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Oct 4th, 2018
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  1. - Origins
  2. Started development in September 2017, worked on and off for a while, publicly released in January 2018.
  3. Solo project, using the basic assets from the CrossProduct tracker to position and illustrate things.
  5. - Idea behind it
  6. I have always been super interested in the routing aspect of randomizer. I had approached it through a stats perspective before (checking the spreadsheets of published data, making my own stats from batches of spoiler logs, etc), but I always thought that practicing through playing was horribly inefficient. It's hard to play multiple seeds in a small time-frame and it's hard to pay attention to what's going on while you're playing at the same time, it's too easy to take things that may be mistakes for granted.
  7. Since the randomizer started publishing huge batches of spoiler logs, and having already developed a simulator for an aspect of Magic the Gathering (, the thought of simulating rando came kinda naturally.
  9. - Objective of the project
  10. Provide a way to play through randomizer seeds in a quick fashion (5~10 min range) while keeping it as faithful as possible to the original experience. Be playable in mobile devices so people can do it anywhere anytime. Be something that I would use myself and could see being useful for other people familiar to the randomizer and wanting to improve.
  12. - User base
  13. Between 100 and 150 unique users daily. A little under 300 weekly. About 50/50 between desktop and mobile users.
  15. - Highlights
  16. ~Having people shout out the sim in tourney matches interviews, without barely any advertising the simulator spread through word of mouth.
  17. ~YunaKitty used the randomizer as a teaching tool for her 5th grade students ( and and they kept their interest for quite some time (
  18. ~Built a "Twitch Plays Z3RSim", where you could control the Sim on stream voting through chat. It didn't work super well since there's a lot of linearity in between decisions, but it was a fun experiment.
  20. - Future
  21. There are still a few features planned for the near future. Some of them will probably be released by the time the podcast is published. Including more options, like difficulties and goals, so things like Swordless, Insane or Triforce will be added.
  22. After some requests, I'm also currently in the process of including a Patreon and donation link to the website. I wasn't planning on it, but with people asking for it + some IRL stuff going on, it's happening soon.
  23. For the more distant future, the idea of adapting other randomizers is definitely there and I'm interested in it.
  25. - Links
  26. Website:
  27. Twitch:
  28. Twitter:
  29. Z3RSim Discord:
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