Movie Dates with Lyra - 1 (DL)

Apr 12th, 2014
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  1. *****
  2. This story contains diapers, wetting, a human protagonist, a fanfic "writer" that has no idea what he is doing, and ponies performing lewd acts. If you find yourself uncomfortable with anything I listed, I suggest you quickly hit the back button.
  4. 5/23 Went back and corrected a few things. Not happy with my dialogue writing, I might just go back and change that in the future.
  6. *****
  8. “That Daring Do movie was awesome Anon, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!” Lyra cheerfully declared, idly weaving through the various ponies as they disperse into the night. She turns to you, expecting a response.
  10. As usual for this sort of thing, the new Daring Do movie is as much a disaster as you expected it to be. Aside from the inevitable butchering of the source material it also introduced a sidekick written in the blood and tears of the Daring Do fans, and bound in a tome of their cries given form.
  12. The sidekick went by the name of Becky Stars: The Wonder Orphan. Not Becky, nor Stars, or even Beck. Becky Stars: Wonder Orphan. Every time she was in a scene one of the other characters would say the full thing. Becky’s Cutie mark was that of a rusting soup can with a ragged lid much like that you would expect the King of Hobos to wear. It appeared that her sole purpose was to say the same awkward catchphrase at every opportunity. “Let’s Daring do this!” Her only redeeming quality was that she was captured 5 times, giving the unlucky viewers a break from the bumbling, annoying, and foolish pony. The movie’s villain was a Minotaur named Stone Ice-Heart. The only real threat he ever posed was the lethality of his awful puns and boldness of his Pony-Cola product placements.
  14. The movie was so bad that even the endlessly optimistic and easily entertained ponies were quick to leave the movie early, leaving barely half of the original crowd. You even saw the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony leave the movie. Rainbow Dash’s cries of anger and eventually anguish were still ringing in your ears. They all walked out during the film’s climactic battle scene. Becky Stars: The Wonder Orphan defeated the Eskimo pony henchmen by clumsily dropping the Macguffen over and over again.
  16. The only enjoyable moment you had with the movie was when some wisecracking pony shouted out, “This movie is a pain in the ice!” shortly after a scene where Ice-Heart revealed his plans for world domination to Daring Do as she was slowly lowered into a vat of EZ-Escape cryogenic fluid. You didn’t want to hurt Lyra’s feelings by telling her that, though.
  18. Lyra can be a bit of a strange pony to be around, and her obsessive nature often makes things awkward around others. Today she absolutely insisted on wearing Baggy Jeans and a grey Hoodie custom made by Rarity despite the fact that you have never seen another pony wear anything similar. Lyra was also the one that insisted you see this movie with her, despite the fact that you have never seen another pony enjoy one of these movies. You began to wonder if should have escaped when you had the chance.
  20. Lyra's taste in movies and clothes left a lot to be desired, and Lyra fixations can be off-putting at times, but you have never had a dull moment around her.
  22. “Yeah… Uh… my favorite part was when Becky randomly broke through a wall in Ice-Heart's lair and left a hole in the shape of her Cutie mark,” the lie hurting you more than you thought it would.
  24. “Oh yeah! That scene was so good I was jumping in my seat!” she says, now hopping wildly.
  26. "Hey, Lyra? Next time we go to a movie can we watch one that isn't directed by Nickel Hay?” you half plead and half beg.
  28. “But his movies are so much fun! They have explosions, implosions, and explosions inside explosions! What more could you possible want?” Lyra responds loudly, gathering a few eyes from the remaining crowd.
  30. “Well, now that the movie is over we still have some time left to do whatever. Where do you want to go?” you ask, now aware of all the staring eyes.
  32. Lyra stops and quietly thinks for a moment. The other ponies look away, much to your pleasure. “Oh, I have a great idea! Let's go to the Ponyville gift store and get some Daring Do Movie merchandise!”, she says, again at full volume.
