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Feb 19th, 2021
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  1. How to use the Hotkey functionality (Tutorial courtesy of Slash_Alex):
  3. This trainer has 9 hotkeys slots. So you can use nine different hotkeys combinations to apply nine different cheats. The list of cheats is limited, so you can't use any cheats that are not on the list.
  5. Find these lines in the 'ent-config.xml' file: <key function="hotkey_1-9" value="VK_NOTHING" modCtrl="false" modAlt="false" modShift="false"/>.
  7. You mustn't change 'key function' value, but you can change 'value' and 'modCtrl', 'modAlt', 'modShift' if you need a combination.
  9. The list of available key values (to change the "VK_NOTHING" value) can be found here:
  11. You can use any combinations, like CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+7: <key function="hotkey_2" value="VK_KEY_7" modCtrl="true" modAlt="true" modShift="true"/>
  12. After you finished with the 'ent-config.xml' file start the game, open the trainer, Miscellaneous/Trainer Options/Hotkey Setup. There select the line you've assigned value for by pressing '5' (if key function="hotkey_2" then this is the second line) and now you can change your hotkey function by pressing '6' or '4' buttons.
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