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  1. --You have to calculate a bit for the stat points
  2. --Take what you want your level to be and multiply it by 2
  3. --Thats the maximum amount of stat points you can put into each stat
  4. --So for example I'm level 1900 I want 1000 in weapon 1000 in stamina and 1000 in Ranged
  5. --Thats 3000 points you only have 800 points left to spend
  6. --Do not go over that limit or they will know right awawy!
  8. --Instructions!
  9. --So what you want to do is take a screenshot using roblox screen shot
  10. --Take a screenshot of your current stats
  11. --Then fill out what you want down below
  12. --Try to change servers to make it more legit.
  13. --Go out to sea on a boat and just look at the water so it doesn't look like your in the same place.
  14. --Join the games discord and go into the report section
  15. --Put the screen shot of your fake stats in the Report Channel
  16. --Put the original stats like your current stats after that
  17. --Wait for an admin to respond
  18. --Boom all done!
  21. function round(num, numDecimalPlaces)
  22.   local mult = 10^(numDecimalPlaces or 0)
  23.   return math.floor(num * mult + 0.5) / mult
  24. end
  25. local PLR = game.Players.LocalPlayer
  26. local GOLD = "MONEY"--This one doesn't matter so much but put in
  27. local LVL = "1000" --Put in what you want but make sure it's under 1900
  28. local Melee = "MELEE" --Read at top for how to get this
  29. local Weapon = "WEAPON" --Read at top for how to get this
  30. local Stamina = "STAMINA" --Read at top for how to get this
  31. local Ranged = "RANGED" --Read at top for how to get this
  32. local Health = "HEALTH" --Read at top for how to get this same thing applies below \/
  33. local Mythical = "MYTHICAL" --This is a bit tricky they cant give you this but if you already have a fruit go ahead
  34. local EXP = "EXP" --You want the amount of exp to fit how much your bar is filled compared to the max EXP
  35. local GUI = PLR.PlayerGui.CoreGUI
  36. local MAXEXP = round((tonumber(LVL)*31.5736842105),0)
  37. GUI.Stats.Stats.Unarmed.Text = "Unarmed: "..Melee
  38. GUI.Stats.Stats.Health.Text = "Health: "..Health
  39. GUI.Stats.Stats.Weapon.Text = "Weapon: "..Weapon
  40. GUI.Stats.Stats.Stamina.Text = "Stamina: "..Stamina
  41. GUI.Stats.Stats.Ranged.Text = "Ranged: "..Ranged
  42. GUI.Stats.Stats.DFLevel.Text = "Mystical Fruit: "..Mythical
  43. GUI.G.Text = "G: "..GOLD
  44. GUI.EXPBAR.TextLabel2.Text = EXP.."/"..MAXEXP.." EXP"
  45. GUI.EXPBAR.TextLabel.Text = "LV. "..LVL
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