  34. “Um, sure Lyra whatever you want,” wishing that she would just let you finish killing the part of your brain that remembers this movie.
  36. The walk to the Ponyville gift store isn’t very long, but you had enough time to notice Lyra’s strange gait. She also has a slight waddle to her walk, and her legs are more spread out then what you think is normal for ponies. There is also an intriguing crinkling sound coming from her direction.
  38. You finally arrive, and attempt to distract yourself from your curious glances at Lyra’s rear. Hopefully none of the ponies on the road saw you staring. The store is completely empty save for the stole employee, a nerdy looking colt sitting behind the store's counter and reading a Daring Do book.
  40. To your dismay, Lyra instantaneously teleports over to a shelf full of Becky Dolls. Not a single doll has been purchased, even though it has been two days since the movie’s release. You shed a tear, your hope for pony kind’s taste in movies reinvigorated.
  42. You notice that she is literally jumping for joy over a poorly made doll of the worst movie sidekick in the history of pony kind. You share a glance with the employee, this glace shares with him the entire story of your life. His pity for you is obvious.
  44. "It's getting kinda late, let me just buy this thing and we can get going," you say. The cash register is already being rang up.
  46. "Really? Thank you so much, this means so much to me!" she says, still jumping.
  48. You bring the doll to the employee. As you finish making the purchase you see in his eyes a look of pity, akin to a doctor telling a young child that he will never have full use of his pinky finger ever again.
  50. "That was really sweet of you Anon, you didn't have to do that for me," Lyra sweet-talks as you walk her back to her home.
  52. "It's nothing, don't mention it,” your mind is screaming, please DON’T.
  54. "No, really. I know you didn't like the Movie and I am probably the only pony ever to like Becky. It was really cool of you to do that for me. I know you found me a bit embarrassing," she nearly whispers, letting her voice trail off.
  56. "It wasn't so bad Lyra," you lie. This lie gives you somewhat of a warm feeling, though.
  58. "You are a terrible liar. I could tell you didn't like it at all Anon. If you even want another date… I will let you choose something next time!" Lyra states enthusiastically, looking you in the eyes.
  60. “Sounds good Lyra,” you let her know, returning the look and patting her near her shoulders.
  62. After a few minutes talking you decide to break the silence, "So, Lyra… why do you like Becky Anyways?" you ask, before noticing that Lyra has slowed to a near stop a few steps behind you. Her eyes are closed, and an odd look is on her face.
  64. Puzzled, you again notice that her legs are spread apart. This time, however, they are a bit more pronounced. You swear you even hear a quiet hissing.
  66. Adding two and two in record time, you come to the obvious conclusion. Lyra just pissed herself when she thought you weren't paying attention.
  68. “Oh-me, I-I just like her because she reminds me of myself when I was y-younger!" she exclaims. You didn’t pay attention, instead focusing on her jeans. “Why aren’t her pants wet?” you pondered.
  70. "That’s nice,” you say, stopping her as she tries to walk quickly past you. “So what do you think of Ice-Heart?"
  72. "Ha-ha, he was f-fun... Say I can make it to my home by myself from here, s-see you around!" she says, noticing your odd look.
  74. "But it's tradition for me to walk my date back home after everything is done!" you call after her, grasping for the time you need to figure out just what the hell is going on.
  76. "I could use a c-change -of my jeans because they are dirty from sitting in the Theater!" she is almost distraught. You have to do something drastic or your chance to figure out what happened will be lost!
  78. Realizing that bluntness is the only solution you ask Lyra: “Lyra… Did you just... You know, pee yourself?” you ask, your voice shrinking. “Are you wearing a… you know?" You look around the street, now worried that a pony may have heard you earlier.
  80. "A-anon… I didn’t- I mean…," Lyra says, her eyes affixed to the ground, as she turns her head in shame.
  82. "Lyra, that’s just..." you proclaim, successfully stopping yourself before you blurt out the word ‘gross.’
