The Worst Thing I Could Write in 15 Minutes

Mar 9th, 2017
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  1. Starlight Glimmer walked into the room, and she did not understand at first what she was seeing. There was Twilight, her beautiful penis fully erect and dripping in a mixture of semen, liquid feces, and dragon blood. Shivering beneath her was Spike, the unfortunate receiver of her wrath. His anus was stretched wide, bleeding, and still drenched in the fluids of his defeat.
  2. Twilight saw Starlight, and smiled evilly. She magic’d her student over, and forced her to clean up the mess that was made. It was a foul mixture of wretched ingredients, but there was something Starlight found unusually satisfying about the entire ordeal. She was almost… happy, to be where she was.
  3. But Twilight was not happy. No matter how much Starlight licked and lapped, there was no stopping the leakage that was coming from the poor purple dragon. Spike, on the other hand, had passed out from shock and terror at some point. Now, he was her plaything, but also just a dead weight. The necrophiliac inside Twilight took hold, and she quickly and quietly snapped his neck with her magic. She raised her cock once more, turned it toward his now-deceased hole, and went back to work.
  4. Thoroughly aroused, Starlight began to work on her balls. She bit down hard, crushing one between her teeth in a fantastic fountain of gore and flesh. It hurt her, but Twilight was excited by the prospect. Unbeknownst to her, that testicle was also the last shackle of her mortality, and she suddenly felt the rush of unmitigated alicorn magic flood into her veins.
  5. She at once halted her actions with Spike’s body, and teleported to the middle of town, taking Starlight with her as the latter still munched on the severed testicle. Twilight flew up high above the town, and started her ascent to godhood.
  6. She changed her form, becoming a super-evil pony with a troubled past with a black coat, red mane, and eyes with white irises and red everywhere else. Her horn glowed with blue flame, and she grew a cape because capes. Her still-erect penis solidified into lead, becoming a tool for destruction and warfare on the town below. And so, with her new weapon at hand, she went to work conquering and enslaving.
  7. None of the ponies could match her berserk strength, insane magic, and leaden phallus. She raped, bludgeoned, and slapped her way through the crowds with her appendage. At last, she came upon the first of her friends, a very frightened Fluttershy.
  8. Taking the opportunity, Twilight jammed her rod into Fluttershy’s asshole at 50 kilometers per hour. Shit and blood sprayed out, and the yellow flying horse vomited from the shock. But when Twilight soon came with acid cum, it started an unexpected transformation. Fluttershy grew fangs, a horn, and a set of crazy bat wings on top of her old ones. Her eyes turned bright green, and she herself grew a black coat and mane. She was now Reaper of the Night, the most badass and second most evil pony in town. Also, she also now had a giant penis made of steel.
  9. The two rampaged through town, eventually coming across the rest of their friends. They tried to use the Elements of Harmony, but quickly failed and succumbed to the metal cocks. One by one, they were all converted into Twilight’s new evil alicorn army, spreading death metal and metal dicks throughout the Elements.
  10. With the kingdom conquered (Celestia and Luna were basically rekt as soon as they showed up to challenge) Twilight and her friends decided to put on a concert for their new subjects. It was rap and heavy metal, and everyone agreed that Eminem was the best of both genres. They reinforced this view with their still-erect penises and newly-acquired rape skills.
  11. Eventually, Starlight finished eating her testicle, and went to ask for more. To her dismay, Twilight’s remaining testicle was now solid lead, and could not be eaten. What was she to do? Well, easy, she had the alicorns zap balls onto the whole town. The stallions got an extra pair. With these, Starlight feasted for eons, eventually growing so fat everyone thought she would explode. She got fatter and fatter and fatter, and everyone agreed it was very hot. The end.
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