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Pure Marae route part 3.9 - Headpatting

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Mar 20th, 2018
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  1. >Headpat
  2. >If player is 5'5 or taller (i.e taller than Marae)
  4. You can't help yourself. You have to. You reach out your hand and rest it on Marae's head. Firmly in her emerald mop of hair.
  6. Marae does not move. Only her eyes do, to watch your hand with trepid curiosity.
  8. Your hand nestles itself softly there; her hair is a leafy bed, comfortable and well woven. It both cushions your hand and encourages your fingers to slip through its maze to the scalp. You don't, not yet: first, you pat it. A couple of times, to see how absorbant and bouncy it is. It is very much so. Your hand goes up and down almost by itself. Delightful.
  10. Only when she notices the smile tugging at your face does Marae say anything.
  12. "Uhm...What are you...doing?"
  14. You're patting her head. Has Marae lived over a thousand years without a single headpat? Now that simply cannot do.
  16. "A headpat?"
  18. It's a gesture of affection between humans, you explain, at least back where you come from. It's a wholesome expression, the kind you've not shared or seen since coming here. It can be intimate or playful, but always kind. In your case, with the goddess of all Mareth, you think she's cute.
  20. _"Cute?"_
  22. Yes, yes she is.
  24. "_Well_ I said you could do one light thing, so if this is really your wish..."
  26. Marae crosses her arms across her chest, then does her best to not fidget. Now for the real playing.
  28. Your fingers start tousling her locks. Curling her verdant bangs around your index finger, winding all the way round, and stay there in bliss, so you can uncurl it moments later. Then, you start rubbing her scalp. Scratching it little by little, then a lot by a lot. You focus in on one little patch with two fingers. When you feel like shaking it up, you start rubbing around in little circles. Then you're running up and down the top of her head with long, soothing strokes. All the while you're passing through her hair, which is like velvet wrapped around your fingers. So nourishing. It gets you grinning from ear to ear.
  30. Despite her efforts, you can see Marae's cheeks are puffed up a bit. She's not used to this teasing. It's not bothering her, is it?
  32. "It's...a very new sensation. But not repulsive."
  34. So you carry on petting, for a long time, until you get your training's worth. You're pleased to say connecting to Marae this way doesn't drain you in the slightest.
  36. Did she like it?
  38. "I'll have to think about it." Marae answers, with a pure and sagely air. "But that is a personal preference. If you desire it, I won't protest. But now, I've kept you long enough, and I need to return my own focus to the lake. Safe travels, champion."
  40. You make your pleasant way out. Looking over your shoulder, you spot Marae running a hand through her hair, rubbing her scalp experimentally.
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