  84. It was then that you saw the final clue you needed. There is now a bulge by her crotch and a dark stain running down her legs. Lyra just pissed herself when she thought you weren’t looking. The crinkle, the waddle, her clothing… it all adds up. This realization manages to overwhelm you, putting you into a stupor. Your usual snarky attitude and quick wit, the cause of many of the problems you have had in Equestria, were nowhere to be found. Almost in a trance, you just did the first thing that came to mind.
  86. "Lyra. Let me walk you home before, you know, anybody sees you," you say as you turn your head and body to watch the frozen Lyra. You slowly begin backing away from her as you keep your eyes affixed on her. She keeps her head down and doesn’t say a single word. You see a hesitation in her legs before she finally slowly walks towards you. She follows your steady pace, not hiding the considerable waddle she now has.
  88. It was late enough that all the ponies had filtered out of the streets. The two of you were left silently walking past the yellow glow of the street lamps. She was slowly closing the gap between you two, as you neared her house. Your confusion and bewilderment were only beginning to fade when Lyra spoke up.
  90. "Anon, please! I'm sorry! I’m so sorry! I… I wear t-them because… because I have an overactive bladder!” she exclaims.
  92. "It's fine Lyra, you’re still my friend. Let's just not talk about it before anypony notices," you tell her.
  94. Lyra begins to cry; you see her eyes water up and she refuses to make eye contact with you. It's kinda disturbing for you to see Lyra depressed like this, you are more used to her being upbeat and eccentric, if only you knew what you could do to ease her at this moment.
  96. You know you still need to get Lyra home, and get her out of those pee soaked jeans. You are also going to need to make sure that they are correctly washed, since it would be horrible if you had to throw them away after Rarity generously gave them to her.
  98. You decide to try to convince Lyra to let you take her home: “Lyra, you can’t do this here, we need to get you home.” Unfortunately, Lyra stands there motionless and looks at the ground with tears streaming down her face.
  100. “Lyra, please just listen to me. I just want to help you.” You say, Kneeling down to her level. Lyra finally looks at you, and gives you a nod. You take Lyra's Hoodie off and wrap it around her, then pick her up and carry her in your arms, heading in the direction of her home. Your heroics today are rewarded with a bright smile from Lyra.
  102. ***
  104. After another few minutes of walking, you finally reach Lyra's home. You still can't believe she peed herself like that and ruined those expensive jeans. Despite your best efforts to comfort her, Lyra still seems very troubled.
  106. After getting Lyra’s approval, you carry her into her home. She gives you a surprised look, obviously expecting you to say goodbye and leave, but at this moment you feel it is more important to stay with her. To your surprise, it’s immaculate and very welcoming. Her house is full of amazing looking furniture, and you spot a comfortable couch that rests against a green-apple wall. You feel the warmth that makes a house into a home; the place just seems so peaceful. Lyra directs you to her laundry room. You remove her now damp hoodie and throw it in the wash.
  108. “You can put my jacket in the washer. I’m going to go c-clean up,” she says attempts to say normally, before squeaking out the last bit.
  110. She begins to walk away, but you call out to her before she gets too far. “Lyra, you forgot the jeans.”
  112. She stops, looking back with a visible blush. “N-N-NO! Uh, I mean, no,” she trails off.
  114. “Lyra, we need to get those Jeans off you. I won't tell anyone about this, I promise.” you say adamantly. Lyra looks a bit flustered, but gives you a slow nod.
  116. You work your 10-fingered magic and remove Lyra’s jeans, leaving her in nothing more than a drenched diaper, the tint of yellow creeping as far up as the pink elastic around her waist, with the wetness reflecting the light on the leak-guards surrounding her tail. You notice that her face turns a bright crimson red, and her eyes go wide when reality finally hits her. “Okay, how about you take a shower now? I’ll take care of your jeans and hoodie” you say. Lyra says nothing and just gives a pathetic nod, slowly dragging herself in the direction of her shower.
