and obstructive conditions (such as the target being Prone, a normal or magical wind, etc.) are applied normally. In addition, when wielding a bow you may spend a Void Point for a +1k1 bonus on damage.
  270. [ Wolf Legion ] (Bushi) (EotE 204)
  271.     [ Requirements ] Honor Rank 5+
  272.     [ Technique ] Black Lion Talon – The traditions of the Wolf Legion are steeped in honor and bushido. Whenever you spend a Void Point to add +1k1 to the total of an attack roll, you may add your Honor Rank to the total of that attack roll as well.
  274. [ Kenburo's Way ] (Bushi) (IH 123)
  275.     [ Replaces ] Any Bushi 3
  276.     [ Requirements ] Intimidation 5, Iaijutsu 5
  277.     [ Technique ] The Butcher’s Gaze - During an iaijutsu duel, before Assessment rolls are made, you may spend a Void Point to take a Free Action and make a Contested Intimidation/Willpower roll against your opponent. (This is considered a Fear effect for the purpose of abilities and mechanics that resist Fear.) If you win the Contested Roll, your opponent’s dice do not explode on his Assessment and Focus rolls for this duel.
  279. [ Order of the Stone Crab ] (Bushi) (IH2 127)
  280.     [ Replaces ] Any Bushi School 3
  281.     [ Requirements ] Must have an Honor Rank lower than 5.0
  282.     [ Technique ] Scorn the Weak - Members of the Order of Stone are known for their particular relish in crushing those weaker than themselves, exploiting any weaknesses they might find. When attacking human opponents, you gain a bonus of +1k1 on your attack rolls for each Physical Disadvantage they possess.
  284. [ Explorers ] (Bushi) (SCP 102)
  285.     [ Replaces ] Any School 3
  286.     [ Requirements ] Lore Cartography 3
  287.     [ Technique ] Seeking New Paths - An Explorer forges the way for others to follow. You gain Absolute Direction if you did not already possess that Advantage, and you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Bugei Skill Rolls made in a region for which you possess the Way of the Land Advantage. After spending at least two days in any city or province-sized area, you may make an Intelligence / Lore Cartography Skill Roll (TN 20) to create a map of that region. Anyone who possesses the map is considered to have the Way of the Land Advantage for that region as long as they keep the map in their possession.
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