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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. Praedyth: started Q
  4. Praedyth: hm
  5. Praedyth: i wont gnak
  6. Praedyth: started Q with no leash
  7. Praedyth: DONT
  8. Praedyth: GOGOGO
  9. Praedyth: DONT
  10. Praedyth: gg
  11. Praedyth: we could stomp him but enjoy
  12. Praedyth: idgaf
  13. Praedyth: mute me
  14. Praedyth: u still lose
  15. Praedyth: k ty
  16. Praedyth: better jg iwns
  17. Praedyth: enjoy ban kid
  18. Praedyth: so apparently darius is reporting me for ganking
  19. Praedyth: hes mad af
  20. Praedyth: why waste my time then
  21. Praedyth: we lost
  22. Praedyth: ff
  23. Praedyth: darius
  24. Praedyth: do you have at least 10 years ?
  25. Praedyth: didnt school start
  26. Praedyth: why are you playing
  27. Praedyth: go do ur homerwork
  28. Praedyth: this intingkid wasting my time
  29. Praedyth: cant wait for the instant feedback
  30. Praedyth: bet
  31. Praedyth: 14 days or perma
  32. Praedyth: what do you guys think ?
  33. Praedyth: kids be like *loses lane* OMG REPORT JG
  34. Praedyth: quinn
  35. Praedyth: please man
  36. Praedyth: please dont focus braum
  37. Praedyth: this is probably going to be one of my best instant feedbacks
  38. Praedyth: tali not u
  39. Praedyth: hes insulting me
  40. Praedyth: i dont even talk, lol this kid muted me in the beginning and just flames
  41. Praedyth: he cant even spell literally xDDD
  42. Praedyth: not mine too but i still speak it and know the grammar
  43. Praedyth: not really
  44. Praedyth: as much as i can see u dont know much
  45. Praedyth: just play league and flame
  46. Praedyth: what a sad life
  48. Praedyth: enjoy ban now xDd
  49. Praedyth: OOF
  50. Praedyth: he just said the K word
  51. Praedyth: he gettin banned real quick
  52. Praedyth: u have the same cs as me lmao
  53. Praedyth: Ye
  54. Praedyth: pls
  55. Praedyth: banned btw
  56. Praedyth: want my discord ?
  57. Praedyth: message me when u get banned
  58. Praedyth: soi i can laugh
  59. Praedyth: ggwp report darius for flame if u want feedback
  60. Post-Game
  61. Praedyth: leave the kid
  62. Praedyth: he will grow some day
  63. Praedyth: sona gl
  64. Praedyth: tried to be positive idk how u do that
  65. Praedyth: and we are back at it again with your bad english
  66. Praedyth: i said sona
  67. Praedyth: S
  68. Praedyth: O
  69. Praedyth: N
  70. Praedyth: A
  71. Praedyth: I see you cant read as well
  72. Praedyth: ok cya, Message me on discord when you get banned
  73. Praedyth: my discord - Rat#4001
  74. Praedyth: Rat#4006 *
  75. Praedyth: cya on discord
  76. Praedyth: will wait for the message
  77. Praedyth: last guy said the same thing and didnt message me but i got the feedback
  78. Praedyth: i have 140 members actually
  79. Praedyth: so ye
  80. Praedyth: some of us have friend buddy
  81. Praedyth: its a closed server
  82. Praedyth: ppl just have friends and ad em
  83. Praedyth: yeh I lie coz my life goal is to have a discord server
  84. Praedyth: how sad can you be
  85. Praedyth: like tell me for real how old are you
  86. Praedyth: jsut interested
  87. Praedyth: i wanna know
  88. Praedyth: answer my qiuestion
  89. Praedyth: oh another one for the report
  90. Praedyth: ty
  91. Praedyth: will ui continue or shjould i just report you now
  92. Praedyth: ill wait so it can stack
  93. Praedyth: ye they actually do if you said the K word which you said
  94. Praedyth: got my acc banned for it so enjoy
  95. Praedyth: dont wanna get banned like you
  96. Praedyth: so yeh
  97. Praedyth: enjoy ban and cya
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