  118. “Well, anon, that has to be the most interesting date ever. I’m not sure how things could get any more awkward,” you think to yourself. You keep going over the day's events in your head over and over again, trying to make sense of everything. You pour some powdered soap you found in the washing bin, and manage to get the machine going after a few moments. You were thankfully it wasn’t one of the fancy ones that needed unicorn magic. The clothing is tumbled into the warm, soapy water, erasing all traces of everything that had happened. You slam the lid down with a loud clang, and go to put the soap on the nearby sorting table.
  120. “Anon, can we talk for a bit?” you hear from behind you, nearly jumping out of your skin. You drop the soap box onto the table and nearly trip over the machine, while twisting yourself to the direction of the voice. You see in front of you a very concerned looking Bon-Bon, still wearing her saddle bags. You must have not heard her come in the door while getting the machine running. Dropping your hands from your bad karate pose you take a moment to catch your breath.
  122. “We could, I'm about to leave anyways, I take it you figured out that the date didn't go so well?” You ask as you leave the laundry room with Bon Bon and take a seat on a cozy looking couch. You then realize that Bon Bon would probably want to know why you were doing laundry in her house. Obviously Lyra would want to keep this a secret. Wanting to respect her wishes, you come up with a quick lie as the two of you proceed to sit down. “Lyra spilled soda all over herself, so I was just throwing everything in the wash!”
  124. Bon Bon gives you a stern stare, “I know that isn’t the case Anon, I’m aware of her problem, and I saw Lyra drag herself to the shower in her wet diaper. Knowing her, she is going to be in there for a long time,” Bon Bon replies as she joins you on the couch with a concerned look on her face.
  126. You sit there, quiet for a moment. It would appear that Bon Bon seems to know more about what is going on than you. “Yeah... Please tell me what that was all about. Why is she wearing a… diaper? Is it really just an overactive bladder?” you ask, keeping your voice low.
  128. “Well to be perfectly honest with you Anon, she does suffer a bit from incontinence from time to time. But… how should I put this,” She says, taking a momentary pause. “I know she really trusts you. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have let you help her. So I’m going to tell you this because I trust you too, and I know you care about her.” Bon Bon pauses and takes a deep breath before continuing. “Lyra has developed a bit of an obsessive attachment to wearing diapers. They help calm her down and relax,” she finishes, noticing what is now the hundredth surprised face you have made on this night alone. Your face begins to hurt. “Please don’t look down on her for that. Lyra really is a wonderful pony to be around once you get to know her!” Bon Bon affirms with sincere enthusiasm.
  130. “What, seriously? She likes them?” you less ask, almost whispering to yourself. You put your head into your hands and rest your elbows on your knees. You feel a strange sensation in your stomach as you think about Lyra enjoying the diaper. Enjoying pissing herself in public, the warm urine swelling her diaper until it overflows. The butterflies get worse and you feel an odd tingling through your body as you get a bit nauseous. You keep your head down but manage to respond to Bon Bon. “I’ve accepted a lot of what makes Lyra, Lyra, but this is just too much. I feel exhausted right now, it's been a long day.”
  132. “I wish I was making this up Anon. I know Lyra can be difficult at times, but she really does care for you, and it hurts me to see things not working so well. You should know that she trusted you enough to risk you seeing her at her weakest,” Bon Bon tells you with a sad look on her face.
  134. “You know, a heads up would've been nice, Bon Bon.” You feel a bit of the fog in your mind lifting up now that the shock has faded. Perhaps she needed the diapers for all the soda she was drinking during the lengthy movie, and because she didn’t want to embarrass you with an accident, or maybe she likes the security and comfort diapers provide. The thought that the diapers may have meant much more to her still lingered in your head. She let you see her most intimate secret. You begin to feel a bit better despite the shock from todays events.
  136. “Sorry, I’ve been meaning to tell you, and I thought the problem wouldn't have occurred this earlier. I was the one that told Lyra to wear the diaper for that date in the first place since she was worried that her excitement for the date would make her problem flair up,” Bon Bon says, with a scowl.
  138. “Might want to put her in a better diaper next time, she peed right through that tiny thing,” you joke, sitting back up and smirking. Bon Bon seems to collect herself and smiles.
  140. “Well Anon, if it means anything to you at all, I'm proud that you’re still here after all that,” Bon Bon says sincerely.
  142. “Don’t worry about it Bon Bon, I just need some more time to let this all soak in. Although, it may have been better if Lyra did that earlier!” You joke, feeling a bit of your usual self shine through. Maybe this isn’t so bad.
  144. “I understand Anon. Thanks for being so accepting of all this,” Bon Bon says, beaming gratefully at you.
  146. “I'm relieved to hear that from you. I was actually thinking about leaving, but I realize it would be wrong to leave without saying goodbye to Lyra. Why don't we get some coffee while we wait for her?”
  148. “That’s a great idea Anon. Just make yourself comfortable and I will get coffee ready for you and Lyra,” Bon Bon says with a smile
  150. Maybe tonight wasn’t as crazy as you thought it was. Just gotta take some time to think about it.
  152. Bon Bon eventually brings back a tray with a few mugs, some sugar, and a little cup of milk. She goes back into the kitchen and brings the steaming hot percolator out. You’ve always liked your coffee strong but are thankful that this brew seems to be mild with a bit of a tea-like aroma. You use lots of milk and sugar.
  154. After ten more minutes of talking with Bon Bon, Lyra finally completes her shower and joins you and Bon Bon. She initially looks fearful, but calms down a bit when she spots you and Bon Bon sitting relaxed on the couch, drinking coffee.
  156. “Hey, Lyra. How was the shower?” you ask with a smile, taking another sip of your drink. You hold out your hand to the coffee, asking with your eyes if she would like a cup.
  158. “Uh, it was good Anon... Why are you… why are you still here?” she asks, then glances at Bon Bon only to be met with a smile.
  160. “Why would I leave you without saying goodbye? I know what happened was a bit weird, but I still enjoyed the date,” you say in a matter-of-fact way.
  162. Lyra, is overjoyed from hearing the news, she is back to her regular bubbly self. Honestly, you really did enjoy the date, despite the fact it was the most awkward date you have ever had in your entire lifetime and you probably now require a therapy, still you really did enjoy spending that time with Lyra.
  164. “Anon, I'm so happy to hear that from you! It might have not gone as planned, but I am really happy that I got to spend the night with you, and that you didn't run out of town yet!”
  166. “Me too Lyra, Me too.”
  168. You decide to spend half an hour with Lyra and Bon Bon talking about just how silly things got; the three of you even feel comfortable enough to talk about the movie and the date. You even talk about the diapers a bit. You’re back to your usual witty self, making jokes and witty remarks that both of the ponies laugh at.
  169. Before you realize it, it’s already the wee hours of the morning when you decide to leave, and let Lyra and Bon Bon get some sleep. On the walk home you decide to suppress all the confusion for later. Lyra really does mean a lot to you, and you’re glad you stayed and helped instead of running away, or being the jerk that some ponies accuse you of being. Sometimes what comes out of your mouth or the ideas you come up with hurt the ponies around you. You’ve gotten a lot better, but sometimes you can’t control what you say or do.
  171. You take a quick shower and go to bed, thoughts of Lyra and her diaper running through your head. It seems so strange but you want to learn more about it. Are there other ponies that get some enjoyment out of diapers? That odd feeling in your gut is back. You come to the decision to go look through the Ponyville library at some point for information on the subject. Asking Lyra about it bluntly without having some sort of common understanding might not be the best idea. You can’t trust yourself with not making some joke she may find offensive.
  173. Your last thought before sleep takes hold is the hope that the next movie date you have with her will be a decent movie. Thinking about it now, the movie was the worst part of your night.
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